There are plenty of places to see and several top attractions in Viborg, Denmark, to visit. The incredible experiences stored for you are endless. Viborg will take you back to the past to experience its rich history and back in time to enjoy tasty dishes, grab coffee at the fantastic cafés and take lazy strolls by the countryside. In addition, Viborg has the perfect destination for all ages. All you need to do is relax and read through some of the most-visited places in the region to plan your next remarkable adventure!

1. Mønsted Kalkgruber: 

a person in the middle of a cave in top attraction

Famous for being the world’s most enormous lime pits, you can’t afford to miss one of the top attractions in Viborg, Denmark. It is a world filled with incredible experiences underground and above ground that features geology, bats and impressive hand-made works. In addition, you can enjoy a wholesome experience in Mønsted Kalkgruber with its mysterious mine tunnels, exciting history, and fascinating nature. While exploring the mines and the lives of bats, the multimedia show plays every half hour to tell the story and history of the limestone mines and the pits.

2. Dollerup Bakker: 

view of dollerup bakker in one of the top attractions in Viborg, Denmark

With thousands of people visiting yearly, Dollerup Bakker is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Viborg town. Often referred to as the “icing of the ice age geology of Denmark”, the area boasts of babbling brooks, glacial traces, deep lakes, verdant forests and an extensive heathland that offers good conditions for flora and fauna. In addition, Dollerup Bakker is declared a “national geological area of interest”, an “EU habitat area”, and a “cultural landscape of particular interest”. It’s a must-see in Viborg.

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3. The Energy Museum:

a lake in front of a building in daytime

Built against the stunning backdrop of Lake Tange, which drives the turbines at Denmark’s largest hydropower plant, The Energy Museum unites the past, the present and the future. The exhibitions here are laid across seven different buildings and the connecting park and forest. You’ll also find enough space at the Energy Museum to unwind and relax. You can also grab some delicious homemade dishes at the café and enjoy your food on the terrace that faces the River Gudenå.

4. Hjarbaek Havn:  

different colorful ships in a sea in  top attractions in Viborg, Denmark

Hjarbaek Havn is one of the top attractions in Viborg, Denmark, to enjoy a lovely evening. The rolling countryside is an incredibly picturesque landscape known for sightseeing, evening drives and bicycle rides. The winding roads here lead you to the Limfjord for the most magical sunset. However, if you are taking a stroll, make sure you spend some time checking out the well-known with their slender hulls and distinct brown, red sails. Also, don’t forget to enjoy some tasty food or a drink at the Inn down by the harbour! 


5. The Skovgaard Museum: 

Skovgaard museum in daytime

Here, you can catch a glimpse of paintings from the Golden age of Danish art in the 19th century. Located next to Viborg Cathedral, you can find the museum in the old town hall, a baroque building from 1728. Additionally, Joakim Skovgaard was the artist who created the frescoes in Viborg Cathedral. Not only does the art museum feature works by the Skovgaard family of artists, but there are also early examples of Danish designs and the turn of century ceramics.  

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6. Verdenskortet (The World Map): 


Although Verdenskortet is closed during the winter, you can visit by Easter. Make sure you bring your family along to one of the top attractions in Viborg, Denmark, for an unforgettable experience. It is large, with stunning lakes, rivers, mountains and incredible world views. The Danish-American citizen created the World Map, Søren Poulsen, between 1944 and 1969 and features a playground, puzzles, a picnic area, and other fun activities such as mini golf, sailing, pony riding or a horse-drawn carriage in the summer season. 

7. Funhall

bowtag scaled 1

If you are travelling with kids, this is the perfect destination in Viborg, Denmark. It is an impressive theme park that features exciting activities for all ages. There are electric go-karts, indoor racing tracks, escape rooms and some other fascinating free games with the newest technology. Apart from this, it’s the most excellent place for a party and to enjoy the best time of your life. 

8. Hvolris Jernalderlandsby: 


You can go back in time on a visit to Hvolris Jernalderlandsby by experiencing old traditional craftsmanship from the Iron Age. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about how the ancestors lived and explore the exhibitions in the Sculpture valley. Apart from the fun activities available during the summer season, you can take a walk through the beautiful surroundings and take a break in the café.


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