Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Roskilde, Denmark

If you wonder if Roskilde is worth visiting, we will walk you through a list of ten top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark! Known for being well-rounded in regal and Viking history, Roskilde is a place to discover some of the hidden gems in Europe. While you plan a bucket-list holiday to Denmark, visiting some of these exciting places in Roskilde should be at the top of your list. 

Roskilde was once the seat of monarchs and bishops and one of the most prominent cities in Northern Europe. However, this incredible city is not all about history; there are lively music scenes to attend to and scenic nature views that are perfect for outdoor adventurers.


1. Viking Ship Museum:

a boat in top-rated attractions in Roskilde, Denmark

Viking Ship Museum is one of the most exciting and top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark. The museum is truly a must-see in Roskilde, with rare and surviving examples of Viking ships that got purposely sunk at the mouth of the harbor to prevent raiders from attacking the city.

 In addition, it features eight buildings with different functions, such as a shipyard where the reconstruction of Viking ships and traditional Nordic wooden boats take place and an activity centre for both adults and kids to try out some skills at Viking Age crafts.

2. The Royal Mansion: 

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An excellent place for sightseeing in Roskilde, Denmark, is undoubtedly the Royal Mansion. This incredible palace once served as the official royal residence of Denmark’s kings and queens, especially when attending royal funerals or passing through the city. 


Moreover, between 1733 and 1736, the mansion was constructed. Today, it is a top tourist attraction in Denmark that displays two exhibitions, including the Palace Wing and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

3. Roskilde Museum: 

a museum in daytime in top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark.

If you are a history lover and would love to know more about Roskilde beyond the city’s magic, then you cannot afford to miss the Roskilde Museum! It is well known as one of the top-rated attractions in Roskilde, Denmark, because it offers exquisite details about the city’s past. 

Interestingly, the museum also gives important hints about the past and present political situation of Denmark. Also, you’ll get inspired by the life of the Viking warriors and the influence of Christianity among the Danes. After your tour, the Cafeen Freunde within the museum is a great place to grab some danish drinks and meals.

4. Roskilde Cathedral:

Roskilde Cathedral aerial 1

The Roskilde Cathedral is one of the most significant national monuments in Roskilde, Denmark, and is an ultimate tourist destination for several visitors. The construction of the present brick church began in the 1170s. Although the cathedral took more than a century to build, it is still one of Northern Europe’s central features and early examples of Gothic architecture. 

As the years went by, there was the addition of several features, which included the North Tower Chapel, known initially as St. Siegfried’s, and the South Tower Chapel, which Queen Margrethe I endowed as the Bethlehem Chapel. Here, you will glimpse the royal tombs in various funerary chapels.

5. Roskilde Festival:

people in a festival in top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark.

Whenever you need a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily routines, The Roskilde Festival is one of Europe’s largest music festivals to loosen up and enjoy a fabulous experience. Every year more than 100,000 people visit from all around the world to watch about 100 bands perform live for over five days.

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In addition, the festival allows residents to showcase their talents by leading different cultural events throughout the city. Attend the festival to discover and learn about new bands and artists or drink craft beers and make friends with people from other parts of the world.

6. Ledreborg Palace: 

gates opened to a yellow palace in top-rated attractions in Roskilde, Denmark

Although it takes about 20 minutes of an easy drive from Roskilde town centre to arrive at the stunning Ledreborg Palace, the view is well worth it! The palace illustrates typical Scandinavian architecture with a picturesque landscape of the 18th-century. Since 1739, the palace has been the home of the Holstein-Ledreborg family.

However, there is a more extensive collection of furniture and paintings from different countries and ages. Plus, there is an old dungeon to explore within the vicinity, as well as beautiful gardens and terrains to take strolls and relax.

7. Roskilde Fjord: 

a white boat on blue sea

If you have explored enough architectural structures on land, you can head to the famous Roskilde Fjord to enjoy the peaceful stretch of water that runs inland from the North Sea. It’s an incredible spot to hop on a boat trip and explore some of the most picturesque villages in Denmark, especially the ones renovated into popular holiday resorts such as Gilleleje, Hornbæk, and Tisvildeleje. 


Apart from this, the fjord is also highly recommended for its oyster beds which mainly supply some of the country’s best restaurants with fresh seafood during the summer months. Besides, it celebrates all things that have to do with oysters and several annual food festivals in unique ways. 

8. Frederiksen’s Frugtplantage: 

apples on a tree in top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark.

Here, you will find giant fruit plantations in Roskilde, Denmark. If you come to Roskilde in the summer or autumn, you should head to Lejre for fruit picking. From cherries to apples and berries, everything is right here in Roskilde, and it is one of the top destinations to visit.

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In Roskilde, you will undoubtedly find one of the most extensive fruit plantations to go berry picking, and this is one of the most exciting things to do in Roskilde, Denmark. Whether you plan to try it out or not, berry picking is the best way to spend a warm summer day or apple picking during autumn.

9. The Land of Legends theme park:

the land of legends theme park

Another one of top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark, is The Land of Legends theme park, which is home to several myths and legends, including those surrounding the characters of Hamlet and Mother Gerd. The Land Legends theme Park is an incredible place to visit, with enchanting tales that are brought to life. 

Here, you will find several themed-designed attractions that are great for children and adults alike and model dinosaurs in Dino World! Moreover, for a fun family time, visit Little Red Riding Hood’s cottage, take a boat ride on Lake Arthur, meet Odin and Thor inside Valhalla Castle or fly like Jack Frost over winter wonderland, and much more.

10. Roskilde Rock Festival and RAGNAROCK:

people in a concert in top-rated attractions in Roskilde, Denmark

If you are a big fan of music, make sure you don’t miss the annual Roskilde Rock Festival. In Northern Europe, the festival is widely known as one of the most significant rock events staged in 1971. In addition, about 8000 rock fans gather yearly to celebrate the festival. 

The festival only runs from late June to early July, with several theatrical performances, film and video screenings, and folk, rock and pop concerts. Apart from the chance to see significant artists, you can’t miss the distinctive cantilevered building housing—RAGNAROK. It is a must-see museum and one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Roskilde, Denmark, with pop, rock, and youth culture.


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