Svendborg is the ideal place for a dynamic holiday, whether you want to go fishing, diving, kitesurfing or kayaking. There are lots of incredible things to do on this beautiful site. Situated on the island of Funen in south-central Denmark, In 2000, Svendborg announced Town of the year in Denmark.

You can visit Svendborg’s museums for a cultural experience, partake in an event in the town centre, discover the fantastic sight by going hiking, or sail on your boat or one of the ferries leaving from Svendborg.


1. Voderup Klint

include Voderup Klint in your list of Attractions to visit in Svendborg
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This secured area is home to a wide range of fauna and vegetation. Situated on the western part of the island of Ærø, Voderup Klint is a natural cliff connecting the sea’s beautiful blue waters. Visitors can tour the numerous biking and hiking paths along this cliff. This verdant cliff is equipped with restrooms and benches, making it an ideal spot to visit during the warm summer months.

2. The Old Town Jail

The Old Town Jail 1
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Located close to Faaborg Harbor in Denmark, Faaborg Arrest is an old jail with multiple cells. This jail was operational until the year 1989. This town jail has several interactive exhibits that will take you through the history of the justice system. Visit the old prison and explore the warden’s bedroom and the yard. They also offer guided tours of this old jail. They even host several activities like solving murder mysteries and other such games.

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3. Naturama

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Naturama is a modern natural history museum divided into water, land and air. Northern Europe’s animal life can be classified into these three levels. In this museum, it is acceptable to touch the exhibitions.


4. Svanninge Mountains

see Svanninge Mountains in your list of Attractions to visit in Svendborg
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Spread across an area of 280 hectares (691.8 acres), Svanninge Bjerge is a protected area. This idyllic area is owned and managed by Bikuben Foundation. Covered with woodlands, rolling hills and meadows. This area is home to a well-equipped campsite, a restaurant and a lookout tower. Reconstructed into a museum, this old tower displays the area’s geological background. Hike along the nature paths and revel in the panoramic sights. It is the best attractions to visit in Svendborg for hike lovers.

5. Svendborg Teater

see svendborg teater in your list of Attractions to visit in Svendborg
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For a piece of culture and fun, try an evening at the Svendborg Teater. Presenting an astonishing display of concerts, it provides the best in Danish theatre and includes everything from high drama to tragedies to fun comedies. So for theatre lovers, Svendborg Teater is a place you should take advantage of while in the area.

6. Vor Frue kirke i Svendborg

Vor Frue kirke i Attractions in Svendborg
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Frue Kirke, I Svendborg is a unique church built in 1200, which is much cherished for its Romanesque architecture, Gothic facades, beautiful altar, monuments, pulpits and other memorabilia.

7. Forsorgsmuseet Viebæltegård

Forsorgsmuseet Viebæltegård
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A portion of the Svendborg Museum, the Forsorgsmuseet Viebæltegård, emits the local history and culture. It is housed in one of the few contemporary poorhouse buildings in the region. This is one attractions to visit in Svendborg to learn about the local history and cultural heritage.


8. Faaborg Museum

Faaborg Museum
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Faaborg Museum is an exciting museum established by Mads Rasmussen in 1910. It also holds many art designs made by Peter Hansen, Fritz Syberg, Peter Hansen, Christiansen and many other Funen artists. In 1915, this museum was moved into a building that Carl Petersen, an architect, designed.  This museum holds an excellent collection of sculptures and paintings designed between the 19th and 20th centuries. 

9. Anne Hvides Gård

beautiful mansion Attractions to visit in Svendborg
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 Much cherished for its traditional architectural design and different kinds of exhibitions and collectables. Anne Hvides Gård is a magnificent house built in 1560. 

10. Sankt Nicolai Kirke

Sankt Nicolai Kirke
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Built-in the 19th century, Sankt Nicolai Kirke is a charming church that displays a classical native architectural design and controls many occasions like parish lectures and choirs.


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