Zagreb is Croatia’s capital and biggest city, labelling the meeting point between Eastern and Central Europe for more than a thousand years. For a contemporary capital, Zagreb has a kind of small-town attractiveness, with a broad old hilltop region of cobblestone streets and squares, lit to this day by gas lamps.

Zagreb is not only about stately institutions of Habsburg grandeur. However, the first-time visitor wandering around the façades and gardens of the Lower Town might also feel that way.


1. Kaptol

Kaptol in things to do in Zagreb

Kaptol and Gradec only integrated for a few hundred years. It is where the clergy was based; the diocese of Zagreb was established in 1094. The prominent landmark in Kaptol is Zagreb Cathedral, which dates to the city’s earliest year but was razed by the Mongols in the 1200s, and then 19th-century, it was damaged in an earthquake. You can also explore the remains of the cathedral’s fortifications, built during the Ottoman wars when the building was used as an observation tower.

2. Lower Town

Lower Town
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Zagreb’s Lower Town was established in the 1800s, and unlike the twisting paths of the early core, it’s all grand neo-classical buildings and wide avenues. Lower Town is where the city’s more essential hotels, green space, and magnificent museums are situated. 

3. Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb Cathedral
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Zagreb Cathedral was built on the site of a previous structure demolished in the early 1200s by the Tartars. Well known for its two fancily decorated spires, the current cathedral was constructed in the middle of the 13th century. However, numerous renovations have been made since that have changed the formation dramatically.

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4. Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships
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Zagreb brags about its genuinely excellent and unconventional museums that are well worth visiting. Beyond its numerous historical institutions and fine art, the funny Museum of Broken Relationships also sits at the top of the list of this magnificent museum

5. Historic Stone Gate

magnificent stone gate in things to do in Zagreb
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Constructed in the 13th century, in 1731, the building popularly survived a fire outbreak, like its painting of Mary and Jesus. A significant middle age structure that is very popular is the famous Stone Gate, the last of five indigenous city gates, and also found in Upper Town.

6. Dolac Market

in your checklist of things to do in Zagreb, visit the Dolac Market
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Dolac Market connects to zonal farms and is a perfect place to buy dairy products and vegetables. But it also brings a fine display of fresh seafood from the coast. However, this market Open in the mornings, and it attracts district farms. Also, it’s a perfect place to buy vegetables, dairy products and meat. But it also brings a beautiful display of freshly made seafood from the coast. 

7. Mimara Museum

Mimara Museum
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This Lower Town museum is named after Ante Topić Mimara, the 20th-century art collector well-known as a  colourful character. The stable displays at the museum were presented by Miramar, who was connected with art theft and forgery during and after the Second World War. Artworks by Rubens, Canaletto, Velazquez, Degas, Renoir and Goya are on exhibition here. It is an excellent way to spend quality time. 

8. Art Pavilion

Amazing Art pavilion in things to do in Zagreb
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The Art Pavilion dominates the landscaped square of Tomislav trg. Created for Hungary’s Millennial Exhibition of 1896 and then transported from Budapest, architects Fellner and Helmer made this formerly iron structure a permanent feature. Now a prestigious art space, it stages major temporary exhibitions, such as the Giacometti show in 2017.


9. Mirogoj

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Mirogoj is the primary graveyard for both Zagreb and the nation. Built by Cathedral architect Hermann Bollé, Croatia’s influential artists, writers and politicians are buried in what used to be a vineyard and summerhouse.

10. Jarun Lake

visit Jarun Lake in your list of things to do in Zagreb Croatia
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Jarun Lake receives a lot of leisure activities, from competitive kayaking and rowing to cycling and skateboarding; you can also relax at the lake’s pebble beaches. You can also attend the INmusic festival that takes place in late June. It’s a rock and computerized activity that organizes some big acts, with  PJ Harvey, PJ Harvey and Wilco appearing in past years. Zagreb is a long way inland; you can get into Jarun Lake when it’s hot.


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