Experience Paradise at the Top 10 Cefalu Beaches

We're going on a fun adventure to the top 10 Cefalu beaches in this article. Whether you're an avid water sports enthusiast, a connoisseur of relaxation, or a wanderlust at heart, it's your guide to getting the most out of the Sicilian sun and sea.

Welcome to Cefalu, a stunning island paradise on Sicily’s north coast! 

In addition to having some of Italy’s best beaches, Cefalu is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and mouthwatering cuisine. 


Your sun-soaked dreams can find the perfect home in Cefalu beach resorts, which offer unmatched views and opulent Crystal-clear waves kiss the fine sandy shoreline. 

We’re going on a fun adventure to the top 10 Cefalu beaches in this article. 

Whether you’re an avid water sports enthusiast, a connoisseur of relaxation, or a wanderlust at heart, it’s your guide to getting the most out of the Sicilian sun and sea. 

Grab your beach towel and come along with us as we discover the lovely beaches in Cefalu that will leave you mesmerized if you’re seeking the most incredible beaches Cefalu offers!


Experience Paradise at the Top 10 Cefalu Beaches

1. Lungomare Beach

Lungomare Beach

The lovely sandy beach that spans the town’s coastline is known as the “pearl of Cefalu.” Lungomare is unique since it’s free; you can soak up the sun for nothing!

You can swim in clean water, play beach volleyball, make sandcastles, or watch the sunset while enjoying delicious gelato. 

The seaside has fantastic eateries where you can sample traditional Sicilian food. It is simple to go to Lungomare because it is close to Cefalu’s historic center. 

All four seasons are beautiful, but summer is incredibly vibrant and joyful. However, if you prefer a calmer environment, late spring and early fall offer it.

2. Settefrati Beach

Settefrati Beach
Source: Discover the Waters

Settefrati Beach is a secluded stretch of golden sand and stones that offers quiet and breathtaking views to visitors. 

It is hidden from the crowded town center. There aren’t any entrance fees to be concerned about because it’s a public beach.

Settefrati is surrounded by distinctive rock formations and jagged cliffs, making it an excellent spot for landscape photography. 

Because fewer people are at this beach, you can swim alone or relax with a great book. Snorkeling is also popular in this region because of the clear seas.

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Settefrati Beach is near the city center. You can hire a bike for a fun trip or hail a cab. The best seasons to visit are in the late spring or early fall when fewer beachgoers and a pleasant climate make for the perfect beach day.


3. Capo Playa

Capo Playa is broad and fringed with golden sand and offers much to visitors. Since it is a public beach, everyone can go there and take in its beauty.

There are rentals for water activities, beach bars, and eateries along the beach. Paddleboarding, windsurfing, and swimming are all permitted here. 

The beach is well known for its lively atmosphere, making it a popular destination for those looking to interact. Capo Playa is conveniently close to Cefalu and is reachable by car, bicycle, or local bus service. 

While Capo Playa is welcoming throughout the year, the beach comes to life in the summer with a range of fun water sports. 

Conversely, April through June and September through October are great if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.

4. Mazzaforno Beach

Mazzaforno Beach
Source: Changes

You may find North of Cefalu, on Mazzaforno Beach, a mixture of sand and pebbles. 

It is a public beach that gives beach lovers unrestricted access to a pristine paradise. Visitors can take a calm swim and explore the nearby cliffs and coves.

The waters there are crystal clean, making it an excellent place for snorkeling. You should unwind and take in the sun’s rays on the lovely sands.


Mazzaforno Beach is about a 10-minute drive from the center of Cefalu by automobile. You can take a taxi, drive a car, or bicycle lazily. 

The best times to visit the beach are in the late spring and early fall when the weather is nice, but fewer people are there.

5. Caldura Beach

Caldura Beach
Source: Love sand beach

Caldura Beach, a gorgeous pebble beach on Cefalu’s outskirts, is well known for its stunning seas. This beach is open to everybody and is free to use, making it the ideal location for relaxation.

At this beach, there are activities besides swimming. While those seeking peace can sunbathe while listening to the soothing waves, adventure-seeking visitors can swim or canoe the gorgeous waterways. 

Remember to enjoy the stunning panoramas from the nearby Caldura Tower as well! Caldura Beach can be reached just 5 minutes from Cefalu’s town center. 


You can walk, take a taxi, or rent a bike if you’re up for it. 


The best time to visit Caldera Beach is spring and fall because the weather is gentler and less crowded.

6. Castel di Tusa Beach

Castel di Tusa Beach
Source: The Planet

A charming fishing community near Cefalu has a magnificent pebble beach called Castel di Tusa Beach with welcome, transparent waves. 

This beach is a paradise that is open to anyone and has no admission fee. This beach offers a calm ambiance perfect for reading, picnics, and sunbathing. 

The crystal-clear ocean’s calm waves are ideal for swimming or snorkeling. Discover the nearby community, especially its active fishing dock and nearby eateries. About 25 minutes are needed to travel from Cefalu to Castel di Tusa Beach. You can drive or use a local bus to get to the beach. 

The beach is beautiful year-round, but the best times to visit are late spring to early October when the weather is most pleasant.

7. Gorgo Beach

Gorgo Beach
Source: Freepik

Away from the tourist crowds, Gorgo Beach is a quiet pebble beach surrounded by wild nature. 

Open to everyone, the beach invites you to unwind in its tranquil setting.

The peaceful atmosphere of Gorgo Beach is perfect for meditation, yoga, and reading. 

Due to their transparency, the waters are perfect for leisurely swimming or snorkeling. Verdant hills also surround the beach, ideal for hiking and taking pictures.

Gorgo Beach is off the main path, around 15 minutes east of Cefalu. 

The two best ways to get around are by automobile or bicycle; a trek is also an option for the more adventurous. 

The best times to visit are in the colder months of late spring and early fall when the weather is pleasant and the environment is calm.

8. Pisciotto Beach

Pisciotto Beach
Source: Tourist living

A remarkable natural rock formation that sticks out into the ocean distinguishes the stunning Pisciotto Beach area of the beach. 

The beach offers a free haven of peace and is accessible to everyone. You can snorkel, dive, or swim around the well-known rock to view local marine life. 

A beach is great for unwinding and tanning because of its serene ambiance. Pisciotto Beach is 15 minutes away by automobile to the east of Cefalu. You can get there via car, taxi, or bicycle. 

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Even though the beach is beautiful all year round if you want to avoid the crowds and feel the area’s tranquility, go in the late spring or early autumn.

9. Salinelle Beach

Salinelle Beach
Experience Paradise at the Top 10 Cefalu Beaches

West of Cefalu is Salinelle Beach, a sizable sandy beach with stunning views and a laid-back atmosphere. 

It is free to take advantage of its beauty since it is a public beach.

This beach is perfect for people looking to participate in sports like beach volleyball or kitesurfing because of its sizeable sandy breadth. 

After an exciting day, you may relax by admiring a stunning Sicilian sunset. From Cefalu, it takes ten minutes to go to Salinelle Beach. You can get there via taxi, car, or bicycle. 

Late spring to early fall is the best season to visit the beach because the weather is warm and pleasant, perfect for a day at the shore. 

You can go to the beach any time of year.

10. Santa Maria

Santa Maria
Source: The Green

Santa Maria Beach, which is picturesque and family-friendly, is just outside Cefalu’s town center. Its distinctive qualities include this open-to-all public beach’s calm, shallow seas and beautiful sand.

The beach is perfect for families with young children because of its quiet waters. Swim slowly, build sandcastles, or engage in a friendly game of beach volleyball. 

The adjacent restaurants also offer their patrons pleasurable dining experiences. Santa Maria Beach is ideally close to Cefalu’s city center, either a simple 5-minute drive or an enjoyable 20-minute stroll away. 

The beach is excellent all year round, but the best times to go are in the milder, less crowded months of late spring and early fall.


We traveled together along their sun-kissed sands and crystal-clear waters to the top 10 beaches in Cefalu, each with distinct charm and alluring allure. 

Every beach lover will find their ideal stretch of sand in Cefalu, from the vibrant atmosphere of Capo Playa to the serene retreat of Settefrati, the kid-friendly Santa Maria Beach, and the secret haven of Gorgo Beach.

Whether it’s the thrill of engaging in water sports, the peace of sunbathing, or the delight of building sandcastles, these jewels of Sicily’s Cefalu Beach are ready to leave you with unforgettable memories. 

So why persist? 

Grab your sunglasses and carry your sunscreen as you get ready to enter a beach paradise.

Our judgment in the end? You’ll find a new reason to enjoy this Sicilian gem, with each wave gently licking the shores of the lovely Cefalu beaches.

Make waves right away!


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