Recommended Attractions in Vlore, Albania

There are plenty of places to see and many recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania, to visit. Although Vlore is not as popular as other cities in Albania, it is a small and beautiful tourist destination with many things to explore. Whether you are visiting to take a break and relax or to hike and cycle, you’ll be glad you did. If you are ready for your next adventure, we have listed the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania, to see;

Muzeu Historik, Vlorë: 

a man walking by a white building in one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania
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The Muzeu Historik is among the top recommended attractions to visit in Vlore, Albania, for tourists. Not only is the building itself a historical significance of its own, but it also features an incredible collection of archaeological objects from ancient times to recent times. You would catch a glimpse of the coffin of local patriot Avni Rustemi and other fascinating things that hold the marks of the old days. 

Zvernec Monastery: 

a brown wooden bridge under a blue ocean in one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania

This is undoubtedly a must-visit in Vlore, Albania! The monastery is spectacular and exciting, with a stunning landscape. It is one of the most significant monasteries among Orthodox Christians. Not only does it have great historical and architectural value due to its religion, but is also connected to the shore with a picturesque bridge. It is a famous place to take good pictures among tourists. 

Syri I Kaltër: 

a beautiful blue lake in the middle of rocks in one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania

Named Blue Eye in English, Syri I Kaltër is a karst spring on the western slope of the Mali I Gjerë Mountains in Albania. Although the source of the spring is still not known, the volume of water that plummets down is very significant. The waters of the Blue Eye are a beautiful deep blue colour that glints in the sunlight and flows into the Bristica as a dam for energy production. It is undoubtedly one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania.

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The Muradie Mosque: 

a old brown mosque under a blue sky in one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania

Designed in an Ottoman style by the great architect Sinan, The Muradie Mosque is a 16th-century mosque in the middle of the town centre. It is one of the recommended attractions in Vlorë, Albania, that is worth a stop. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in Vlorë, with fascinating exterior stonework.


Speed Boat Trip in Karaburun Peninsula: 

a blue sea with people in a boat
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Whenever you are bored of exploring Vlore by foot, you can escape the busy parts of Vlorë to hop on a speedboat tour of the Karaburun Peninsula! Here, you can sip a  drink while you witness some of the best views of the Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park. It is a natural wonder where you can either spend time swimming, snorkelling or taking pictures in incredible spots such as Haxhi Ali Cave and St. Jan Bay.

Römisches Theater: 

Syria bosra theater

Römisches Theater is one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania, for hiking. The semi-circular theatre was built in the 3rd Century BC and was one of Butrint’s best-preserved structures. The auditorium features five sectors with thirteen rows of seats in each of them. It is constructed in the Greek style, with the theatre set below the Acropolis and facing the Vivari Canal. 

Independence Monument: 

The monument of Independence in Vlore Vlora

Primarily known as one of the top attractions in Vlorë, Albania, this monument is dedicated to the Albanian Declaration of Independence. You can find it at the Flag’s Plaza, where the first Albanian government worked in 1913.  It was built by Albanian sculptors Muntaz Dhrami and Kristaq Rama with a sculpture of Ismail Qemali, leader of the Albanian national movement and founder of Independent Albania, in the center of the monument. 


Kaninë Castle: 

a green land in one of the recommended attractions in Vlore, Albania

The Kaninë Castle is an ancient castle in Kaninë near Vlorë, southwestern Albania. The castle is believed to have been built in the 3rd century and rebuilt in the 5th century. Although the castle has been turned to rubble and ruins on the outskirts of Vlorë, the breathtaking view over the city of Vlorë is not to be missed from the castle. The sunset is jaw-dropping and unforgettable. It is a quiet place with a rich history and incredible natural beauty. 

Tre Forchette Restaurant:

people in a restaurant with chairs and white tables

A trip to Albania is not complete without tasting some fantastic food! For a food lover, one of the recommended attractions in Vlorë, Albania, is the Tre Forchette Restaurant. Along with excellent food quality and price, the cuisine here is tremendous and entirely worth it. It has the best linguine in Vlorë, tasty fish and mouth-watering dishes. In addition, the service here is incredible, and the restaurant is designed for a great atmosphere

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