We don’t have to become food bloggers to travel the world and have a taste of a different culture and their signature dishes. If you’re that food lover that you claim to be, it’s time to consider an excellent cuisine destination for a remarkable experience rather than your daily routine of creating heavenly storms in the kitchen, dining out or visiting restaurants in your area now and then.

There are top dishes across the globe you can head to that are worth packing your bags for. Hence, if you are ready to dine on something new and cruise on an unforgettable culinary adventure, here are 10 top dishes worth traveling the world for;

10 Top Dishes Worth Traveling the World for

1. PIEROGI, POLAND: Pierogis are Polish dumplings that are replenished and prepared in several ways. These dumplings come with different delicious toppings and sauces that will leave you licking your lips. Pierogis are worth visiting Poland, and you can enjoy them at Pierogarnia Stary Młyn in Wroclaw, Poland. Don’t miss out on the taste of the most common Pierogis filled with cheese and potatoes, whether boiled or pan-fried.

2. ONION SOUP, FRANCE: The Onion soup is one of the most satisfying and pleasant soups thought to have existed since roman times before a modernized version in 18th-century Paris, France.  It is a mix of slow-cooked caramelized onions in a broth blended with white wine and cognac while served in a ramekin and topped with a generous slice of melted baguette and cheese.

3. POULET YASSA/CHICKEN YASSA, SENEGAL: It’s time to taste your chicken differently than the ones you’ve always had. Poulet Yassa or Chicken Yassa is a dish of chicken in Senegal that is slowly cooked and served over rice. The taste is magical and made with a marinade of lemon, freshly grated ginger, onion and chili with a drop of Dijon mustard dish and some freshly grated ginger. 

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4. BELGIAN WAFFLES, BELGIUM: You haven’t had the real taste of waffles if you’ve never gotten a bite of the delicious Belgian Waffles in Brussels, Belgium. The waffles are giant-sized, and there is a menu for several toppings of waffles like strawberries, ice cream and chocolate sauce that will most likely leave you confused and yearning to try them all.

5. BEEF WELLINGTON, UK: Travelling to England? Make sure you bite into one of England’s sensational dishes. Beef Wellington is a traditional beef fillet steak garnished in pâté and mushroom duxelles and wrapped in puff pastry before finally baked. Though the dish’s origins are unclear, it became immensely popular as one of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes.

6. LAKSA, MALAYSIA: If you are ready to travel across the globe and treat yourself to a delicious meal, Laksa is a tasty, aromatic, and sour soup in Malaysia derived from different vague theories and preparation in various countries. Generally, it can either be a sweet and spicy coconut milk broth or a sour asam broth made with tamarind. The soup is always served with chicken, prawns and fish with thick wheat noodles or rice vermicelli.

7. POUTINE, CANADA: Poutine is a must-try Canadian dish of french fries completed with cheese curds and gravy. You can order your poutine in Le Saint Bock in Montreal and enjoy delicious cheese curds that are perfectly salty and squeaky to your taste. The best part is that these fries never get soggy, and you can gulp them down with one of the chilled beers available.

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8. POKE, HAWAII: Poke is undoubtedly one of the top dishes in the world that is worth travelling for. It’s a smooth and tender fish of freshly cut cubes of raw Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) stirred with soy sauce, chili pepper, sesame oil, sweet onions, sea salt and limu seaweed. You can enjoy chilled poke with the right amount of steamed rice.

9. GOULASH, HUNGARY: Goulash is a traditional Hungary soup with beef shin, shank or shoulder and vegetables which are heavily spiced up with paprika and slowly steamed in broth over an open fire in a cauldron. It is often cooked as a meat sauce or stew and can be eaten with the Hungarian type of spaetzli noodles or in a bread bowl.

10. JALEBI, INDIA: We all know that Indians cherish their food and love their sweets. You can stop by the streets of India and grab some Jalebis made up of flour dough that has been rolled out into hot ghee to form a particular round shape or pattern before being deep-fried to achieve a crispy, crunchy and soft result. Finally, it is dipped into a sugary syrup to give it a satisfying sweetness and taste. Ensure you enjoy Jalebis with a hot cup of milk.

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