20 Exciting Things To Do With Kids In Fayetteville NC

I'm going to be your trusty guide and go-to source of all things fun and family-friendly in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Whether you are a local looking for fresh fun ideas or a visitor planning a vacation, today's blog is filled with 20 kid-friendly things to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Hi there! Today, we are embarking on a special journey. What is today’s journey about? Well, from the blog title, you have an idea already. We will be looking at 20 exciting things to do with kids in Fayetteville, NC.

Adults and couples have spots to hang out, so children should be included. 


Fayetteville is a hidden gem situated in the breathtaking Cape Fear Valley, North Carolina, and let me tell you, it is a place worth visiting and discovering with your kids. From outdoor enthusiasts to history lovers, the city has something for everyone making it the best destination for an unforgettable family getaway. 

Not only does it have an interesting military background, as it is the home to the legendary Fort Bragg, but it is also filled with a vibrant community, natural beauty, and family-friendly activities.

I’m going to be your trusty guide and go-to source of all things fun and family-friendly in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Whether you are a local looking for fresh fun ideas or a visitor planning a vacation, today’s blog is filled with 20 Exciting Things To Do With Kids In Fayetteville NC.

20 Thrilling Things You Can Do With Kids In Fayetteville, NC

There is something for every youngster, regardless of their age bracket, so hold on tight! We are about to visit the world of Fayetteville, where incredible experiences are at every corner. 

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Let’s go. 

1. Give them a fun-filled experience at the Fascinate-U Children’s Museum

Fascinate-U Children's Museum, Fayetteville, NC
Source: Wilsonart

Who said there aren’t children’s museums? Fayetteville, NC, has a Children’s Museum, and it is one of the cheap fun things to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

This interactive museum is a dream come true for every kid. From pretend play stations to hands-on exhibits, your little ones will have a good time exploring and learning, and you will feel so much joy as a parent watching your little one’s face lit up with so much excitement. 

2. Become an explorer and take strolls at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden

Cape Fear Botanical Garden
Source: Wedding Wire

Located at 536 N Eastern Blvd, this enchanting garden is perfect for a stroll with your kids.  Here, your keys can uncover many discoveries themselves, such as the beautiful bloom, hidden trails, and even the dinosaurs exhibit. 

The entire family can get together as it is a buffet sport for family activities in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

3. Travel back in time to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum

Another kid’s museum, and it is worth every step. Your kids can step into the shoes of real-life heroes at this museum. 

With different exhibits showcasing the rich military history and interactive displays, your child will feel like a true soldier. 

4. Bounce to your heart’s content at Defy Fayetteville

Defy Fayetteville with kids playing
Credit: Group On

Do you have a youngster who is filled with energy, and you don’t know what to do about it? This bouncy heaven is the solution for you. 

Let your little ones release all their energy as they bounce, jump, and flip on a set of trampolines put together for their fun. It is a cheap fun thing to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I assure you both you and your baby boy or girl will have endless hours of fun. 


5. Have a swing at the Pirate Blacklight Mini-Golf

Family activities in Fayetteville, North Carolina, are a lot! This themed Mini-Golf course is one of them.  While your kid is enjoying their private-themed advent, you, the parent, can enjoy the glow-in-the-dark Mini-Golf course. 

Your child can also have a swing at the golf course if they find golf interesting. Go over there, have some fun, and putt like a pirate. 

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6. Make a splash at the Fantasy Lake Water Park

Fantasy Lake Water Park
Source: Only In Your State

This water park situated at 5869 Permastone Lake Rd is the best spot for a splashing good time, and it is one of the things to do with kids in Fayetteville, North Carolina as a parent. 

This spot is best when the weather is hot, as you can beat the heat by going to the water park. The water park is filled with wave pools, thrilling slides, and lazy rivers. Also, do not forget to pack your swimsuits and sunscreens so your kids don’t get burned while playing. 

7. Take a visit to the Animal Safari at the Aloha Safari Zoo

A girl touching the head of a Giraffe at the Aloha Safari Zoo
Source: Foursquare

Where are the animal lovers? This zoo is family-owned, so I know for a fact that you would have an amazing time with your teenager as a parent. 

You can get up close and have a personal experience with the exotic animals in the zoo. 

8. Test your child’s battling skills at the Battle House Laser Tag

Battle House Laser
Credit: Lasertron

Again, for your energy-filled and adventurous children, this is one of the many fun things to do with kids in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This indoor battle arena will entertain your children with friendly firefights for hours. 

Your kids will be properly suited in protective gear and be given their battle equipment. Prepare for an epic battle of laser tag. 


9. See how creative your child can get at the Cape Fear Studios

Have you always wondered if your little one has a flair for art and creativity? If you have, Cape Fear Studio is the best place to get the answer you have been looking for.  Watch your kid explore art exhibits, participate in workshops, and even create their masterpieces. 

10. Help your child get acquainted with heights at the Climbing Place at 436 W Russell St

This indoor rock climbing gym is a kid-friendly thing to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This is a great opportunity to challenge and sharpen your child’s agility and strength.

11. Go hiking and explore nature at the Lake Rim Park

Lake Rim Park with a lake and green vegetations around
Source”: DistnCtly Fayetteville

This park offers a variety of cheap fun things to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina. From exploring hiking trails to playing at the playground, fishing, and canoeing at the lake, you will find something that catches your interest. 

12. Enjoy a movie at the Cameo Art House Theatre

The Cameo Art House Theatre is a historic and charming venue for family activities in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

This venue has a variety of classic, family-friendly films that will both be educative and entertaining for your kids and the entire family. 

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13. Boost your adrenaline pump at ZipQuest Waterfalls and Treetop Adventure

ZipQuest Waterfalls and Treetop
Credit: Tripadvisor

If you and your youngster have a thing for adrenaline-boosting activities, then this is a must-visit. Glide through the treetops and zip line your way at the ZipQuest Waterfalls and Treetop Adventure. 


Get ready for an adventure you won’t forget in a hurry at this thrilling attraction and an unforgettable adrenaline rush. 

14. Satisfy your child’s curiosity about the Fascinating World of Science

Children are very inquisitive and ask many questions about everything around us. This hands-on science exhibition center will satisfy your child’s curiosity and leave them in awe about our world. 

From interactive exhibitions to live learning, your kid will have so much fun learning about the wonders of science. 

15. Put on your game face at the Lafayette Lanes

Lafayette Lanes
Source: TripAdvisor

Do you like bowling? Does your little one show interest in bowling? Have you always wanted to teach your child everything you know about bowling? If you answered yes to the questions above, then this location is the solution to pacify your needs. 

Challenge your family to a friendly competition and teach your kids how to bowl at this bowling alley. Everyone can join in the fun as there are bumpers and lightweight balls for your kids. 

16. Visit the Fayetteville Airport Observation

If your baby boy or girl is fascinated by airplanes, this observation near the airport at 400 Airport Rd is the perfect location to thrill them. 

They can watch planes land and take off, and you can even have a picnic there while your adolescent uses their imagination to inspire them to fly a plane in the future. 

17. Take a step into the past at the Museum of Cape Fear Historical Complex

Museum of Cape Fear Historical Complex
Credit: Tripadvisor

If your child has an interest in historical events, you can bring your kid here. This museum is filled with fun history of Fayetteville and the Cape Fear Region. 

Exhibits ranging from Civil War exhibitions to Native American artifacts are displayed to help your child better appreciate Fayetteville’s and Cape Fear’s rich heritage. 

18. Go to the Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum

Let your teenager learn about the city’s transportation and rich history at this museum. Show them the vintage cars and buses on display as well as an interactive exhibit. 

This is a great way for your child to learn about the past and the future. 

19. Treat your child’s taste buds with sweet treats from Hilltop House Homemade Ice cream

Hilltop House Homemade Ice cream
Source: Best of NJ

The treats made here are homemade, which makes them better. Serving ice cream scoops for over 70 years, this ice cream parlor is filled with different ice cream flavors for your kids to choose from. 

Your child will have fun choosing and trying out different ice cream flavors. If you ask me, this is one of the best things to do with kids in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

20. Go hiking with your child at Raven Rock State Park

Raven Rock State Park, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Credit: Cape Town Day Tours

Put some snacks and water in your bag, pack for the road, and hit the trails with your kids. This park’s highlight is the magnificent Raven Rock, where it got its name from. 

Take your children to marvel at this massive cliff overlooking the Cape Fear River, the beautiful view, and the park’s diverse ecosystems. This is a good way to create memories with your kids and a perfect family bonding opportunity. 


There you have it! We have successfully looked at 20 exciting things to do with kids in Fayetteville, North Carolina. From historic sites to museums to outdoor activities to sweet treats, there is something your child would love. 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and take the entire family on an adventure they will never forget, most especially your kids. You will have an unforgettable time exploring all the amazing wonders Fayetteville has to offer. 


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