If you love getting into your car or hitting the road through any other means possible to enjoy that feeling of unexplainable freedom, this post is for you. Going on an iconic road trip is one of the best travel experiences. 

Whether you’re planning to go for a short or long drive, here are some of the ten most amazing road trips to take around the world; 

10 Thrilling Road Trips To Take Around the World

1. North Coast 500, Scotland: Rich in culture and history with awe-inspiring landscapes, Scotland is a great place to be with the most friendly residents and delicious food. The North Coast 500 is a coastal route in Scotland that offers some of the most iconic scenery around the Scottish highlands, where you get to see stunning cliffs of Western Scotland, rolling hills and impressive locks in undeveloped areas. 

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Source: www.macsadventure.com

2. Pacific Coast Highway, California: With long stretches of beaches and striking sea cliffs, The Pacific Coast Highway is a great coastal highway where movie stars and billionaires usually have their escapes and legendary stops. It is the most epic drive in the United States from Monterrey down to Los Angeles. 

Source: www.travelchannel.com

3. Iceland’s Ring Road: The famous “Ring Road” in Iceland will take you on one of the best road trips worldwide. On ‘Route 1’, you’ll take a trip almost 900 miles around the country and see glaciers, geothermal pools, black sand beaches, wet deserts, waterfalls and a plethora of Icelandic moss along the way.

Source: adventures.com

4. The Coastal Causeway route, Northern Ireland: If you are a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, this route is a must-see as many parts of the show was filmed on the Coastal Causeway route. This road trip gives you the chance to see some of the best natural landscapes in Ireland, and I would advise you not to be in a hurry to catch a few castles and distillers as well.

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Source: www.ireland.com

5. West Coast & Milford Sound, New Zealand: The west coast of the South Island and the drive to Milford Sound in New Zealand is almost like a dream. Along the way, you would come across striking mountainous views, beautiful scenery and Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site which is the largest national park in New Zealand. 

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Source: www.tomtom.com

6. The Garden Route, South Africa: One of the most perfect and famous places you can go on a road trip is the Garden Route, which is also among the most prominent attractions in South Africa for a valid reason. The vegetation, outdoor adventures and African wildlife are among the natural scenic charms that can be found in the 300km stretch of coastal road in South Africa.

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Source: www.jenmansafaris.com

7. The Romantic Road, Germany: The Romantic Road in Germany is also known as Romantische Straße. From Würzburg and Füssen in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the roads are structured in an impressive network that stretches over 350 kilometres as you pass by some of the most spectacular medieval castles and picturesque towns.

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Source: hellojetlag.com

8. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy: The sheer excitement that comes from driving down the 50-mile stretch of the narrow cliffside roads on the Amalfi Coast is a memorable experience for drivers. You can take all the time you need to enjoy a glimpse of its dramatic landscapes and plethora of picturesque towns along the route. 

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Source: www.europcar.com/editorial/en/road-trip/picture-perfect-the-ultimate-amalfi-coast-road-trip-978/

9. The Sea to Skyway Highway, British Columbia: Also called Highway 99, The Sea to Skyway Highway is an incredible two-hour drive experience from Vancouver to Whistler. You would be amazed at how beautiful it is to take a road trip here. From snow-capped peaks to impressive waterfalls and canyons, the views provide a great highlight on your adventure. 

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Source: www.hellobc.com

10. Through the Red Center, Australia: Driving up through the ‘Red Center’ in Australia is truly an unforgettable and epic adventure. From Adelaide in the south to Darwin in the north, the route features about 1000 attractions, including old churches, towns, villages, castles and grand landscapes.

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Source: viatravelers.com
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