Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities

In this post, you will find not one or two but twenty of the top things to do in Conifer, Colorado. So, sit back, buckle up, and relax as we go on a trip to Cruisetopia(wink)Let's go!

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Where? No, right? Okay, fine, let me let the cat out! (Drumroll, please) Our next stop is the beautiful mountain town of Conifer, Colorado!

Conifer is situated in the unincorporated Jefferson County of Colorado. 35 miles southwest of downtown Denver, it is tucked away in the Colorado Rocky Mountains’ foothills. It is a stunning location where the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains meet.

Great restaurants, events, and outdoor pursuits like mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, camping, and cross-country skiing, are all available here.

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In this post, you will find not one or two but twenty of the top things to do in Conifer, Colorado. So, sit back, buckle up, and relax as we go on a trip to Cruisetopia(wink)

Let’s go!

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities
Source: All the Differences

A wide variety of fantastic activities and destinations are available in Conifer, Colorado. In addition to its stunning natural settings, it offers a variety of enjoyable activities.

In light of the abundance of top attractions to visit in Conifer, it’s a fantastic location to travel to in the United States. So without further ado, let’s fast get started and discover the best things to do in Conifer, Co.

Family Activities

1. Visit Meyer Ranch Park 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Visit Meyer RANCH PARK
Credit: Day Hikes Near

In search of a laid-back and enjoyable vacation destination? Hike among the untamed woods and stunning natural splendor at Meyer Ranch Park, one of the top attractions to visit in Conifer. 

Excellent hiking opportunities, a large amount of open space, and a short hike are all available. The park is a wonderful area to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening with your loved ones. 

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The Meyer Ranch Park is a great place to go if you enjoy being outside and want to enjoy a beautiful and tranquil setting.

This location has all the elements for the ideal escape, making it ideal for everyone.

2. Try Denver adventure zipline tours 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Go on Hiking
Source: Colorado Info

Denver Adventures Zipline Tours is a company that offers a variety of outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy. It is situated in the mountain hamlet of Conifer, about 30 minutes on Highway 285 southwest of the capital city.


Their team of qualified experts will help you with a variety of recreational activities, including rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and zipline tours down Colorado’s longest zipline. 

This is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor activities in Conifer for you and your family.

3. Enjoy a show together at Stagedoor Theatre 

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Atlanta Journal Continuance

For the past 25 years, the Stagedoor Theatre has provided outstanding artistic events to Conifer. This theater has provided opportunities to couples and individuals looking for a creative outlet by providing the best in local entertainment.

The window between 10 and 11 am is the finest time to go to the theater to see a show. One of the best things to do in Conifer, Colorado, is to go to the theatre.

4. Play games with your kids at Blizzard Mountains Pinball 

There is no better way to pass the time and strengthen your relationship with your children than to take them to a gaming facility like Blizzard Mountains Pinballs

Playing on 38 well-kept pinball machines will give you delight and energy. Visit them today to play in the Pinball Blizzard, mountains of Multiwall, Super-Jackpots storms, and Flipper’s flurries.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the only days the center is closed. Get more information by visiting the website.

5. Enjoy a family meal at Snowpack Taproom & Pizzeria

Source: Restaturant

Conifer’s go-to spot for amazing handmade pizza, sandwiches, salads, and other fresh fare is Snowpack Taproom & Pizzeria. It also serves craft beer, small-batch spirits, uncommon wines, and delicious small-batch spirits.


With a weekly bluegrass session, a jazz jam, and live music almost every weekend, Snowpack Taproom is Conifer’s premier venue for live music.

Thanks to their roomy dining area and huge outdoor space, they are the ideal place to unwind and enjoy a family meal.

Outdoor Activities 

1. Go horse riding at Bear Mountain Stables 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Go on Horse Riding
Source: Whistle Reservations

One of the best outdoor activities in Conifer is riding horses at Bear Mountain Stables. If you’re planning a solo or family trip, Bear Mountain Stables in Conifer provides private guided horseback rides for adults & kids over 9 years old. Up to 6 guest riders can be housed in the stables at once. 

Additionally, there is a covered picnic area, a BBQ grill, and tables for a wonderful relaxing time. No fears if this is your first time mounting a horse. Thanks to the kind wranglers and quiet horses here, you’ll feel at rest right away. The stable is always welcoming new visitors, so stop by whenever you like.

2. Visit Davis Ponds Trail 

A pleasant and superficial trail that you can enjoy is the Davis Ponds trail at Staunton State Park. The track is well-maintained, and a hike can be enjoyed there. 

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On the northern side of the circle, there is a connecting trail named Chase Meadow that will guide you to the Historic Cabins. The ponds offer fishing, but you need a fishing license to participate. It’s a wonderful view.


Lions Head and hilly forests are visible in the distance.

3. Explore the Reynolds Park 

Visit Reynold Park
Source: Triad Mums On Main

In Conifer, Colorado, you may find Reynolds Park on the west side of South Foxton Road. It is open from an hour before sunrise to an hour after dusk. 

Hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding are just a few of the available activities. You can do many activities at the park, even if you prefer more strenuous outdoor activities. 

While strolling, you can enjoy the vistas of Pikes Peak and other nearby mountains.

4. Experience the Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course 

Disc golfing is one of the most amazing things to do in Conifer, Colorado, outdoors. Just 45 minutes outside of Denver is where you’ll find Beaver Ranch in Conifer, Colorado. 

They provide the best mountain Disc Golf experience in the entire nation! Their course has two courses with 83 baskets each and an on-site Pro Shop that is fully stocked. 

Their entire staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist you with anything related to disc golf. 


5. Take a tour of the city 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Bus tours
Source: Berlin DE

Touring a city is not just the best outdoor activity but an exciting and adventurous way to explore and take advantage of the city.

There are tour guides available that would take you sightseeing around the city. You get to find out the historical structures and culture of the city. Get your bags packed and go enjoy the riches this city has to offer!

Indoor Activities 

1. Visit the Conifer Historical Society & Museum 

 Visit the Conifer Historical Society & Museum
Source: GLAM

In the town of Conifer, there is a historical museum called the Conifer Historical Society and Museum, which is located on Barkley Road. The museum’s goal is to enlighten and pique the public’s interest through the collection, preservation, and display of local history and culture.

In addition, the museum conducts a lot of historical projects as well as hosts events all year long. When you are in Conifer, take the time to visit the museum and discover something new.

2. Grab a meal at JJ Madwells 

Grab a meal at JJ Madwells 
Credit: Pure wow

If you want to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner, JJ Madwells is the greatest option. Along with Calzones and Pizzas, the restaurant serves Italian and European food. You will feel good dining here thanks to their selection of low-fat, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

In order to complement your meal, the drink menu also contains everything you could possibly want.

3. Enjoy Go Kart Racing at K1 Speed 

Planning a quick trip to Denver, Colorado, where indoor karting is available at K1Speed, would be a fantastic option when visiting Conifer, Colorado. K1 Speed Denver is unlike any racing facility you’ve ever been to because it has all-electric karts, an indoor race track, a large lounge, and a full snack bar. 


Simply put, they constructed an indoor go-kart racing facility in Denver with the goal of creating a premier entertainment hub.

Spend your vacation wisely by making reservations to go kart racing.

4. Enjoy an Escape Room Adventure 

 Enjoy an Escape Room Adventure
Source: Escape Rooms

When making travel plans to Denver from Conifer, Colorado, remember to include an escape room experience on your itinerary. In the game, you and your team are confined to a room. 

You have only 60 minutes to collect clues, solve puzzles, and escape. Can you make an Escape?

5. Go for a massage at Equilibre Massage 

By waking, relieving, and aligning your body to establish harmony, Equilibre offers a more profound healing experience.

You may lose yourself in tranquility and elegance at this one-of-a-kind therapeutic massage, spa, and full-service salon center, which is situated at 26267 Conifer Rd—Ste—306 in Conifer, Colorado. The spa offers a wide variety of services in addition to many therapeutic procedures.

They also offer specialized services in their serene and meditative setting to relax you.

Romantic Activities 

1. Go for a couple’s massage at healing tree massage and education center 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Enjoy romantic Massage
Source: Groupon

Going for a couple’s massage in one of the many spas in Conifer is one of the most romantic things to do in Conifer, CO. A soothing spa, and beauty service is offered by the Healing Tree Massage and Education Center for your body and face.

They aid mental clarity, pamper your skin, and ease muscular aches. It is the ideal one-stop location for spa and beauty services that are appropriate for both you and your spouse.

2. Enjoy a romantic picnic at James Q Newton Park

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Romantic Picnic
Source: Massages Magazine

Enjoying a romantic picnic out in the Park is one thing to do with your partner in Conifer, Colorado.

James Q. Newton Park provides excellent outdoor space for a range of pursuits, including a lovely leisurely romantic picnic and even holding special events.

Come here and be surrounded by the thick, towering trees with the one you love. Enjoy the stunning flowering that this park supports. This park is simple to get to because it is close to the highway.

3. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Ebony & Vine 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Romantic Dinner
Source: Eazy-Diner

This restaurant has outdoor seating suitable for a romantic dinner. It serves some of the finest cuisines, including comfort foods, small plates, and vegetarian options.

It is also a nice place to watch sports for my sports lovers while having a romantic dinner. The restaurant also offers alcohol, beers, cocktails, and the finest wines to cash down the food.

Bringing your spouse here is surely one of the romantic things to do in Conifer, Colorado.

4. Enjoy a romantic stay at Comfort Suites by Choice Hotels 

Things To Do In Conifer, Colorado: Best Activities: Enjoy the couples treatment in Hotels
Source: Imperial London

After thrilling and exhausting traveling, finding a high-quality hotel that meets each traveler’s needs is essential. This is exactly what Comfort Suites offers. The hotel business, a division of Choice Hotels, boasts roomy guest rooms and a host of amenities that will satisfy visitors’ needs. 

There is more than enough room to spread out, unwind, or work. There is no reason not to visit this hotel and enjoy some time with your sweetheart.

5. Go shopping at look what I found a boutique 

Clothing for women of all sizes may be found at this adorable consignment shop. They provide distinctive apparel alternatives as well as jewelry and accessories. 

Everyone can find something they like at the shop, and your new favorite items are waiting for you. Take that cart and start shopping!


A few things on our list to do in Conifer, Colorado, include hiking, touring, picnicking, playing games, dining in a fine restaurant, and getting a massage at a spa.

Along with the activities on our list, Conifer, Colorado, offers a ton more entertaining and thrilling activities. Book your travel right away to experience our list of the top activities and destinations in Conifer, Colorado.

Make memories today and return later for additional tips on getting the most out of our never-ending list of adventurous vacation ideas and top traveling essentials.

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