10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville, VA

Sperryville, Virginia, is the amazing destination for our next excursion! The starting point for everyone's pleasure and adventure is Sperryville.  From this village, gorgeous scenery extends in all directions. This location in Rappahannock County is within a short distance from Shenandoah National Park, so there are always new activities to be had

With your eyes closed, picture yourself in a little village with a sparse population and unending charm. Picture yourself in Sperryville already as we unfold the 10 fun & exciting things to do in Sperryville, VA. Are you ready to witness a town with old structures but with a lively vibe. A town where there is a fantastic neighborhood café that serves wine in the evenings and espresso in the morning. You like what you see, right?

Get ready to leave because we’re going to bring your fantasy to life, so stop daydreaming and start packing. We are heading to the lovely but modest village you just imagined for yet another thrilling experience. Where can you guess? Oh well, allow me to spare you the anxiety.


Sperryville, Virginia, is the amazing destination for our next excursion! The starting point for everyone’s pleasure and adventure is Sperryville.  From this village, gorgeous scenery extends in all directions. 

This location in Rappahannock County is within a short distance from Shenandoah National Park, so there are always new activities to be had. 

The 10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville VA

There are a lot of noteworthy monuments, popular destinations, and top sights in Sperryville, Va. From exquisite restaurants to galleries and delightful coffee shops, this lovely town has many things to do.


So sit back, relax, and let’s look at the top 10 fun and exciting things to do in Sperryville, Virginia. 

1. Attend the annual Sperryfest Festival

10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville, VA
Source: Rappahannock

Every year in the spring, Sperryville hosts Sperryfest. The street fair for SperryFest fills Sperryville’s Historic Main Street with regional and local artists, food vendors, musical performers, and family-friendly activities. 

The Sperryville Community Alliance’s inaugural SperryFest street celebration was a resounding success in 2019.

The Great Rubber Duck Race, a race down the mighty Thornton River that features 1,000 numbered rubber ducks released into the water to bob, whirl, and spin their way to the finish line, is the event’s highlight. 

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From 10 am to 5 pm, the festival is open. In addition, there is live music playing all day long and fantastic prizes to be won.

2. Go for a nice and soothing massage at Abracadabra Massage and Wellness

10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville, VA
Source: Connected Woman

What could be a more pleasant thing to do in Sperryville, Va, than getting a great, relaxing massage? You can find peace and healing at Abracadabra Massage & Wellness. They’re in Sperryville, Virginia’s famed old village. They strive to offer their clients the best possible healing arts services. 

They make an effort to offer a diverse and unique healing experience. They use reiki, bodywork, plant medicine, and services for intuitive guidance. They help the body achieve a healthy equilibrium between the mind, body, and soul. 

Among the services offered are tarot, Reiki, herbal consultations with individualized formulary, massage treatment, and acupuncture.


10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville, VA

The owner of the stained glass studio De’Danann Glassworks, Patricia Brennan, is a stained glass artist. She uses classic stained glass processes and adds complexity to her glass using hand painting, etching, or silk screening. 

Visiting De’Danann Glassworks is a pleasant, soothing experience that will inspire you to make glass items. 


Classes in mosaics and stained glass are available at the facility. You can enroll in one of the regular classes taught on Wednesday or Thursday mornings or make arrangements to attend the one-day workshop for small groups on the weekend. 

By reservation only, the studio is open. It is located in Sperryville, Virginia, at 3 River Lane.

4. Visit Sperryville Artist Cooperative and SPAC gallery

Visit the SPAC Gallery and enjoy every bit of it

Sperryville ARTist Cooperative & SPAC Gallery is a gallery, working artist studio, and gift shop. The Piedmont region of Virginia is celebrated through the work of fresh, independent artists and artisans. 

Fine art, experimental, cutting-edge, and urban art are all welcomed at the gallery, which fosters both conventional and unconventional expression. 

A captivating selection of multidimensional paintings, mixed media, photography, and social commentary art is on display in this unassuming yet warm gallery run by artists. 

The gallery shop features a fascinating selection of great art, handmade goods, custom-designed jewelry, and a special selection of gifts, music, and arts and crafts for people of all ages. 

The current services include art representation, youth presentations, art as therapy, special events, etc. One of the nicest things to do in Sperryville, Va, is undoubtedly appreciating art in its purest form.

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5. Take a tour of the city

The best outdoor recreational activity you can think of engaging in Sperryville is to go sightseeing, which is also a great way to see the top sights in Sperryville, Va, and make the most of your time there. 


You can hire a tour guide to show you the city’s attractions. You get to discover the historical sites and cultural customs of the city.

Take your belongings and set out to discover everything that this magnificent town has to offer! This is among the most fun and exciting things to do in Sperryville, Virginia, that you can imagine. 

Keep in mind to bring your camera along so you can capture scenic views and popular tourist destinations.

6. Go hiking at the Old Rag Mountain

10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville VA

Put this on your list of things to do in Sperryville, Va. Or, If you’re in Sperryville, take your hiking equipment and head to Old Rag in the neighboring Shenandoah National Park. 

Shenandoah National Park is the gateway to the well-known Virginia walk known as Old Rag Trail. The Old Rag experience is a must-do for any outdoor enthusiast because of its renowned rock scrambles and panoramic mountain views.

The trail requires at least 7 hours to complete because of the difficult rock scrambles and never-ending ascent. Fortunately, this trip has many breathtaking attractions, including stream crossings, heavily forested areas, and even a few false peaks that heighten its appeal. 


You’ll have a sense of being on top of the world at a height of 3,284 feet. The vistas are incredibly breathtaking, even though this isn’t the park’s tallest point.

7. Enjoy a drink at Copper Fox Distillery 

10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville, VA
Source: Cooper fox

Rick Wasmund established Copper Fox Distillery to produce whisky uniquely. Since the end of Prohibition, it has been the first distillery in North America to construct a traditional malt floor and kiln. 

They start with freshly harvested, locally produced barley and malt it on the surface before flavoring it with fruitwood smoke inside their kiln, distilling it in one of their custom copper pot stills, and aging it with progressively more hand-toasted wood chips in bourbon barrels.

They have various “distillery only” seasonal or limited edition whiskies, Copper Fox Original Single Malt Whisky and Copper Fox Peachwood Single Malt Whisky, to name a few of their on-site offerings. 


Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to visit in Sperryville, Va. On all days besides holidays, the distillery is open. You may schedule a trip and find a new whisky you love!

8. Visit Cottage Curator

10 Fun & Exciting Things To Do In Sperryville, VA
Source: Local Joint

Artist and curator Jackie Bailey Labovitz is the owner of the independent art gallery Cottage Curator. The Cottage is situated in Sperryville, a historic village in Rappahannock County, Virginia, a few miles south of “Little” Washington. 

The gallery showcases exquisite works by local, regional, and nationally renowned artists, including paintings, sculptures, glass art, studio furniture, and ceramics.

They are open from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, Friday through Sunday. To visit the fantastic cottage, make an appointment in advance. 

To find out more about reservations, go to the website. One of the best things to do in Sperryville, Va, if you love art, is to visit this cottage.

9. Enjoy a game of golf at Schoolhouse Nine

Go play at the wide golf field

The Michael McCartin-designed Schoolhouse Nine course is golf at its most basic; it is situated at 12018 Lee Highway in Sperryville, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are the backdrop to each of its nine par-3 holes, which range in length from 85 to 171 yards. 

Since opening in 2015, the course has given golfers of all abilities a secure and beautiful setting to practice their sport.

When discussing Schoolhouse, the adjectives “fun” and “relaxed” spring to mind. After your rounds, you can eat at the pub connected to the course, known as the Headmaster’s Pub. 

What could be a better place to visit in Sperryville, Va, than this beautiful golf course to enjoy or learn golfing?

10. Explore the Stonewall Abbey Wellness

Laslty have fun here at Sperryville

A community-based health and fitness center is Stonewall Abbey Wellness. It is situated right in the middle of Sperryville. From training to regeneration, the institution offers an unmatched experience. 

Top-notch equipment is available in the full-service gym. Being one of the greatest nationally certified Personal Trainers is a strength of this facility. 

They provide fun group fitness classes in a variety of disciplines, such as yoga, Qigong, martial arts, TRX, strength and conditioning, stand-up paddleboarding, Thai massage, and others. The gym and classes have day passes available.


Sperryville is a small yet lovely town that is home to many popular tourist destinations. These activities listed above are just a few of the fascinating and enjoyable things to do in Sperryville, Va. 

Many more enjoyable things to do in Sperryville should have been mentioned here. 

Sperryville is the place for you if you enjoy wine, culinary arts, exploration, or are simply seeking a vacation spot. For every visitor of all ages, there is something suitable. Take some time and visit this lovely place to create memories; you surely won’t regret it. Have fun!


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