10 Must-Visit Veracruz Beaches You Can’t Miss

If you know your stuff, then you know that Mexico is one of the best countries to go on vacation, and if you’re a beachhead, you know that is twice as true. (If you don’t know your stuff, then Tourist Lookup is here to help you.)

And it would be almost criminal not to mention Veracruz beaches when discussing beaches in Mexico. Nestled on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the vibrant city of Veracruz. 


Because of its position along the Gulf, it has earned its distinction as a prominent port city in the region. However, Veracruz isn’t solely celebrated for its maritime importance. This captivating locale is equally renowned for its stunning beaches, gracing the coastline with its natural beauty.

Veracruz is a captivating state located in eastern Mexico. The state is noted for its mixed ethnic and indigenous populations, rich history, lively traditions, and, of course, stunning Veracruz beaches!

It is often called the “Gateway to Mexico,” with a coastline that stretches for miles, offering a diverse array of beautiful, stunning beaches that are perfect for relaxing, swimming, strolling, or snorkeling. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the heart of Veracruz beaches, uncovering the ten must-visit beaches that capture the essence of this enchanting region.


Get your beach hat on, and let’s explore the Gateway to Mexico!

10 Must-Visit Veracruz Beaches.

1. Chachacalas Beach

Chachacalas Beach
Source: playasde.net

Chachacalas is one of the best beaches in Veracruz to explore, especially If you’re a thrill-seeker or a water sports enthusiast. 

Located just 50 kilometers from the bustling Veracruz seaport, the rustic Mexican coastal community of Playa Chachalacas is famous for its strong winds, making it a hotspot for kiteboarding and windsurfing. 

With the Gulf’s tender waves lapping the shoreline and the velvety sand underfoot, you’re in for a splendid day at the beachfront. The pristine sands and breathtaking dunes stretching along the coastline complement the adrenaline-pumping activities. Talk about beauty and brawns! 

If you’re not lounging by the water’s edge, then you can embark on an exhilarating escapade by hopping onto an ATV.  Whatever you do at Chachalacas Beach, every moment is an invitation to immerse in the splendor of nature! 

2. Barra de Sontecomapan

Barra de Sontecomapan
Source: tripadvisor.com

You can’t mention Veracruz beaches without mentioning Barra de Sontecomapan. With Barra de Sontecomapan, you don’t just get a beach; you get a full-blown adventure. 

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This is one of the best beaches in Veracruz, Mexico, for nature enthusiasts. Not only do you get to see the beach, but you also get the added bonus of seeing where the local river flows into the gulf. 

The beach is surrounded by tropical trees that are worth exploring, with trails that allow you to see pelicans and other majestic creatures. You can also visit the La Panga restaurant and bar, which sits nicely on the Gulf, giving you the best views while you enjoy your meals. 

Whether you’re taken by the unbelievable views and the spectacular mangroves or the boat rides take you, you’re going to be taken by something on one of the best beaches in Veracruz.


3. Playa Martí

Playa Martí
Source: masnoticias.mx

Playa Martí is a favorite among locals and tourists, known for its family-friendly environment and calm waters. If you want a quieter and less-traveled Veracruz beach, Playa Marti is your best choice. This hidden gem is a local treasure, offering a more intimate beach experience. 

What makes Playa Marti truly special is its vibrant local scene. As evening comes, the beach gets filled with spirited soccer matches and other beach sports. It is one of the best Veracruz beaches to visit if what you really want is to interact with the locals and embrace a new culture. 

If you’re traveling with kids, you also get the treat of an expansive playground. 

Playa Marti, with its unassuming charm. It invites you to connect with the local rhythm, relish the sea’s embrace, and uncover the beauty that often lies beyond the beaten path.

4. Playa de Tuxpan

Playa de Tuxpan
Source: politica.expansion.mx

From stunning views to exquisite food to thrilling activities, you name it, and Playa de Tuxpan’s got it! This is one of the best beaches in Veracruz, Mexico, and it’s very obvious why.

Playa de Tuxpan is located in Ignacio Zaragoza in Veracruz and is a popular spot for tourists and locals. 

Not only is the coastal strip lined with stores & bars that sell every delicacy you can imagine, including the tastiest serving of Ensalada you’ll find, but you also get to enjoy thrilling activities like jet skiing and diving!

The people are friendly, the food is cheap, and the water is one of the cleanest in the city. 


Due to its popularity, it can get a little crowded, but if you don’t mind the crowd, then you’re in for a very fun adventure. 

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5. Pleamar Beach Club

Pleamar Beach Club
Source: tripadvisor.com

Pleamar Beach Club is not just a beach, but it is a relaxation haven. You can recline on a comfortable beach lounger with the soft sand cradling your feet while listening to the soothing sounds of the rustling palm trees overhead, providing a soothing rhythm to the gentle melodies of the sea.

Everything about this Beach club is geared toward giving you an unforgettable experience. The staff doesn’t merely serve you; they curate moments that linger in your heart long after you’ve left. 

Whether you’re sipping on a freshly concocted cocktail crafted with a dash of local flavor or you’re savoring any of the tantalizing array of seafood delicacies the restaurant offers, you’re going to be as relaxed as you can be. 

Of course, you can also have your classic beach fun. You can venture into the clear waters and try your hand at snorkeling, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, go kayaking and explore hidden coves. 

6. Escondida Beach

Escondida Beach
Source: tripadvisor.com

True to its name, which translates to “Hidden Beach,” this secluded haven offers an escape from the ordinary, a sanctuary where the outside world fades into insignificance. 


Getting to Escondido Beach is an adventure in itself. The journey that takes you off the beaten path through rugged terrain and lush vegetation, with the distant sound of waves crashing against the shore, becomes your guiding compass. 

You can also choose to arrive there by boat, which is also a wonderful and thrilling experience. 

Esxondida is a less-known beach, so it is a great place to swim quietly with only a few people around.

The beach is surrounded by huge mountains, rocks, and hills, with thick grasses and lush greenery. The whole thing makes it feel like an escape into the heart of nature and is a haven for nature enthusiasts. 

7. Playa Mocambo

Playa Mocambo
Source: playas.com.mx

Playa Mocambo is a beloved haven for those in pursuit of relaxation and amusement. With its serene waters, it’s an inviting spot for a refreshing swim, especially on a hot afternoon. 

But that’s just the beginning of the allure. The lively boardwalk transforms into a vibrant hub of delight, riddled with an array of restaurants and bars that serve your every need and enchanting notes of live music to help digest your adventure. 

But with Playa Mocambo, it’s as the sun sets that its beauty comes alive, the waters unveiling its most enchanting face. Get your cameras out because you won’t want to forget that moment!

8. Cancuncito Beach

Cancuncito Beach
Source: dimensionturistica.com

You can’t explore Veracruz beaches without stopping at Cancuncito Beach, even if only for some time. This beach stands as a tranquil and unspoiled sanctuary, embodying the very essence of pristine beauty. 

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Cancuncito Beach is a true gem awaiting your discovery in Veracruz. Its reputation precedes it – a haven of stunning beauty renowned for its remarkably clear and shallow waters.

Picture a mesmerizing expanse where the waters gracefully range from 3 to 10 meters deep, creating an inviting playground perfect for both beginners learning to swim and those eager to explore snorkeling.

The best way to get to this beautiful wonder is by taking a boat ride from either Playa Villa del Mar or Playa de Hornos. The journey itself becomes a part of the adventure, the destination will blow your mind. 

9. Playa Montepio

Playa Montepio
Source: beachsearcher.com

Playa Montepio is a well-kept secret cherished by locals and offers a unique slice of paradise that remains relatively untouched by tourists’ needs. It is one of the best Veracruz beaches to visit to mingle with the locals or if you time it right, enjoy a quiet unwinding time. 

It becomes a quiet retreat during the off-season. Though it has limited accommodations and dining options, the crystalline waters and the peace and quiet make it double worthwhile.

You can also embark on a guided tour or go horseback riding to picturesque waterfalls. If you’re there, consider stopping at Roca Partida, an enchanting cavern that is quite stunning to behold.

10. Playa las Barrillas

Playa las Barrillas
Source: expedia.com

Playa las Barrillas is a testament to the harmony that can be found between man and nature. As you approach Playa las Barrillas, the air carries the intoxicating scent of salt and sea, a promise of the await coastal wonders.

What sets Playa las Barrillas apart is its seamless fusion of relaxation and adventure.

The inviting stretch of sand provides a wonderful trail for a romantic walk, and the waving palm trees provide a shade where you can recline and let the gentle caress of the sea breeze lull you into true relaxation. 

Another thing that makes it one of the best beaches in Veracruz, Mexico, is its unique seashells. The beach’s name, “Barrillas Beach,” alludes to the intriguing phenomenon of small seashell formations that dot its shoreline. 


Apart from its beaches, Veracruz is also a great place to travel. Exploring any of its famous cities like Veracruz, Córdoba, Poza Rica, and even Boca Del Río will leave you with all the fun and adventure that you could home for. 

But if you’re looking to have fun at the beach, whether you want something discreet or open for a party of crowds, Veracruz has a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for other places to explore in Mexico, then you should check out the top spots in Mexico.