Top things to do in Leamington, Canada

If you’re traveling to Ontario, it’s best to know that there are several top things to do in Leamington, Canada. Although it is not always on the travel list of most people who visit Ontario, this small town is home to various magical attractions and awe-inspiring places that will undoubtedly make you return. It is also one of Canada’s newest trace spots. Here is a list of some fantastic things to do in Leamington, Canada;

1. Visit the Leamington Marina:

boats in an ocean during daytime in one of the top things to do in Leamington, Canada.

One of the most sensational and top things to do in Leamington, Ontario, is to visit the Leamington Municipal Marina. Due to its location on the north side of Lake Erie, it is a beautiful landscape with lush gardens and plenty of benches to sit and relax. If you are visiting with kids, there is a nautical-themed playground here and an exciting ferry ride. The scenic view of watching boats come and go in the marina is priceless. 

2. Spend a day at Seacliff Park: 

A fun park in one of the top things to do in Leamington, Canada.

Located on the hillside and facing the shores of Lake Erie, Sea Cliff Park is state of the art, Sea Cliff Park is state of the art, Sea Cliff Park is a state of art park home to a large number of modern luxuries. Furthermore, the park has dozens of picnic tables that make it a great place to gather with your loved ones. It also features a playground, amphitheater, splash pad, pavilion and washroom facilities. Also, Seacliff Park is home to a sandy beach with gorgeous views and shallow waters to swim.

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3. Point Pelee National Park: 

a bridge on a river during daytime in

Point Pelee National Park is an impressive national park in Canada and one of the top things to do in Leamington, Canada. Here, you’ll dig into its history, natural beauty and fun adventure. Although the park is only 15 square kilometers, the park is an awe-inspiring place to be. Moreover, you can rent a canoe from the Marsh boardwalk store or some kayaks from nearby Pelee Wings to enjoy a scenic paddle off the inland marsh. The numerous activities to explore here will make you understand why Point Pelee is one of the most-visited national parks in Canada.

4. The Leamington Arts Centre (LAC): 

display of artworks in a white and brown building in one of the top things to do in Leamington, Canada

If you are an art fanatic, one of the top things to do in Leamington, Canada, is to spend time in The Leamington Arts Centre. Located in one of the town’s many incredible heritage buildings, The Leamington Arts Centre is in the heart of South Western Ontario. However, the LAC is an open and state-of-the-art facility with three floors of galleries, meeting rooms, and educational studio space. Interestingly, they offer about 40 exhibitions each year, artist markets, educational arts programs and more for charity. 

5. Duck Pond Bed & Breakfast Cottage:


The best part of travelling to Leamington, Canada, is staying in one of the best accommodations or resorts. Luckily, Duck Pond Bed & Breakfast has everything you need to stay relaxed and comfortable. The property is situated off Route 77, just 10 minutes from downtown Leamington and offers deluxe breakfast to your satisfaction.  Apart from this, Duck Pond Bed & Breakfast Cottage boasts a beautiful garden, and a duck pond, just as the name implies. Interestingly, there are two beds, including a King in the main bedroom and a queen in the living area.

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6. Hillman Marsh Conservation Area:  

people boardwalking on a river

This marshland is about 5 kilometers of trails and a top-notch destination to discover shorebirds taking care of their young and actively nesting. You will also find a combination of dirt trails and boardwalks over the marsh. These boardwalks can directly take you over the marsh for the most in-depth and breathtaking view of the stunning habitat. Hillman Marsh Conservation Area is a popular hotspot site for birdwatching and home to several others, including frogs, turtles and diverse flora!

7. Pelee Island:

a tower in an ocean during daytime

A getaway to Ontario is not complete without a visit to Pelee Island. The well-run and efficient ferry ride across Lake Erie offers you the most breathtaking views. There is also a small café and a fenced dog yard on the boat! Apart from this, there are several outdoor seats to enjoy the scenic view and the precision of the ship’s docking. Once you get to the island, you can stay two nights at a rented cottage to bike or hike to the different points of interest. 

8. Best Western Plus Leamington: 

an indoor pool in top things to do in Leamington, Ontario

Whether you are visiting Leamington alone or with your family, Best Western Plus Leamington is an incredible place to stay. Best Western properties are famous for being exceptionally consistent and comfortable. It is best to know that the Best Western Plus Leamington is no exception. The hotel features an indoor saltwater pool and rooms with a refrigerator perfect for storing leftovers or fresh produce from your trips to the region.

9. Aleksander Estate Winery: 

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Located on the North Shore of Lake Erie, make sure you see the Alexander Estate Winery in Southwestern Ontario. It is a family-owned vineyard and a popular favorite destination among tourists with friendly service. A visit to the tasting room is one of the essential top things to do in Leamington, Ontario. In addition, Aleksander Estate Winery offers top-level white, red and fruit wines that will make you want to return.

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