Buenos Aires is Argentina’s economic, cultural and political capital and access to other more significant nations. Tourists are amazed at how this large city has preserved its old tradition. You’ll never be tired of touring this fantastic neighbourhood that brags about its 47 unique features.     

Some of its famous places are Belgrano and Palermo, with magnificent buildings and spacious parks. To learn more about where to explore, check out this list of tourist attractions in Bueno Aires.


1. Recoleta Cemetery and Museums

historical Tourist Attractions in Bueno Aires

The Recoleta Cemetery is famous among visitors and locals; Its attractions are the numerous decorated monuments that serve as burial places for well-known Argentines and also prominent souls such as Eva Peron, now embalmed in the Duarte family tomb. 

After that, you can tour the other parts of Recoleta with its numerous cafes and public gardens. Also, explore the Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernández Blanco with its extensive collection of colonial silver, wood carvings, paintings, and costumes, and the National Library where literary great Jorge Luis Borges served as a director in the 1950s.

2. Buenos Aires Cabildo

Buenos Aires Cabildo
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Located in Plaza de Mayo, the Amazing Bueno Aires Cabildo served as the office of the colonial government. It was the focus of the revolution against Spanish rule in May 1810. 

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This magnificent building currently holds the National Museum of Cabildo, with many displays connecting to the city during the 18th century, including an array of colonial art and so many old photos of the town.

3. Plaza de Mayo

 Plaza de Mayo
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Established in the 16th century, this enjoyable plaza has been the ground for numerous events in the history of the city,  from the rebellion against Spain in 1810 to the relentless surveillance watch assembled by the Mothers of Plaza de May, whose children disappeared during the military juntas rule from 1976 to 1983.

Plaza de Mayo is the ideal place to start your Bueno Aires touring adventure by exploring Casa Rosada. This famous pale pink Presidential mansion was where Eva Perón would speak to the large crowds anxious to see her.

4. Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada in top Tourist Attractions in Bueno Aires
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Known as the president’s pink house, it is the most popular of Plaza de Mayo’s numerous fine buildings. Built-in the mid-1800s, Casa Rosada mounts on a location occupied by an ancient custom house and a fort dating back to the 16th century. Casa Rosada is the official abode of Argentina’s president. This magnificent Italianate-style mansion dominates the eastern end of the historic square and makes for an impressive selfie background. Casa Rosada should top your list of tourist attractions in Bueno Aires to explore.

5. The Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral
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Bueno Aires Metropolitan Cathedral overlooks Plaza de Mayo and can find its origin back to the early 16th century when the Spanish founded one of the country’s first churches.

This cathedral possesses a lovely Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance interior, along with many significant artworks, including 18th-century paintings. Another fascinating place to see is General José de San Martín’s tomb, one of Argentina’s most respected revolutionary heroes.

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6. A City of Theaters: The Colón Theater

The Colón Theater in tourist attractions in Bueno Aires
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The fabulous Colón Theater is a top-class opera and classical music facility founded in 1908 and has hosted the likes of Stravinsky, Pavarotti, Toscanini and Callas. It’s an encounter that can only be topped by experiencing a concert in its magnificent concert hall.

Other interesting sites include the Teatro Cervantes, home to the Bueno Aires National Theatre Museum, with its showcase similar to musical productions and film and the lovely Art Deco cinema that opened in 1937.

7. The National Museum of Decorative Art

The National Museum of Decorative Art
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The fabulous National Museum of Decorative Art is a must for art lovers and those who enjoy great architecture. The best part of the museum’s collection includes paintings by French Impressionists, Spanish mannerists, porcelain, silver and tapestries.

The Oriental Art Museum, with its numerous fine showcase of artwork from across Asia, shares the same building. Lastly, art lovers should also explore the National Museum of Fine Arts with works by European masters like Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh with other significant Argentinian artists.


8. San Telmo and the National Historical Museum

visit san telmo in your list of tourist attractions in Bueno Aires
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San Telmo is famous as Buenos Aires’ most beautiful region, its narrow stony road streets and old colonial style buildings home to so many art studios and captivating galleries. The area is also famous for its boutique shops and tango parlours. It is a fantastic experience, especially during the San Telmo Sunday Fair, an old fair that brings crowds of ambitious shoppers and tourists.

The most significant attraction in San Telmo is an outstanding National Historical Museum with exhibits connecting to Argentina’s history. In addition, the museum holds more than 50,000 works of art, with most of its painting collections by Cándido López, a forerunner of modern primitive painting. it is an ideal tourist attractions in Bueno Aires for history lovers.

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9. Tour La Boca and the Caminito Street Museum

Street museum in tourist attractions in Bueno Aires.
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Buenos Aires’ most fascinating vicinity, La Boca, is a preferred haunt for creative types. Many take their art to the streets, decorating patios and balconies with entertaining sculptures of tango dancers and other features.

The most exciting activity for tourists is scouting the Caminito Street Museum, a beautiful pedestrian-friendly zone that has functioned as an art market and an open-air museum since 1959. Designed with a combination of colours, this fantastic building provides traditional crafts and take homes.


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