Temuco was founded in 1881 during the occupation of Araucanía and developed quickly into one of Chile’s leading cities. To explore Temuco is to experience the bump and rush of a contemporary city, the taste of the Chilean countryside and the heritage of its Mapuche culture, available in every area. The town is 670 kilometres south of Santiago at the heart of the modern Araucanía Region and historic Araucanía—the land of the Mapuche who resisted Spanish conquest. 

1. Alemania Avenue

Alemania Avenue
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Another beautiful thing to do in Temuco that you must see is its contemporary and luxurious side. You can experience nightlife in Temuco’s restaurants, bars and pubs of all cuisines and musical patterns. Also, during the day, you can find shopping malls and Temuco’s handmade chocolate shops to give yourself a sweet treat. 

2. Mount Ñielol

explore the magnificent Mount Ñielol when looking for Places to visit in Temuco.
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Mount Ñielol is the only natural monument in Chile situated inside a city. Also, it is the most significant visitors site in Temuco and a venue where the Mapuche people hold their events. The hill has four paths through which sightseers may watch Temuco from the heights, from the top in the centre of the local forest of the Valdivian rainforest. It is an excellent place to visit in Temuco for hiking photography and nature enthusiasts. In addition, exploring Temuco’s attractions will allow you to learn more about its history and people.  

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3. The Plaza Aníbal Pinto and Downtown

The Plaza Aníbal Pinto and Downtown

Explore Temuco at the gorgeous Aníbal Pinto Square, where you can find trees from historical, wooden statues of Mapuche inspired remarkable in the country and the fantastic monument to the Araucanía, a bronze statue representing the history and culture of the region. Around the square are the primary buildings of Temuco, such as the Bell Tower, all the shops in case you wish to go shopping and the Cathedral. If you are confused about places to visit in Temuco, the perfect idea is to explore this area to take memorable pictures.

4. Temuco’s Iconic Museums

explore the amazing Temuco's Iconic Museums when looking for Places to visit in Temuco.
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The first is the Araucanía Regional Museum, which has an array of more than 3,000 objects from the Huilliche and Mapuche cultures from the time of the Chilean colonization and the Spanish conquest of the region. The other choice is the Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum, which conserves the historical legacy of locomotives and steam trains to make visitor travels on them. So you have two amazing sights if you need help with what to do in Temuco. Visit its significant museum to discover more about the past of Temuco.


5. Try New Flavours at the Pinto Fair

enjoy the New Flavours at the Pinto Fair when looking for Places to visit in Temuco.
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If you enjoy the local gastronomy, you must attend the Pinto fair, located in the city’s centre. Here you can find countless local products sold by little producers in their usual costumes from Mapuche origin. Walking around the fair is a whole experience: you can find a yoke of oxen with a load of cochayuyo, Mapudungun signs and wide mixtures of merken, the typical spice of the area. A vital place to get to know Temuco’s originality.

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6. Germán Becker Stadium Park

explore the amazing Germán Becker Stadium Park when looking for Places to visit in Temuco.
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The Germán Becker Stadium Park is an ideal places to visit in Temuco with the family, have a good time, practice sports, picnic, or relax. It is complete with extensive meadows and trees, a modern soccer stadium, sports courts for all ages, children’s games, a swimming pool and even a ruca, the traditional Mapuche home. The best thing is that it is very close to the city centre, so it is the ideal place to enjoy nature. 

7. Explore Nueva Imperial

Nueva Imperial
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Due to the colours on the walls of its houses, it is called the watercolour city, but Nueva Imperial is best known for the cultural heritage of its Mapuche community. This city stands 35 kilometres West of Temuco and is reached through the coastline road. The important legacy of the Mapuche culture is their language, lifestyle, handicrafts, dishes, and customs may be observed in all these small districts. Suppose the idea is to buy handicrafts and local products. In that case, the Nueva Imperial Craftsmen Association organizes markets in the city square during February, May, September, and Christmas and New Year. Permanent exhibitions of handicrafts are in charge of the Chol-Chol Foundation, whose headquarters are located at the 19th-kilometre marker on the Temuco-Imperial Road.

8. Santiago Wine Club Temuco

explore the amazing Santiago Wine Club Temuco when looking for Places to visit in Temuco.
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Santiago is the capital and biggest city of Chile. It is the centre of Chile’s most extensive and heavily populated city; the Santiago Region’s total population is 7 million. The city is located in the country’s central valley. Founded by the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Valdivia in 1541, Santiago has been Chile’s capital city since colonial times. The town has a midtown central of 19th-century neoclassical architecture and curved side streets, spotted by art deco, neo-gothic, and other magnificent designs.

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9. Estadio German Becker Temuco

explore the amazing Estadio German Becker when looking for Places to visit in Temuco.
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The Estadio Germán Becker Baechler is a stadium in Temuco, Chile and owned by the Temuco district. It is also the home ground of Temuco Deportes and the previous base of the defunct Unión Temuco football clubs. They were designed and inaugurated by Enrique Esteve on August 13, 1965. It was initially built for the prisoners at the Temuco prison. The highest-ever recorded attendance was on December 3, 1972, when 32,551 viewers saw the Primera Division match between Green Cross Temuco and Colo-Colo.

10. Temuco Shopping mall

Temuco Shopping mall

During your visit to Temuco, you can enjoy retail therapy at the Temuco shopping mall. In addition, you can relish so many delicacies in the restaurants while in the area.


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