Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon

I know you must be thinking of so many exciting activities, but all these must come at a huge cost. Sorry to burst your bubble, but everything is not all about money in Salem, Oregon. So I have specially prepared this blog post to take you on tour and show you 10 free things to do in Salem, Oregon.

Are you looking for a post that shares with you the top free things to do in Salem, Oregon?

If you crave vacations, field trips, or excursions that allow you to explore nature, with sights of vineyards, lush green gardens, crystal clear streams, scenic views, and a refreshing cool breeze, all while satisfying your thirst for history and knowledge, then look no further than Salem, Oregon. This exciting destination offers the best of both worlds, combining the bustling city life with the peaceful simplicity of the countryside.


Salem, Oregon, is a charming and beautiful city with plenty of budget-friendly activities for travelers. 

From its ancient historical attractions to scenic and luscious nature escapes, cultural must-visits and festivities to artistic discoveries, and family-friendly and exciting adventures to indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities, not to mention the free attractions in Salem, Oregon, there is something for folks who want to have a good time in this city without breaking the bank.

So we have specially prepared this blog post to take you on tour and show you the top 10 free things to do in Salem, Oregon. Let’s get started.

10 Best Free Things to do in Salem, Oregon

1. Go Hiking

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon: Hiking
source: stateman journal

Hiking is a great way to familiarize yourself with an environment, especially a new one, so this is no different. 

Salem, Oregon, is beautiful, with amazing views and many hiking and walking trails.

Places Like:

Deep Wood Estate Gardens

Source: Deepwood Museum & Galaries
Source: Deepwood Museum & Galaries

Deepwood Estate is a sight and beauty to behold. It is a peaceful and relaxing escape featuring beautiful gardens, nature’s walking and hiking trails, and a Queen Anne Victorian home with a rich history. 

At the deep wood estate, Visitors can enjoy the estate’s beauty for free.  

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You have a tour of American history and Salem, Oregon, while in shape, and before you ask, it’s one of the free things to do in Salem Oregon. 

2. Explore Nature

Imagine the cool breeze on your skin; how refreshing and relaxing is that?

Salem, Oregon, is a beautiful city with an amazing view from the luscious green forestry to various human-friendly beautiful birds and animals to the cool breeze. What a perfect picnic site this is.

Below are some amazing parks you should visit to explore nature:

Minto-Brown Island Park

Minto Brown Island Park in Salem, Oregon.
Source: TripAdvisor

Minto-Brown Island Park is a beautiful nature escape with scenic views. It is a perfect hiking spot with over 1,200 acres of hiking trails. 


It also includes a wildlife-watching spot to admire the wildlife around and a large picnic area to relax.

And what’s even better is that it’s a free attraction here in Salem, Oregon, so visitors can enjoy the park’s natural beauty to their satisfaction at no price.

Riverfront Park 

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon: Visit Riverfront Park
Source: Small Market Meetings

This is a large park with a huge bridge to view the waters. It also has a carousel house which is free on the first Wednesday of every month, and a gift shop to get a souvenir of your trip if needed. How exciting! 

It is also a child-friendly park with a large playground for the kids to have their own quality time and enjoy themselves. It is indeed a park for all your needs.

Bush Pasture Park

Bush Pasture Park
Source: Travel Salem

This is a park not just in name but in amenities. It has a long walking/hiking trail for your exercise. Imagine exercising with beautiful scenery around you.

This park also boasts a tennis court, a baseball field, and a large picnic table.

Did we mention that it also has a beautiful rose garden and a gazebo? Oh, how romantic that is! We can already hear wedding bells and jingles in the air. Can you too?

3. Visit to the Local Gallery

Visit The Local Gallery
Source: DreamStime

Salem, Oregon, has a rich history and a lot of stories to tell about its rich American history; with its vibrant arts scenes and lots of galleries depicting its rich history, you are guaranteed an exciting learning adventure.


Some of its galleries include:

Elsinore Fine Arts Gallery

The Verona studio

The Bush Barn Arts Gallery   

 amongst others. 

4. Participate in Local Festivities/Events 

Salem, Oregon, is home to a lot of activities and festivals that showcase its rich culture and diversities, ranging from food fests to dance fests and not to mention music fests. 

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These activities are guaranteed to give any visitor an awesome experience, and it’s one of the free things to do in Salem, Oregon. 

Festivals like:

Annual World Beat Festival

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon
Source: Salem Reporter

This event is held in June and usually lasts for about 2 days. It is held at the famous Riverfront Park. This two-day event features international crafts, music, dance, varieties of dishes, and, interestingly enough, stories from every continent in celebration of their cultures.

Salem Art Fair And Festival

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon
Source: Sauce Town

Just like the annual world beat festival, this festival takes place during the summer. It displays huge performances of arts, food, and cultures.

The Bite of Salem

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon
Source: TripAdvisor

This is a bite into Salem’s rich delicacies. 

This is a weekend event held in July at the famous Riverfront Park. It consists of a weekend of local restaurants in Salem showcasing their rich delicacies and varieties in food by offering samples of their dishes to people, all with entertainment to liven the atmosphere. 

This is also a charitable event.

The State Fair 

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Salem, Oregon
Source: Tinybeans

Fairs are fun and exciting to be at, which is guaranteed to be no exception. The largest event in Salem, Oregon, is the Oregon state fair which takes place at the end of August. 

This fair is not just big in name but in activities as well; the fair offers various food and cultural exhibits, competitions, and carnival rides. 

It also features concerts, horse shows, and rodeos. 

5. Salem First Wednesday

This is a monthly event on every first Wednesday of the month from May to October, it is a street fair featuring a live band, entertainment, and, most importantly, food trucks serving varieties of dishes, all for free. 

This is one of the many exciting free things to do in Salem, Oregon. 

6. The Riverfront Amphitheatre

 Riverfront Amphitheatre
Source: Small Market Meetings

Visiting the Riverfront Amphitheatre is one of the many free and fun things to do in Salem, Oregon. The Riverfront Amphitheatre is famous not only for its beautiful park and scenery but also for its theater. 

It offers concerts and events featuring various performances and shows.

7. The Hallie Ford Museum of Art

Hallie Ford Museum Of Art
Source: The Oregon Encyclopedia

Are you a lover of art or just curious about history, then the Hallie Museum of Art is your go-to place. 

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The museum is one of the many treasured places in Salem, Oregon. The museum has a collection of various arts ranging from contemporary to regional art and a rich collection of American and European art. 

The museum is free on Tuesday, so be sure to include the date in your calendar to visit this rich history-filled place.

8. The Oregon State Capitol

Oregon State Capitol
Source: Only in your state

Built-in 1938 in Salem, Oregon, the Oregon State Capitol is a must-visit attraction. With its stunning architecture, it is a sight to behold.

Climb 121 stairs to get close enough and be wowed by the history of the past and the history in the making. 

Visitors can also get a tour guide of the Capitol to learn about Oregon’s history and government.

On the east of the building is the East Capitol Park, while on the west is Wilson Park – this is truly impressive as it lets you feast your eyes on nature’s beauty while absorbing the ancient histories of Salem, Oregon.

9. Salem Public Library

Oregon Public Library
Source: Salem Oregon

The Salem public library is a true combination of both modern and ancient elements fused to become one. 

Its modern and up-to-date infrastructure, accompanied by the rich American history lined on its shelves, is exquisite. 

The library is welcoming of visitors and offers free access to its treasures, from books to movies and any other resource available. 

The library also offers certain events and activities aimed at giving visitors a taste of Salem’s hospitality.

10. Salem Saturday Market

Salem, Oregon Saturday Market
Source: Warsaw TOUR

Saturdays in Salem, Oregon are always fun and exciting.

The Salem Saturday market is held every Saturday with artisans, farmers, and vendors all displaying and selling their goods.

This is unlike any other marketplace because it features live entertainment, from music to dances to live performances, to create an ambient environment for the vendors and the customers.

The visitors are not left out of the fun because they can go around enjoying the lively environment while window shopping.

Salem Saturday market is free for visitors, but they can purchase anything that catches their fancy, such as Salem’s well-known handwoven materials, not to mention the beautiful handmade anklets and trinkets.


Salem, Oregon, is a beautiful place with an amazing view from its landscapes to breathtaking parks and architectural designs. It’s truly a city to behold.

So looking for a story to witness, a place with over a thousand years of American history, or just a place to explore and add to your list of amazing places visited, Salem, Oregon is just that place. 

Salem, Oregon is perfect for folks looking for a budget-friendly destination. You can be assured of an awesome experience without breaking the bank. 


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