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The 15 Best Things to Do in Demopolis Alabama

Demopolis has a very good ring to it, so it sounds like an interesting place to visit. “I’m just heading to Demopolis for a mini-vacation.” Saying it already makes the person sound like a cool, traveled adventurer who probably takes their coffee with cinnamon and lemons. 

But other than the way the name nicely rolls off the tongue, one of the reasons that Demopolis is a huge tourist spot is because of its historic neighborhoods, where centuries-old landmarks and architecture tell stories of a bygone era.

In fact, most of the things to do in Demopolis, Alabama, revolve around its immense Native American and Civil War history. So if you’re fascinated by history, you should be eager to explore this beautiful town. 

While it’s not considered a big city, with a population of about seven thousand people, it is not small either. 

I like to think that number is just perfect because it allows the city’s wealth of delightful attractions to shine properly while still keeping it cozy enough to be different from the big bustling cities. 

If you’re not already swept away by the rich history that makes it a beautiful town to explore, then you may be taken in by the warm and natural beauty. If you’re not fishing at the Tombigbee River, then you’d be taking a tranquil walk by the scenic trails along the Black Warrior River. 

You can also explore the breathtaking parks that provide a serene escape to nature, indulge in a culinary journey through locally-owned eateries, and discover unique boutiques and artisanal shops that offer one-of-a-kind treasures.

Because there are a lot of things to do in Demopolis, in this article, we’ll be listing fifteen of the best.  From historical treasures to natural wonders, buckle up, and let’s see what this wonderful city has to offer. 

The 15 Best Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.

1. Tour the historic Gaineswood Mansion. 

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: gowandering.com

One of the top sights in Demopolis is the Gaineswood Mansion. It is a prime example of the stunning architecture that the historic city readily exhibits to its visitors. It is actually one of the most beautiful antebellum homes in the South and is regarded as one of the most interesting houses in America!

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2.  Explore Bluff Hall.

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: Wikipidea.com

Bluff Hall is a Federal-style home turned museum with a mission to gather, collect, and preserve facts and artifacts of the history of Marengo County.

It is one of the best places to immerse yourself in the history of Demopolis, with its exhibits of period furnishings, extensive clothing/textile collection, and several beautiful antique portraits and landscapes.


3. Stroll through Foscue Park.

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: tripadvisor.com

Whether you are taking a scenic walk by the Black Warrior  River, enjoying a beautiful riverside picnic, or going on an adventurous walk along the park’s walking trails, experiencing nature’s tranquility at Foscue Park is one of the top things to do in Demopolis, AL.

This park offers a great opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of a big city and embrace the beauty of the great outdoors. And if you stay until evening, you can witness the breathtaking sunsets over the River. 

4. Take a Scenic walk along Demopolis Riverwalk.  

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: talesfromtheamericanwaterways.com

If you still want to take in more of the river, then take a scenic walk along the Tombigbee riverfront, admiring beautiful views and catching a glimpse of riverboats passing by. The riverfront views, coupled with the historic landmarks, make it all a picturesque experience. 

There are also benches you can sit and relax on while forming a connection to nature and the community. 

5. Play Golf at Ravine Golf Course. 

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: golfpass.com

Of course, a city with so much greenery like Demoplis should have a course for you to enjoy a nice afternoon of golf. It is one of the most common things to do in Demopolis. The 18-hole course is a public course owned by the city and has a pro shop, putting green and driving range. 

It is the perfect place to enjoy a nice game on a Sunday afternoon and get a couple of strokes off your game. 

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6. Experience the magic of Christmas on the River. 

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: hellotravel.com

Christmas on the River is an annual festival that has been going on for more than five decades. The festival is one of the most appreciated Demopolis tourist attractions. It is held every year on the first Saturday of December and is filled with explosive festivities. 

From illuminated riverboat parades to the Alabama state BBQ championship to the ‘fair in the square’ to the most amazing fireworks you can imagine, Christmas on the River is one of the most exciting things to do in Demopolis if you’re there in December.


7. Visit Demopolis Town Square. 

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: wikipidea.com

One of the most historic places in Demopolis is the public square. It is actually one oldest public squares in the state. The square is officially known as Confederate Park and is more than two centuries old. 

It has a very peaceful scenery that allows for serene relaxation. You can also explore the quaint shops, boutiques, and restaurants surrounding the area while you appreciate the rich history the buildings showcase. 

8. Explore Demopolis Country Club.

Things To Do in Demopolis, Alabama.
Source: golfsmash.com

If you’re not golfing at Ravine, then you should explore the Country Club. It also has an 18-hole course, but it is surrounded by scenic landscapes, including tall trees and soft bodies of water. 

If you’re looking for things to do in Demopolis involving outdoor sports, scenic views, and interacting with locals, look no further. 

9. Enjoy the breathtaking views at Demopolis Botanical Gardens.

9. miles2gobeforeisleep.com 1
Source: miles2gobeforeisleep.com


The Botanical Gardens is one of the top sights in Demopolis. It features an extensive and large collection of beautiful-looking plants and flowers that highlight the serene walking paths and gives you a mesmerizing experience. 

10. Taste the mouthwatering dishes River City Grill has to offer.

places to eat demopolis
Source: rivercitygrill.com


Of course, you cannot tour a city without eating good food, and savoring the delicious southern cuisine at River City Grill is one of the top things to do in Demopolis for tourists and locals alike. 

River City Grill is a local favorite known for its mouthwatering dishes and warm ambiance. Whether you choose to dine in or just grab it at the kerbside pickup, their Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta will still leave a smile on your face. 

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11. Join the downtown Ghost Walk. 

Skeletons in a party
Source: unsplash.com

A city with as much visible history as Demopolis also has its spooky side to it. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, embarking on a guided downtown ghost walk to hear tales of local legends and haunted history is actually a very good way to end the day in Demopolis. 


One that I really liked was the legend of “The Face in the Window.” 

12. Visit Lyon Hall. 

things to do in Demopolis
Source: bcnhomes.com

Lyon Hall is another historic landmark in Demopolis, Alabama, showcasing impressive architecture in a Greek Revival style. Though the mansion’s interior is not open to the public, you can still appreciate its majestic exterior and appreciate its historical significance. 

Taking a picture with one of the town’s oldest structures is quite fun, especially if you choose to wear some ’80s clothes and turn your black-and-white filter on. 

13. Explore Demopolis Wildlife Management Area.

Things to do in Demopolis
Source: mapcarta.com

This is one of the most popular Demopolis tourist attractions among nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. It is a pristine wildlife sanctuary that offers hunting, hiking, and birdwatching opportunities. 

It is a designated wildlife management area and offers nature lovers a chance to connect with nature and experience the beauty of Alabama’s wilderness.

By the way, if you are a true nature enthusiast, then you should check out these articles on Nature and Tourism. 

14. Visit the Demopolis Public Library.

children listening at a library
Source: demopolistimes.com

This century-old library is one of the top sights in Demopolis. Apart from free WiFi, public computers and printers, books, DVDs, eBooks, and programs, the library is also historic.  The library is housed in a furniture store that was built in 1924. 

It has a nice and cozy children’s section if you are traveling with kids and feature various events like the Summer Time Story Time and Teacup painting sessions. 


15. Uniwind in the peaceful surroundings of River Bluff Park.

a body of water with rocks surrounding it and trees in the background.
Source: alabamalegacy.org

River Bluff Park offers a serene riverside escape with woodland trails and a playground for kids. You can enjoy picnics with scenic views, observe a variety of exciting wildlife, and engage in fishing, boating or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, swimming. 

The park also hosts community events and provides photography opportunities, making it an inviting destination for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment.


Demopolis, Alabama, is a captivating destination with a perfect blend of historical charm and natural beauty. From centuries-old landmarks like the Public Library and Confederate Park to the Tombigbee River to the Country Club, Demopolis offers an interesting tour. 

Whether you are a golfer seeking a good game, an outdoor adventurer wanting to bask in the warmness of nature, or a foodie looking to try some new delicacies, Demopolis has something to offer you. 

Whatever you do, make sure you catch the view of the sun setting over River Bluff Park, casting its golden glow on the Tombigbee River. It is one of the most beautiful views you can snag in all of Alabama. 

And when you are done, head on to Tourist Lookup Website for your next adventure. 

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