If you’re looking for something more adventurous and wacky than the boring hotels you’re usually used to, there are several creative, odd and unusual hotels out there that could make your destination a hundred times more memorable! 

You should consider making a trip to one of these eye-opening and breathtaking unusual hotels if you fancy the idea of staying in an underwater hotel room at the bottom of the sea or sleeping in a bed that looks positioned mid-air.

Whenever you feel ready, you can check out this list for some of the ten most unique and unusual concepts of excellent hotels all around the world for an unforgettable experience;

10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World

1. Hobbit House, New Zealand: Fan of the Lord Of The Rings? The Hobbit House is a charming fairy-tale resort for adults inspired by the Lord of the Rings and the recreation of Shire. It stretches on a 15-acred property with an 1800-square-foot main house and a smaller hobbit house built into the hill. The Hobbit house is built on the hillside in Trout Creek, Montana, with book details in every corner that will leave your jaws dropping. 

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2. Dog Bark Park Inn, USA: Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho, USA, is a bed & breakfast guesthouse shaped in a dog’s body and the World’s Biggest Beagle. With 10m high and 5m wide, visitors can sleep inside the enormous beagle with a double room in his stomach and a loft room in his muzzle.

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3. Utter Inn, Sweden: Located in the middle of Sweden’s Lake Malaren, Utter inn is the project of a local artist which is a deck and cabin set on a floating outlet with an aquarium-like bedroom three meters below the surface entered with a steep ladder. The guests are usually carried out by boat and offered an inflatable canoe.

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4. La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium: If you’ve imagined what it would be like to hide in the Trojan Horse, head to La Balade Des Gnomes, where you can truly stay in a hotel with a giant Trojan horse. The hotel has an impressive two-story accommodation with other unusual rooms such as a pirate boat and Moroccan desert night designed in medieval style.

la balade des gnomes

5. Giraffe Manor, Kenya: Situated in Nairobi, the Giraffe Manor is an exclusive hotel with timeless elegance, stunning courtyards, lush gardens, a majestic façade and a beautiful interior with a herd of resident Rothschild giraffes visiting the hotel every morning and evening for a treat.

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6. Nimb Hotel, Denmark: Known as the only hotel in Denmark to have a rooftop pool, the five-star Nimb Hotel is situated in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, like a palace straight out of a fairy tale. With 38 rooms, including 21 suites and seven gourmet restaurants, It is one of the best small hotels in the world to enjoy luxury.

Source: www.booking.com

7. Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea: Sun Cruise Resort is one of South Korea’s most prominent tourist destinations with 211 rooms, a revolving sky lounge, karaoke, western and Korean restaurants, a nightclub and a bunch of other excellent activities. It is situated on a coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin, with the best view of the sunrise in South Korea.

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8. STF Kolarbyn, Sweden: STF Kolarbyn will allow you to walk through the nature trails to spot wildlife, swim and fish in the rural lake. You would spend time in a cosy cabin in the scenic Bergslagen forest. There will be open cooking fires and outdoor activities with no electricity or shower, and just you enjoying your time around nature.

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9. Mira Mira, Australia: Mira Mira is a unique and luxurious accommodation that offers three eccentric habitats for its visitors, including the underground cave, which can be gotten through a doorway built like a troll’s mouth, a zen retreat with a Japanese garden in ‘bush-style’ and the third one is influenced by Gaudi as a surrealist woodside cabin. 


10. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji: Ever wondered what it would be like to live underwater? The Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji is the perfect destination that offers all that and more, with rooms specially designed to provide sea lovers with a unique and immense view of the sea.

Poseidon Undersea Resort Fiji

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