Are you looking forward to experiencing a different travel destination for two than staying in cozy rooms with five-star service? Believe me, visiting world-class European mountains can also be an incredible getaway destination and one of the best choices you will ever make.

Don’t miss out on the best sensations that come from being surrounded by the rough terrains of Europe’s most beautiful creations and the chance to spend your sunny days walking past historic villages set against soaring snow-dusted peaks, lakesides or the opportunity to get your adrenaline rushing on new adventures in the mountains.

Some of these world-famous mountains in Europe feature surprisingly high peaks that host many tourists yearly. So if you like the feeling of the breeze blowing your hair or are ready to enjoy panoramic views from a skyline, here are some of the best mountain escape destination for two in Europe;

10 Best Mountain Escape Destination for Two in Europe

1. Zakopane, Poland: The grand architecture of Krakow and Gdansk have always attracted visitors to Poland, but it is also a country where there are looming hills with medieval castles. Zakopane is one of the well-known places in Poland for its picturesque landscape town located at the foot of the spectacular Tatra mountains, the highest range in the country, and attracts lots of tourists worldwide with museums, restaurants, and spas, pubs and other outdoor activities for a great mountain escape experience. 

2. Mont Blanc, Italy, France: ‘White Mountain’, as it is often referred to, is a striking mountain about 4,807 m (15,778 ft) tall. Winter sports lovers visit this exciting crossroad between France and Italy to enjoy the wide range of selections in skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing and other winter adventures. The most exciting way to have a great experience during your visit to Mont Blanc is by mountaineering.

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3. Bavaria: With onion-domed churches sitting at the heart of the timbered houses, medieval villages that look like something out of a fairytale, ancient castles and vast lakes, Bavaria is the right destination for a mountain escape for two in Europe. There are hiking routes placed through the hills and mountains whenever you are ready to catch more views of its pristine scenery.

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4. Dom, Switzerland: Famous for the intersection where the main Alps chain and the auxiliary chain from Schwartzberg Horn in the South to Distelhorn meet, Dom is relatively easy to climb and one of the highest mountains in Europe. With an incredible 4,545 m (or 14,911 ft), it is the third highest peak in the range and one of the best destinations for travelers visiting Europe for an adventure.

Source: www.myswitzerland.com

5. Mount Elbrus: Formed over 2.5 million years ago, Mount Elbrus is one of the best mountains with the highest peak in Europe. With two dormant volcanoes stretching from the east to the west and an awe-inspiring mountain range view, it’s safe to say that Mount Elbrus is an incredible place to visit for an explosive holiday. It is the world’s largest summit and comparatively easy to climb if you’re daring enough.

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6. Sierra Nevada, Spain: The Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, Andalusia region, is a perfect place to go if you’re a mountain lover looking for an excellent escape. If you think that Spain is only about palm trees and sunny beaches, then you must head to this jaw-dropping mountain range that allows skiers and snowboarders to hit the snowy slopes and combine winter sports with a warm summer.  

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7. Zermatt, Switzerland: One of the most famous mountain resorts in Europe is Zermatt in Switzerland. If you are not fearful of heights, this is a perfect mountain escape destination for you. It is a beautiful town with boutique shops, eye-opening window displays and wooden chalets at the foot of Matterhorn, the never-ending snowy pyramid on the skyline. A cog railway from Zermatt up to the 3,089m Gornergrat mountain will offer stunning views of the Matterhorn and the Monte-Rosa massif. 

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8. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia: Situated in the heart of the Julian Alps in the Zgornjesavska valley, Kranjska Gora is one of the most beautiful places to be in Slovenia. It is a dreamy destination for all nature and outdoor lovers because the mountain resort offers a myriad of fun activities to enjoy your stay, such as mountain biking at Kranjska Gora Bike Park, going up a frozen waterfall, hiking in Triglav National Park and getting a ride in a sledge pulled by a reindeer.

Source: sloveniaalps.com

9. Tetnuldi, Georgia: Among the mountains of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, Tetnuldi is a charming snow-tipped Georgian mountain which wins the title of the 10th highest peak in the Caucasus that in clocks in at 4,853 m (15,922 ft) and is a breathtaking sight. For those who love skiing, there is an all-year-round blanket of fresh snow and an array of new ski resorts for greater access and experience for visitors.

Source: www.powderhounds.com

10. Dykh-Tau, Russia: Dykh-Tau (Dikh Tau or Dycktau) has remarkable and stunning views that adds beauty to the range. With a height of about 5,205 meters or 17,077 feet from sea level, it is the second highest peak in the Caucasus region of Russia. It may be difficult to climb this mountain with its steep slopes, and it’s no wonder its name means ‘jagged mountain’ in Turkic.

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