With stunning Mediterranean beaches to explore, UNESCO sites and mouth-watering cuisines, get ready to check out some of the perfect tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus. You certainly won’t be short of choices with so many things to do and many places waiting for you to uncover! A visit to Paphos will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories.

If you’re a lover of history, you’ll get to catch a glimpse of some of the most important and beautiful archaeological sites. If you are traveling to Paphos to enjoy the beachy vibes- You might as well get the ultimate experience with the island’s rich culture and incredible seaside resorts! Famous for being a vacation favorite by travelers, Here is a list of some of the top attractions in Paphos to enjoy the best of your holiday in Cyprus:


1. Kato Paphos Archaeology Park: 

brown ancient pillars in tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus

One of the best tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus, is Paphos Archaeological Park. Along with the fact that the structures here date back to prehistory, you can easily spend time wandering around this incredible tourist attraction found close to the harbor. The most famous ruins here are from the Roman era. There’s no doubt that you would discover stunning and detailed mosaics that adequately illustrate scenes from Roman mythology.

2. Vrisoudia A Beach:

people under white umbrellas in a beach in tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus

If you’re a lover of the sand and the sun, Vrisoudia A Beach is one of the most incredible tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus. Although it is mainly known as Sodap Beach by locals, it is a Blue Flag beach east of the harbor. The sandy beach spans 200 meters with a rocky backdrop and palm trees. There are also parasols and sun beds to hire and unwind.


3. Medieval Castle of Paphos: 

a brown ancient castle on a greenish sea

Have you ever been curious to know how a medieval castle looks? Hence, it is no surprise that the Medieval Castle of Paphos comes up at the top of the list of best tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus. Although the structure was originally a Byzantine fortress, the Ottomans eventually took Cyprus and rebuilt the impressive castle we all see today. This structure, guarding the mouth of the harbor, has had a very checkered history.


4. Paphos Harbor

paphos harbour

Taking a stroll around Paphos Harbor is one of the nice things to do in Paphos, Cyprus. It is certainly worth spending a little time wandering. Here, you’ll catch a glimpse of several cafes, bars and restaurants, some of which have tables next to the sea. These are the most excellent spots to have a tasty treat from local cuisines or cold beer at sunset. 

5. Paphos Archaeological Museum:

Archaeological Museum

Famous for being one of the most important tourist spots in Paphos, Cyprus, the museum features several rooms representing the different stages of the area’s history. The artifacts displayed here get dug out from at least 15 archaeological sites, which include the ancient settlements that predated modern Paphos and the neighboring town of Kouklia. Besides that, the museum documents human activity in western Cyprus from the Neolithic age to the 18th century.

 6. Tombs of the Kings:

Tombs of the Kings Paphos

In the Tombs of the Kings, there are seven remarkable underground tombs to explore. If you can’t spend much time here, visit the third tomb, which contains some of the most interesting architectural items. Tombs of the Kings is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 4th century BCE. They served as a burial ground for ancient Paphos during the Greek and Roman periods. It was used and believed to be for the highly-ranked members of society.

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7. Coral Bay: 

Coral bay

Coral Bay is definitely the best and most popular beach in Paphos. Although it gets busy, visiting this beach is worth the drive! The beach is 6km north of the city, with incredibly soft sand, shallow waters and fantastic scenery. Made up of rocky headlands which shelter the bay, Coral Bay also offers sea caves that are best to explore and discover on boat trips. There is also a water sports outlet and restaurants for tasty cuisines.

8. The Place: 

pedestrian area main

Situated in Paphos Old Town, Cyprus, The Place is a lively and perfect cultural center to see some beautiful locally-made arts and crafts. Additionally, you can learn about how these pieces are made and try them out yourself. Here, you’ll find a wide range of traditionally handcrafted items like glassware, paintings, woven rugs and jewelry. Apart from this, there’s a courtyard here to stop for a nice cup of coffee.

  9. St. Paul’s Pillar:

Screenshot 2022 10 27 184524

St. Paul’s Pillars is one of Cyprus’s must-see attractions. It is an important pilgrimage site in Paphos. The tourist attraction dates back to 45 AD when it wasn’t permitted to spread Christianity to places that didn’t want it. The Apostle Paul had gone to Paphos to convert the ruler from Paganism before being beaten for his efforts. You’ll find the pillar where the saint got tied for his punishment. Furthermore, the pillar remains amid two millennia of ruins after being eroded for years.

10. Akamas Peninsula: 

Akamas Peninsula 1

If you are looking for one of the perfect destinations for hiking, head to the Akamas Peninsula. It is 44 kilometers north of Paphos and is a wild and stunning place for hikers and nature lovers. Not only are the trails appropriately marked and organized, but they are also made available for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned walker or a novice, Akamas Peninsula is home to about 35 must-see plant species which can be found only in Cyprus.

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