Fun Places to Visit in Shantou, China

Although Shantou was once one of the most bustling and economically influential cities in China, there is still an endless list of fun places to visit in Shantou, China. In the 19th century, Shantou was a prominent city in Chinese history. It had brisk business with traders worldwide and was one of the cosmopolitan port towns with a large foreign community. However, the city of Shantou, located on the eastern coast of Guangdong, China, with an area of 2,064 square kilometers, remains the eastern economic center of Guangdong. Read along to witness ten fun places you can head to in Shantou, China!

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1. Nan’ao Island:

people on a sandy beach in front of a blue ocean and one of the fun places to visit in Shantou, China.
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Known as one of the best and most fun places to visit in Shantou, China, Nan’ao island boasts the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Guangdong Province, as well as some protected areas to hike and cycle for great views. The island also features a fishing community and an oyster farm. You can certainly expect to treat yourself to the freshest and most delicious cuisines in seafood restaurants.

2. Chen Ci Hong: 

a old house under a blue sky and one of the fun pklaces to visit in Shantou, China.
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Chen Ci Hong is a spectacular building constructed in western and Chinese styles. Although the type of architectural structure is quickly fading from contemporary China, the mansion still gives visitors an idea of how the people here lived in the past. Lately, the mansion has been renovated to roam about and explore it safely. Chen Ci Hong features about 506 rooms and somewhat bridges between the corridors. There is also the use of coloured erial to make door frames. 

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3. Zhongshan Park: 

different houses with a clear lake in one of the fun places to visit in Shantou, China.
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Zhongshan Park is undoubtedly one of the most incredible tourist attractions in China. This impressive park in Shantou was one of the Four Famous Man-Made Gardens created in the 1920s to reveal China’s millennia of gardening skills to the world. Although the other gardens are decayed, Zhongshan remains in its original splendor. Furthermore, the park features a tranquil pond, gardens, promenades and a small zoo.

4. Jufeng Temple: 

a large white temple with tall staircases in one of the fun places to visit in Shantou, China.

This temple is one of the most exciting and fun places to visit in Shantou, China. It would be best to spend at least half a day exploring the remarkable traditional Chinese architecture. Although there is a lot to see in terms of its architectural design but what makes it a great spot are the rock formations behind the temple. These formations are, however, named in Chinese. If you don’t understand them, you can explore the stunning landscape. 

5. Queshi Scenic Area: 


You can’t afford to miss the Queshi Scenic Area in Shantou, China. A visit to the park will allow you to catch a glimpse of the imposing Chinese gate at the entrance of this scenic area. As soon as you get to this beautiful green park, you can spend enough time hiking on the granite peaks for the most breathtaking bird-eye view. You can also stroll around the ornate temples or head to the sandy beaches and enjoy the harbor water.

6. Shantou Museum: 


Though the architectural style of the Shantou Museum is questionably Art Deco, the museum was opened in the 21st century. The provincial museum is one of the most contemporary and fresh-looking buildings in Shantou, with an equally clean interior. There are over ten thousand collections of artwork displayed. Furthermore, there are older pieces that date back to the Stone Age and the scroll painting “Wild Geese and Magpies Flying in Reeds” by the famous Cantonese artist Lin Liang.


7.  The Queshi Bridge: 

night view of a bridge in one of the fun places to visit in Shantou, China.
Source: wikimedia

One of the longest bridges in the world is in Shantou, China. The Queshi Bridge spreads across 518 metres. It crosses the Shantou Harbour on the Rong River and is situated among the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Not only is the bridge an incredible sight to behold, but it also connects a historic old part of Shantou to the quaint town of Queshi.

8. Longquan Temple (Dragon Rock):

Black Dragon Pool Park in Kunming
Source: wikimedia

Another fun place to visit in Shantou, China, is the Longquan Temple. Built against grey rock hills, the temple oversees the backdrop of Shantou. It features an alarming replica of the legendary dragon that looks ready enough to breathe fire at the guests. Nevertheless, visitors flood into the temple to pray and hike around the paths and trails for scenic views.

9. Haimen Lotus Mountain: 

people walking on a mountain

With a height of about 500 meters, Haimen Lotus Mountain is one of the best spots near Shantou to relax and breathe fresh air. A hike to the mountain’s peak will offer you the most breathtaking views of the city and the oceans. However, if you want to be closer to the sea, the mountain park is home to a nice clean beach for swimming and lazy strolls. 

10. Fantawild Adventure: 


If you are travelling with your kids, Fantawild is one of the most fun places to visit in Shantou, China, for unforgettable memories! It is home to about fifteen themed areas of interest where young couples also enjoy dates at the park. In addition, you would find a wide range of adventures from The Mysterious West to Dino Rampage, which has been believed to be the largest dinosaur-themed area in China.

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