Qatar is a stunning Islamic country with impressive skyscrapers, architecture, and skyline. In addition, the government is home to contemporary architecture, awe-inspiring nature, thrilling locations, and events pleasant for kids. With historical and beautiful locations, Qatar has magic that’ll captivate your kids. Qatar is the location to keep kids amused, from theme parks to outdoor adventures, dazzling wildlife scenes, and enriching exercises in museums.

Let’s now explore all the things you can do in Qatar with kids:


10 Fun and Playful Things To Do With Kids In Qatar

1. Take a Trip to Al Khor Park

Visit the Al Khor Park for things to do in Qatar with kids
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Al Khor Park is a delightful and well-kept location perfect for kids to relish fun activities. The park is a famous spot for visiting families where kids can enjoy the open areas and water fountains. If your kids love playing with animals, you should see the zoo at the park. 

The park has an extensive open terrain with a zoo holding exotic oryxes, birds, zebras, and other friendly animals. Also, the park has a skating site and basketball court for kids to engage in sporting activities. In addition, Al Khor Park allows parents to connect with kids with a battery-powered train driving around the park.

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2. National Museum of Qatar

Visit the National Museum of Qatar for things to do in Qatar with kids

If your kids love history, the National Museum of Qatar exhibits historical works, including old Qurans and early maps of the territory. Kids can learn about various Qatari cultures and research the art world with their families at the National Museum of Qatar. With a workshop for bookmark painting, extensive playgrounds, and parks for various activities, kids have a great time at this Museum. In addition, this Museum has interactive technologies and inventive audio-visual methodology encouraging kids to study the surroundings.


3. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

front view of the museum of Islamic art

Qatar’s famous Museum of Islamic Art is a favorite stop for visiting families for its deep collection of art displays. The magnificent modern complex includes 1400 years of Islamic art gathered from the homes of prominent individuals from various eras. While each art piece tells a remarkable story, it takes tourists beyond the museum walls and into the World of yesterday. 

4. Angry Birds World

visit Angry Birds World for things to do in Qatar with kids
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The World’s first-of-its-kind Angry birds world brings together the fun and playful spirit of angry bird characters for the whole family to enjoy and features more than 20 fantastic rides and interests for all ages. The Angry Birds entertainment park is an ideal holiday destination for visiting families in Qatar. Kids can enjoy their holiday at this park by engaging in thrilling games and fascinating adventures. Inspired by the famous digital play, this location is the World’s first angry birds theme park, with over 17 attraction sites for kids.

5. Visit the Baladna Park

Baladna park for things to do in Qatar with kids
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Baladna Park is an adventure land for kids to relish their favorite outdoor activities with friends and family. This park has everything to entertain your kids and is an excellent destination for families to appreciate nature. This location brings families and friends together with thrilling food and beverage facilities. The entrance provides a large playground with frames and swings for children of all ages.

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6. Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

Desert falls and adventure park for things to do in Qatar with kids
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Adventure Park is a location with jaw-dropping and pleasurable activities for kids. At the same time, the park delivers over 50 rides and amusingly slides to kids. The large theme adventure park is your perfect destination if your kids enjoy inner tube slides or spinning rapids.

With over 15 attractions and 60 slides and rides for kids, the park is an excellent fit for in-house guests and travelers. In addition, the park provides many water events that leave your kids with lasting feelings.

7. Enjoy a shaky Camel Ride on a Desert Safari

Camel Ride on a Desert Safari for things to do in Qatar with kids
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The Desert Safari is an attractive and fun location for kids in Qatar. Kids love adventure, and visiting the desert Safari is a chance to explore Qatar with family and friends. Playing with sand waves and enjoying a fantastic wobbly camel ride gives maximum excitement for children, making the desert Safari a great location.

Kids can watch expert drivers operating powerful vehicles in the desert. Also, Visiting families and kids can enjoy barbeque dinners on the Safari, and kids can experience sunrise and sunset views of the desert. 

8. Jungle Zone

visit the Jungle Zone for things to do in Qatar with kids
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There are amusements galore and rides, from dodgems and coasters to arcade preferences of kids, young and old. The park is usually open till midnight on Fridays, which makes it one of the fantastic things to do in Qatar with kids – and adults too! Situated in the Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall, this beautiful indoor amusement park has, perhaps unsurprisingly, a jungle-themed twist. 

9. Al Zubarah Fort

Visit Al Zubarah fort for things to do in Qatar with kids

The Al Zubarah Fort is an ideal place to introduce your kids to a part of Qatari history. The fort used to be an important military site. Currently, it houses small museums and ruins of the pearl-diving neighborhood. Also, it is advisable to pack a picnic because there are very few facilities. This UNESCO World Heritage place is a short distance northwest of Doha, between the deserts. 


10. Go to the Museum of Illusions

Visit the Museum of illusions for things to do in Qatar with kids
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Qatar’s Museum of Illusions is a playroom with fun, fascinating and interactive experiences that leaves a lasting impression on kids. If you want to test your children’s interest with photo vision, science, and illusions, consider taking an educational adventure to this magnificent Museum. Kids learn the relationship between science, perception, the human brain, and vision during interactive and educational games at the Museum of Illusions.


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