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Best Restaurants in Doha During the FIFA World Cup 2022

Since we all know that Qatar is the main spotlight this year, we have listed the best restaurants in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022. If you are in Qatar for the games and tired of dining at the same restaurant every day, check out some of these new and contemporary restaurants with the most delicious cuisines! It is not surprising that the sea-facing city has a rich culinary culture. So, whether you are living your best life here or plan to visit someday, visit one of these top internationally-renowned restaurants in Doha! 

1. Zuma: 

food on a table in best restaurants to eat in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The favorite and award-winning Japanese Zuma opened a pop-up restaurant in Doha for four months until March 2023. You can enjoy an incredible dining experience after watching a football match at the FIFA World Cup 2022. In addition, a terrace and private dining room face the sea as you enjoy the wide selection of Zuma’s signature drinks and dishes, such as spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, black cod marinated in miso, and grilled sea bass with chili and ginger!

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2. BOHO Social: 

colorful restaurant in best restaurants to eat in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022

In Katara Cultural Village, BOHO Social is one of the must-visit destinations to go for a great lunch. Also, BOHO Social is one of the best restaurants to eat in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022. It offers comfy sofas to enjoy scenic sea views from the terrace. It is a vibrant, colorful, and energetic place with a picture-perfect setting.


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3. LPM Restaurant & Bar:

white  chairs arranged outside in daytime in

The eighth worldwide location of the LPM empire is in Doha, Qatar, for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Located on the Al Maha Island seafront, you can enjoy the spectacular dishes blended with the natural and fresh ingredients of the Riviera. LPM Restaurant and Bar feature breathtaking ocean views and a tasty French-Mediterranean menu that is bound to leave you with an unforgettable experience in Doha.

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4. Toro Toro:

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Toro Toro is well known for its tasty Latin American dishes. If you want to enjoy a whole Latin experience on your stay in Doha, Qatar, you have to head to Toro Toro and enjoy the vast options of refreshing cocktails along with rib tacos, grilled octopus, and authentic recipes that combine flavors from the lesser known parts of Latin America.

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5. Gaia:

white building with flowers in

Gaia is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Culinary experts, including Chef Izu Ani and Chef Orestis, curate the Greek-Mediterranean restaurant. Not only is the restaurant set in a picturesque region with beautiful limestone walls and lush bougainvillea blooms, but it also offers mouthwatering Greek-Mediterranean cuisines with fresh ingredients and traditional flavors! 

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6. BiBo Dani Garcia:

Bibo madrid restaurante

Whenever you feel like spending a great evening with your friends and loved ones, you can visit BiBo Dani Garcia in Doha, Qatar. With a good bottle of wine, you can order a small dish after another until you are satisfied. Furthermore, BiBo is a stunning-looking restaurant with chandeliers, stone columns, tiled bathrooms, a sleek bar, and pink flamingos! 

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7. Nozomi Restaurant: 

chairs arranged outside in best restaurants to eat in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022

If you’re a big sushi fan, Nozomi Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Doha during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Situated at Marsa Malaz Kempinski, the restaurant offers contemporary and delicious Japanese cuisine. The menu includes rice dishes, nigiri, maki rolls, marinated seafood, and more. You can’t afford to miss this award-winning restaurant.

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8. Jiwan Restaurant:

white interior with white chairs in

Whenever you are on a trip to Qatar, make sure you head to the National Museum of Qatar. It’s impossible to explore Doha without catching a glimpse of one of its iconic museums and art institutions. Jiwan Restaurant is, however, located on the fourth floor of the National Museum of Qatar. It’s a great place to stop for some delicious and contemporary Qatari cuisine after checking out the museum. 

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9. Hakkasan:

blue chairs in a black colored building in

If you are craving a dish other than Qatari cuisine, head to Hakkasan for the most delicious Cantonese cuisine. From vegetarians to non-vegetarians and mouth-watering dishes, Hakassan should undoubtedly be your favorite modern Chinese restaurant! Apart from this, it is a Michelin-starred restaurant with an Instagram-worthy interior.

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10. Orient Pearl:

A white building with lights in

Orient Pearl is a popular and large restaurant for a memorable dining experience. Apart from this, the restaurant offers a great deal of Middle Eastern food, including Fatoush salad, great spicy potatoes, lean chicken skewer with garlic aioli, Lebanese Shish Taook, well-grilled Qatari hamour fish, and a lot more! Also, if you can’t finish it, the staff can pack the rest home for you.

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