Aalborg is the fourth-biggest city in Denmark. It has a wealthy and lengthy historical and cultural background. Getting around Aalborg is easy, as you will surely notice the wall paintings that make this city stand out. In addition, over 50 pieces of breathtaking street art beautify the town, giving it a colourful look. 

It makes up for visitors who want to delve deeper into Denmark’s heritage and experience its uniqueness. Visiting the city will also lead visitors to the history and events that shaped modern-day Aalborg.


1. Kildeparken

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There are decorated sculptures and ponds around the park, and the summer also means public events: Kildeparken is a place to experience all the activities during the city carnival. In addition, whenever a famous artist visits the park, they plant a tree. Walking around these gardens on the cover of books and oak trees on a summer afternoon is a delightful experience. 

2. Jørgen Olufsen’s House

a magnificent building in things to do in Aalborg
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Three storeys high and blending half-timbering with sandstone walls, this beautiful merchant’s house is Denmark’s finest renaissance merchant’s mansion.

It was built for local mover-and-shaker Jørgen Olufsen in 1616, and he became mayor of the city in 1618. So many original ornaments have survived, like the uplift used to pull sacks up to the grain loft. You can even see an iron bar and hook inside the central gateway, with which customers can check the weight of their goods. Also carved into the stone are Olufsen’s acronyms.

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3. Aalborg Waterfront

amazing waterfront in things to do in Aalborg
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Up to the 1980s, huge industries and shipyards dominated Aalborg’s industrial centre. Since those days, the coast of the Limfjord has gradually been renovated as a cultural area, and the New Waterfront was one of the final designs. Bold contemporary buildings like the Utzon Center, gallery and art design studio are combined into a seafront where you can come for dinner, and lastly, you can take a bike ride next to the water.

4. Lindholm Hoeje Museum

Lindholm Hoeje Museum
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 Lindholm Hoeje Museum is a Viking memorial site you can visit! It is one of Denmark’s most beautiful historical mausoleums from the Iron Age and the Viking Age, that’s more than 1500 years old. Enjoy the cafe and Tour the museum just north of the Limfjord.

5. Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo
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Aalborg Zoo is open for 363 days a year – all days are different. More than one hundred distinct animal collections and educational experiences can be found every year. Aalborg Zoo is officially Aalborg’s most visited site! You can get to know the popular zoo polar bear family before you visit by following them live on the webcam!

6. Jens Bang’s House

Visit this magnificent building in your list of things to do in Aalborg
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It was built in 1624 for merchant Jens Bang, the half-brother of Jørgen Olufsen, owner of the other renaissance mansion. A pharmacy has inhabited this building for over three centuries, the oldest in the city. On the roofs are sculptures of significant numbers in the 17th century from Aalborg, including Jens Bang. An extraordinary gabled mansion, this five-storey-huge building is in the Dutch renaissance class.


7. Aalborg Historiske Museum

Aalborg Historiske Museum
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The interior of this museum is a chunk you will never forget; the walls are careful -carved wood panels decorated with pilasters and columns. Aalborg has 1,200 years of history, and you’ll be able to get the reality at this cemented neoclassical site close to the Budolfi Church. You’ll discover life in the Nazi field, see the experience of working on a factory floor in the early 20th century and also get to see the internal design of an original renaissance room.

8. Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelses Center

Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelses Center
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Springeren- Maritime Oplevelses centre is the perfect place to learn more about maritime history; there are many thrilling effects and displays from the marine world. You can also go on one of the world’s biggest torpedo boats. 

9. Aalborg Karneval

put Aalborg Karneval in your list of things to do in Aalborg
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Held in the last week of May every year, it is the best carnival to visit with family; the scenery is always exciting. Visitors and locals dress in crazy costumes, showcasing children’s parades, and organizing the Kilden, full of Kildeparken, filled with amusement, games and activities. The two primary events for adults are the Grand Parade and the Battle of the Carnival Bands, which brings carnival groups from different parts of the world.  

10. Egholm

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Located in the centre of Limfjord, Egholm is a beautiful island located merely a short distance from Aalborg with a ferry ride. This island provides impressive natural sights and exciting adventures. Explore the 605-hectare peninsula by following one of the many trails designed over the years and see the incredible pictures of the nearby hills. You can also dine at the restaurant or cool off on the beach during summer. 

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