Douala is Cameroon’s most prominent commercial capital, located in the western part of the country. It is the wealthiest city among the six countries in the CEMAC region, holding Cameroon’s biggest seaport and prime international airport and it exports major products like metals, cocoa, coffee and oil. 

You can locate the primary attractions like Maritime Museum and Marche’ des Fleurs and explore the most beautiful park in Douala, like Limbe and Kribi. 


10 Things To Do In Douala, Cameroon

1. Marché des Fleurs

Marché des Fleurs
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Tourists in Douala come to Marché des Fleurs to catch sight of the beautiful view and experience the local atmosphere. In addition, it is the best place to get gift items in Douala.  This local market is a primary site for visitors providing unique sculptures and other Artworks made by local artists. Visit this local market to have a beautiful sight of Cameroon handicrafts. 

2. Doual’art

beautiful art shop to see in things to do in Douala, Cameroonin
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Established in 1991, this is a place where African values are celebrated and promoted in Cameroon’s economic capital. Doual’art is a modern Art centre and one of the most visited museums in Douala. Enjoy a public Art display to learn the most beautiful Cameroonian and African contemporary urban Art and new modern practices of African cities.

3. The Nkoulouloun Market

The Nkoulouloun Market
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Visit the Nkoulouloun Market and be enveloped in African history and Culture. Locals majorly visit this market. Here, prices are not fixed, so you must show your bargaining skills.  It’s undoubtedly the best place to go if you wish to purchase African fabrics.

4. Parcours Vita

Parcours Vita
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Parcours Vita is a perfect destination for the fitness addict. A large fitness complex and sports park provide everything from cycling, soccer, gymnasium, aerobics and hiking routes. There are so many outdoor activities to do here, and the hiking paths are  Here; hiking lovers can experience one of the numerous hiking paths that are simply within reach. All provide remarkable insights into Cameroon’s fantastic nature. This is an exceptional place for anyone who loves sweating to relate with fellow fitness enthusiasts and connect with new friends.

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5. Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Bonadibong

5. Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Bonadibong
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Built in 1936, the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Bonadibong is an incredible place to see in Douala. A remarkable Roman Catholic Cathedral, typical of neo-roman architecture, with double twin towers, surrounds the central front. The Cathedral of Douala is a significant part of the historical monuments of Cameroon.

6. University of Douala

University of Douala
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Founded in 1977, the University of Douala is among the six public universities of Cameroon, holding six campuses and currently trains more than 40,000 students by 600 teachers and is also one of the prominent cultural centres of Douala.

7. Former Kings Palace Bell

Historical sites to see in things to do in Douala, Cameroon
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Situated in the proximity of the Place of Government at Court Street in the neighbourhood of Bonanjo in Douala, the Former Kings Palace Bell is a historic palace constructed with wood materials, and it currently houses Delmas travel and Café Palaver.

8. Maritime Museum of Douala

Maritime Museum of Douala
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The Maritime Museum of Douala is one the most distinguished museums and a historic landmark in Cameroon’. Situated at the Rue de l’Hôpital in the Bonanjo administrative area, the museum collects, preserves and displays works and objects of importance connecting to the maritime history of Cameroon. With thousands of tourists every year, the Maritime Museum of Douala is one of the most visited attractions in Douala.

9. Kribi

nice destination of top things to do in Douala, Cameroon
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Kribi is one of Cameroon’s finest natural destinations and one of Cameroon’s most romantic attractions. When visiting Kribi, it is advised to have a local guide who will accompany you to explore nature and history, an ideal moment to learn a little more about this fantastic place. The white sand beaches and Chutes de la Lobé are a few of the other popular things this town provides. 


10. Limbe

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Limbe is Cameroon’s most secret attraction, filled with exciting landscapes and wonderful Atlantic beaches. It is famous for local and foreign visitors visiting different countries every year. So go to Down Beach and treat yourself to a memorable adventure. Limbe is considered an ideal place for a romantic getaway in Cameroon. Top attractions in Limbe include and Wildlife Centre and Limbe Botanic Garden.


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