Things to do in Aviles, Spain

Although the historic town of Avilés may not be as famous as other cities in Spain, there is a wide range of top things to do in Avilés, Spain, that makes this beautiful and upcoming tourist destination worth a holiday! Aviles is on the northern coast of Spain between A Coruña to the west and Santander to the east. 

Furthermore, It is historically known for its fishing industry. It is home to the international port of Avilés in the region of Asturias, which was re-established as an important cultural center. If you plan to visit Spain, add Aviles to your itinerary and enjoy a unique experience and adventure as you explore this hidden gem.


8 Best Things To Do In Aviles, Spain

1. Plaza España And The Town Hall: 

a building with a clock in daytime in top things to do in Avilés, Spain

A visit to Plaza España And The Town Hall is one of the best things to do in Aviles, Spain. It got voted as one of the 20 most beautiful squares in Spain. Also known as El Parche (The Patch) among the locals, Plaza España features a dark square that paves the tiles to the side of the Town Hall. It marks the site of the town’s medieval walls. In addition, the balcony of the Town Hall hosts the “Three Kings from the East” on the evening of January. Meanwhile, there is the Palacio Ferrera, which is now a five-star hotel, and several cafes to stop at after your trip.

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2. The Carbayo Square: 

white umbrellas and chairs in front of buildings in  top things to do in Avilés, Spain

One of the best things to do in Aviles, Spain, is to stop at Carbayo Square. Not only is it one of the most common and traditional places in Avilés, but it’s also a small pedestrian square with breathtaking views. Furthermore, it is set on the top of a hill in the seaside neighborhood of Sabugo as surrounded by summer cider that draws terraces to the street.

Although it is always hectic and lively, particularly at noon and late afternoon, the Carbayo buildings are a must-visit. It is also home to typical architectural structures with extensive galleries and wooden balconies.


3. The Parish Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury: 

white gothic building reaching the blue sky

Primarily known as the New Church of Sabugo due to its location at the center of the old fishing village of Sabugo, The Parish Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury is a Romanesque church believed to have begun in the 13th century. Moreover, the church features stained glass windows, high ceilings, and massive spaces that resemble a cathedral. Designed by architect Luis Bellido González, and opened in 1903, the church is in a neo-Gothic style. It is home to numerous carved wooden altarpieces and several sculptures that make it worth a visit!

4. Cable Galiana And Plaza De Carbayedo: 

casa tataguyo

The picturesque street of Calle Galiana is a street bordered by cobblestones. One of the top things to do in Aviles, Spain is to visit Cable Galiana and Plaza De Carbayedo. The park was opened and accessible officially to the public in 1976 by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. However, it was initially owned by the Marquis of Ferrera, whose palace sits on the main square of the town square. The gardens here are also beautifully arranged in English and French styles. It serves as the present-day scene of the town’s Carnival celebrations in February or early March. 

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5. International Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center:

ibug 003 0001

The International Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center is a pure white cultural complex designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The magnificent architectural structure and jaw-dropping surroundings make it one of the top things to do in Aviles, Spain, to see luxury. The Niemeyer Cultural Center is home to a square, an auditorium, a dome (an exhibition space of 4,000 m2 open plan exhibits), a tower (a viewpoint over the river and the city of Avilés), and a multipurpose building (for meeting rooms, conferences). In addition, the center also aims to be a cultural center of international prominence.  

6. Parque de Ferrera:

parque de ferrera

If you are visiting with your family, Ferrera Park is the perfect destination. The park’s main attractions are the pair of park trees that fell after a big storm in Avilés without being damaged. However, these trees continued to grow horizontally and live in their way. Apart from this, the park spans 80,000 m2 of green areas and is home to a vast striking pond near the entrance of the street Rivero where you get to see several birds and feed them. Also, it is a tranquil place to play sports or have picnics with your loved ones.

7. Franciscan Church: 

the exterior of the church

Although it is officially named St. Antonio de Padua, Franciscan Church is a Romanesque church situated in Plaza Carlos Lobo. It is opposite the Museum of Town History (Museo de Historia Urbana). Additionally, the church has been in existence since the 12th century. The church is home to the tomb of Avilés’ most famous son, Pedro Menénde, a navigator and explorer in the 16th-century. 

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8. Municipal House of Culture of Avilés: 

C Cultura7

Although The Municipal House of Culture is in the central Plaza Domingo Alvarez Acebal, it is also accessible from Ferrera Park. It’s undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Aviles, Spain. From the exhibition and conferred rooms to the auditorium, audiovisual studio, and the Library Bances Candamo for children and adults, The Municipal House of Culture of Avilés is an incredible place to be. Subsequently, It features a modern architecture of steel and glass. It also features a café with a lovely terrace on the park Ferrera.


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