With many top fun places to visit in Germany, you cannot expect to hop on a plane to this exciting place without experiencing its vibrant cultural history and diverse artistic scenes! The great country of Germany offers hundreds of art galleries, museums, classic architectural wonders, a wide range of sports, lively festivals and world-class entertainment.

There is so much to do in many distinct and fantastic places. You can visit a colourful market or spend time with the local people by attending a fun cultural event in Germany. If you’re ready for a quick tour of this remarkable country, here are the top 10 fun places to visit in Germany;


1. The Brandenburg Gate: 

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Without a single doubt, The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most visited historical monuments in Germany. It is a vast Neoclassical designed gate with a height of 26 meters. Although this tourist attraction was once a symbol of a divided nation, the sandstone landmark now represents the symbol of unity and peace in Berlin.

2. Cologne City Hall:

an historic white and blue building and a top fun place to visit in Germany

Cologne City Hall is a historic building set in the heart of Cologne in Western Germany. The tower was constructed in 1407 before it got severely destroyed in the second world war. The Gothic Tower was renovated with a contemporary style and became one of the top fun spots to see in Germany. It also features about one hundred unique sculptures.

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3. Main tower: 

a tall blue building and one of the top places to visit in Germany

The Main tower is located in the Innenstadt district in Frankfurt. It is undoubtedly one of the best and top fun places to visit in Germany. The 200-meter-tall Main tower was completed in 1999 with spectacular viewing platforms at the top of the building. You also get to enjoy the beautiful views of the river as you make your elevator journey to the excellent rooftop observatory.


4. Reichstag: 

a person walking past a white beautiful building and a top spot to visit in Germany

You can’t afford to miss this popular tourist attraction in Germany. Reichstag is a magnificent architectural structure which serves as the home of the German Parliament. Reichstag was initially completed in 1894 and renovated for ten years after it burnt in 1933. Reichstag also offers stunning city views, particularly from the Rooftop Restaurant. 

5. Englischer Garten: 

muenchen englischer garten

Home to nine kilometers of winding streams, beautifully arranged trees and plants along with a stunning artificial lake, The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is undoubtedly the most beautiful park in Germany. The English Garden is an impressively natural and picturesque landscape that spans 910 acres. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a picnic and sunbathe! 

6. Museum Island:

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One of the most memorable places you’ll ever visit in Germany is Museum Island. With remarkable museums such as the Old Museum, The Bode Museum, the Humboldt Forum and the Pergamon, which is the most famous museum in the city, among others. Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben in a 400-meter-long canal. 

7. The Palm Garden:

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The 54-acred Palm Garden is a top tourist attraction in Germany with the largest botanical garden. The stunning botanical displays here are arranged according to their geographical location. They are laid out along with several greenhouses with tropical and subtropical plant species. The garden also features exciting activities such as picnic spots, boating, guided tours and a kids’ playground.


8. Botanical Gardens & Flora: 

a beautiful garden with flowers (top fun places to visit in Germany)

If you have a green thumb and love being surrounded by nature’s beauty, you will find a stroll to Botanical Gardens & Flora exciting. This incredible garden is home to about 19,000 species of plants. From the exclusive gardens to the greenhouse and the rainforests, Flora is also an ancient building which has been rebuilt as a  beautiful event centre.

9. The Toy Museum: 

beautiful toys in one of the top places to visit in Germany

Known as one of the best places in Germany to see with your kids, The Toy Museum is an exciting destination for children and adults. It is in a historical home that features old toys. These toys date as far back as the medieval periods. You’ll also learn the cultural importance of several collections of toys displayed from different countries and times. 

10. Tierpark Hellabrunn:

aquatic animals on a rock in a green pool

Also referred to as Hellabrunn Zoo, Tierpark Hellabrunn is a top zoo destination in Germany. It is one of the best European zoos and the first zoo in the world to group animals according to their origin. It is a perfect place for a family trip to Germany. You’ll catch a glimpse of over 19,000 animals from 757 species!


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