Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, has become a primary tourist site with long stretches of lush mountains and tropical beaches, well-conserved culture, tradition and captivating tourist attractions. From the spiritual shrines to the ancient cities of the north, from the river deltas to the Yoruba kingdoms, the Ibo’s beautiful environments. Let’s tour the best tourist attractions in Nigeria.

1. The Ibeno Beach

The beautiful Ibeno Beach at top tourist spot in Nigeria
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Ibeno beach is a precious visitors destination, expanding over 245 km on a sandbank in Ibeno, Akwa Ibom State. It is perhaps the best place to spend your free time. The spots for sunbathing, stormy waves, cool breeze thanks to the water, pure leaves from the mangrove forest, and a rich environment give this place of interest a top tourist attraction in Nigeria.

In addition, you can walk along the beach shore. Also, It eases a lot of stress. Ibeno beach assists in detoxifying people as they would come to relax without gadgets. They usually would relax without worrying about work. Finally, the beach also provides us with a lot of vitamin D, thus helping us retrieve the deficiency. 

2. Yankari Game Reserve       

Yankari Game Reserve 
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Be prepared to experience nature in the country’s largest wildlife resort in Bauchi State. At the Reserve, you will be amazed by the number of activities you can involve in. Wonder at a giant herd of elephants in the country, and go on a guided safari tour. At the Reserve, you’ll find other varieties of animals, including the patas monkey, olive baboon, western hartebeest, and roan antelope, living in their natural habitats.

3. Zuma Rock 

magnificent zuma rock
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The Rock ranks top as one of the best tourist attractions in Nigeria. Touring Zuma Rock between April and October, the rainy season in central Nigeria, where the Rock is located, would allow you to see the Zuma Rock Fire. However, the top of the Rock catches fire especially when it’s raining heavily; this has remained one of the admirations of the Zuma Rock. Zuma Rock, the immovable isolated hill with a human face, is found in Madalla, Niger State, to the North of Abuja.

4. Agbokim Waterfall   

beautiful waterfall in top tourist attractions in Nigeria
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The beauty of the Agbokim Waterfall is more valuable during the rainy season, situated at Cross River State in Nigeria. Agbokim waterfall combines seven cascades that pour over a cliff creating an impressive seven-part waterfall. Thereafter, if you are fortunate, you will catch the falls at a time when the mist drifting from the crashing water conjures up rainbow colours. It is a perfect location for a vacation, picnic, returning to nature and regaining your creative productivity and general well-being.The waterfall is a perfect tourist attractions in Nigeria for couples.

5. The Obudu Mountain Resort 

great mountain selected from tourist attractions in Nigeria
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The Obudu Mountain Resort sits above sea level on the Oshie Ridge of the famous Sankwala Mountains. The comfortable climate, beautiful view, and breathtaking sights have made this place one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Made up of standard rooms, the Resort has rooms, chalets, huts, presidential suites, and executive rooms. This Resort in Obudu, Cross River State, is open to travellers throughout the year. Specifically, the period between October and February is the perfect time to visit, as it is when the air is freezing and the sky is very bright.

6. Osun Sacred Grove 

Osun Sacred Grove 
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This sacred forest draws visitors as it is worth visiting and is considered top on the checklist of tourist attractions in Nigeria. Located on the outskirts of Oshogbo, the capital of Osun state, besides the banks of the Osun river. Basically it is the only tourist attraction in Nigeria with shrines, artworks and sculptures designed to honour the fertility goddess, Osun. The grove is a UNESCO World Heritage place located beside the Oshun River.

7. New Afrika Shrine 

new afrika shrine in tourist attractions in Nigeria
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If you are thinking of spicing your nightlife adventures to the next level? Then think of Fela Shrine, known as The New Afrika Shrine. You can’t list the names of tourist attractions in Nigeria without mentioning the New Afrika Shrine in Lagos State. From the inspirational story-telling lyrics to the music category, not forgetting the sacred palm wine that will revive your African spirit. Therefore, when you want to enjoy great music from the legendary Fela and crew, the New Afrika Shrine is one fantastic place you should visit.

8. Lekki Conservation Centre 

tourist attractions in Nigeria
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The 21-year-old conservation centre and nature hub, is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and is located in Lagos State. The Conservation Centre is one of the leading nature reserves in Nigeria. This conservation centre offers an escape from the forever buzzing city of Lagos and a breath of fresh air. The walkway is a fascinating climb, and it is 100% safe. However, visitors are not allowed access to the bridge when it rains. It tops as the most visited tourist attractions in Nigeria. 

9. Kajuru Castle 

beautiful Kajuru castle from top attractions in Nigeria
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Kajuru Castle is an early-German style villa, built over three decades ago, situated in Kaduna State, Nigeria and designed with bedrooms imitated from various towers with cracked walls and dungeons.

The Castle has a guest tower with four rooms, main building with a knights hall and the main suite. It has an open swimming pool for refreshing on hot days and a barbeque spot right beside the pool. You will enjoy a captivating sight of the surrounding mountains and reefs from the pool area and most castle windows. The Castle also has its steam bath!

10. Idanre Hills

idanre hills nigeria
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The wonders of Idanre Hills contain multiple landscapes, an ancient civilization with gripping myths and legends and handwritings on the rocks. This natural wonder in Idanre, Ondo. is around 800 years old. Certainly, if you visit this Hill, you enjoy tourist access to many exciting valleys scattered with mountains and high flatlands above sea level. It also showcases the Agbooogun footprint, burial grounds, the Omi Aopara, the thundering water and the Owa’s palace and shrines.

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