Places to Visit in Najran, Saudi Arabia

The many remarkable places to visit in Najran, Saudi Arabia, makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Though it might not be a popular destination in Saudi Arabia, ensure you add it to your ultimate travel list on your trip to the Kingdom. The history of Najran dates back to about 4000 years ago when it used to be a prominent center for the caravan trade of frankincense and myrrh. 

Today, it is still an undiscovered and hidden gem that features relics of the bygone era, which makes it an excellent stop for travelers who are interested in rich culture and history. However, Najran is one of the fastest-growing cities in Saudi Arabia, with a high potential of growing into a fantastic tourism hub in the coming years. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 8 places that you can’t miss on a visit to the peaceful town of Najran:


Top 8 Places To See In Najran, Saudi Arabia

1. Najran Regional Museum:

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One of the most important places to visit in Najran, Saudi Arabia, is the Najran Regional Museum. It is a well-known landmark located in the center of the city. In addition, it is a breathtaking architectural structure with the region’s historical and cultural legacy combined with modern elements. Apart from the fascinating weaponry representing Najrani origin, clothing, archaic tools, pottery relics, and a bronze lion’s head, there are also pre-Christian maps of archaeological sites and caravan routes. Stone inscriptions are also displayed at the museum and kiosks for visitors to get souvenirs.

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2. Al-Ukhdud Archaeological Site:

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Another Archaeological Site is one of the most popular tourist destinations for foreign and Arab visitors. It is a significant archaeological treasure of the Byzantine, Umayyad, and Abbasid periods. Also, there are many structures, tombs, calligraphy, ancient hieroglyphs, and Egyptian inscriptions from the early Islamic periods. This historic site in the south of modern-day Najran has numerous treasures beneath the surface that might take years to uncover. Meanwhile, there have been excavations of drawings of horses, otters, ostriches, camels, and handicrafts from the Stone Age at the site. Al-Ukhdud Archaeological Site is a must-see place in Najran, Saudi Arabia.

3. As-Safa park: 

green trees on green grass in a park in places to visit in Najran, Saudi Arabia

If you want to hang around in a park in Najran, As-Safa is one of several parks in Najran, Saudi Arabia. It is situated west of the city and covers an area of about 5 square kilometers. Furthermore, As-Safa Park is surrounded on the south by a granite mountain on top of which the Ra’oum Castle is built, and on the east by the Najran valley.


4. Castle of Ra’oum: 

ruins of an ancient brown castle in

The Castle of Ra’oum, built at 1000 meters, was established by the Yemeni army when they took control of Najran in 1929 AD. If you are an outdoor lover, it is one of the perfect places in Najran, Saudi Arabia, to visit. Additionally, you would need to do some hiking for about thirty minutes to go up and another thirty minutes to return. The exotic view at the top of the mountain is worth the trip. This breathtaking viewpoint is one of the main reasons tourists visit this place.

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5. Al-Aan Palace: 

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Also referred to as Sa’dan Palace, Al-Aan Palace is at the peak of the northern side of Wadi Najran. In addition, Al-Aan Palace was constructed in 1688 (1100 H). It features a vast number of secondary structures along with four-storey buildings and a court. Not only is the palace set in a strategic location that dominates the oasis, but it also provides remarkable views of the valley and the mountains surrounding the palace.

6. Najran Valley Dam: 

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This excellent site is even more stunning during the monsoon when the dam is full of water. The Najran Valley Dam is a picturesque destination and arch dam on Wadi Najran. If you are looking for a scenic location in Saudi Arabia, Najran Valley Dam is a superb location for relaxing and unwinding. Furthermore, the dam is a vital water supply in southwest Saudi Arabia, completed in 1981 and owned by the Ministry of Water and Electricity. It is a significant water supply in southwest Saudi Arabia, nuzzled in one of the beautiful valleys in the Arabian Peninsula. 

7. Qaryat Al Faw:

old mountains and rocks in daytime in places to visit in Najran, Saudi Arabia.

Located 300 kilometers from Najran and facing towards Wadi Dawasir, Qaryat al Faw is also one of the must-visit places to see if you’re interested in knowing the history of Saudi Arabia. The old city dated back to 2,100 years ago and became the capital of the Kindah Kingdom in the first century BC. Moreover, Qaryat Al Faw later evolved to a total size of 3 square kilometers. However, it became well-known in the old times as the City of Gardens or the Red City.

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8. Emarah Palace: 

brown and white building in daytime in places to visit in Najran, Saudi Arabia

It was built initially to host the new governor and his companions, the telegraph post, and the police. Today, the Emarah Palace is a large building with a considerable size of 625 square meters and 65 rooms open and accessible to the public. Interestingly, Emarah Palace was built on the site of an ancient well in 1944 after the Province joined the Saudi Kingdom. It is in the center of the city of Najran with a museum that tells the story of the Palace.


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