Best Chiapas Beaches for Sun, Sand and Surfing

From incredible landscapes to beautiful aquatic creatures in Chiapas, not to forget fantastic Mexican dishes, we know for sure that when you eventually visit the Chiapas beaches listed here, you'll enjoy yourself.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are looking for the best beach in Chiapas to chill at.

Home to stunning beaches with beautiful landscapes, exotic aquatic creatures, good food, drinks, and people, Chiapas, Mexico, is the perfect destination for you if you enjoy spending time at the beach.


In this post, we will be exploring the 10 best Chiapas beaches.

Let’s dive in. 

Top 10 Best Chiapas Beaches to Visit

Chiapas beach resorts continue to stand out worldwide. 


With nearly 500 beaches spread across the four large bodies of water in Mexico, there’s something for everyone. 

Whether you’re a lover of seafood, animal sanctuaries, nature reserves, beautiful water bodies, etc., we are certain that after reading this post, you’ll find a beach in Chiapas that you can’t wait to visit. 

Our trip begins. 

1. Boca de Cielo Beach

Boca de Cielo beach, Chiapas

The first beach destination on our list is the Spanish word for “Mouth of Heaven.” 

“Mouth of Heaven” refers to the entrance of a lagoon, formed by a long, narrow sandbar known as San Marcos island.

Located in a small fishing city in the central city of Tonalá, it is one of the numerous beaches in Chiapas, surrounded by nothing but estuaries and lagoons formed by the tiny rivers from Siera Madre de Chiapas. 

You should add this place to your list and make sure you go to the city when you visit.

If you love seafood, you will enjoy this place.

2. Puerto Arista Beach

Chiapas beaches
Source: journey to mexico

This beach is 15 km away from our first destination. 

It is one of the most visited beaches in Chiapas and also one of Chiapas’ most popular tourist and vacation destinations.

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Puerto Arista was created to be a port. Still, its lack of harbor and capability to hold significant weight vessels made the people use the port for tourism in the 20th century, and that is how Puerto Arista beach started. 

If you love animal sanctuaries, you would love this place as it’s home to one of the numerous turtle sanctuaries that were built to protect rare species of turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. 

3. Playa Parachio Beach

Playa Parachio beach, Chiapas shares boundaries with a nature reserve

Playa Parachio beach shares boundaries with a nature reserve where mangroves grow and a lot of migratory birds, crocodiles, and giant turtles live. 

You can take boat tours in the estuaries while you enjoy the beautiful landscape, and if you love nature reserves, you can cross over to feed your eyes. 

4. Playa Ventura Beach

Playa Ventura Beach, Chiapas
Source: Journey to Mexico

Remember we said there is something for everyone, right? 

Called the “Dead Ocean” by locals, this beach is different from other beaches in Chiapas because the water has no waves hence the name given to it by locals. 

Because of its lack of water waves, this place is the perfect beach destination in Chiapas for families with little children. It is also a good place for sport fishing, boat rides, photo tours, and bike tours. 

5. Playa Linda Beach

Playa Linda Beach, Chiapas
Source: aruba

If you love watersports, you will love this Chiapas beach resort. 


This beach destination has an open ocean with great waves and a wide range of smooth beach sand, which is excellent for surfing 

It is also close to Eco Reserve Laguna de Pozuelos in Tapachula, a reserve biosphere that is home to rare and extinct birds, fishes, and ocean turtle species. 

Just in case you decide to hang around for a while, there are hotels nearby for you to lodge in. 

6. Barra San Jose Beach

Barra San Jose Beach, Chiapas
Source: Playas-de-Mexico

If you don’t like crowds, you should visit this Chiapas beach resort anytime because it is noted for being less crowded than most beaches in Chiapas.

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Because it is less crowded, you have the chance to sightsee the beautiful seascape with no disturbance. 

As one of the best beaches in Chiapas, this resort has services ranging from cabins and eatery services to staying apartments, bathrooms, and dressing services to make you comfortable. 


There’s also a swimming pool for recreational activities. 

7. Barra San Simón Beach

Barra San Simón Beach, Chiapas
Source: Top Adventure

This beach was named after the city’s patron saint, Barra de San Simón. 

Barra San Simón has an estuary close to it. 

The part of the water far down from the estuary has strong water waves, while the side close to the estuary has calm waves. 

Home to marine creatures like oysters, shrimp, fishes, and aquatic birds, this beach is suitable for sport fishing practice. 

You can also swim and surf in the open waters if you want to. 

8. Playa Costa Azul Beach

Playa Costa Azul Beach, Chiapas
Source: Boricua -online

We are almost at the end of our trip. 

How is your experience so far? 

The next destination on our list is Playa Costa Azul – this is an amazing beach destination in Chiapas if you are looking for a place where you can relax and ease your mind with less crowd. 

There are natural waterfalls around, a spectacle for you to enjoy. 

With its warm, beautiful, blue-colored water and calm waves, it is one of the safest beaches where you can swim safely in Chiapas. 

It is also safe for children to play on, so you can come here for a family get-together.

The water also has sound waves for surfing.

Good food and lots of drinks are some of the impressive specs of this beach.

There is also an array of condo-style lodgings scattered around the beach for you to lodge in if you want to stay for some days. 

9. La Encrucijada Beach 

La Encrucijada Beach, Chiapas 
Source: Planeta

If you love animals, you should check out this place, as it is surrounded by a reserve for many rare and nearly extinct animals. 

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You can take a tour of the reserve if you choose to. 

Aren’t you excited?

A first-hand view of some creatures you won’t find in the zoo. La Encrucijada Beach, which is home to unique and exotic creatures, got its name from the point at where two of the four bodies of water in Mexico—the Pacific and the Gulf of California—intersect.

There are hotels with good room and restaurant services if you want to stay around a little longer. 

10. Gancho Suchiate Beach 

Gancho Suchiate Beach, Chiapas
Source: beach searcher

Positioned in the last corner of the Southern border, this place is perfect for you if you are looking for a beach destination where you can relax and enjoy the warm waters and beautiful clear skies.

Additionally, you can visit the nearby beautiful town of Oaxaca or the location of the Mayan remains if you would like to explore other interesting places close by. 

The beautiful waves, pools, food and drinks are reasons why many people love this beach. 

It is also suitable for a little family get-together. 



That was quite a journey, was it not? 

We visited ten beaches in Chiapas, and we must say, they are all fantastic. 

The exciting thing about the beach destinations in Chiapas we discussed in this post is that there is something for everyone. 

Oh! Wait a minute, I think we said that earlier.

From incredible landscapes to beautiful aquatic creatures in Chiapas, not to forget fantastic Mexican dishes, we know for sure that when you eventually visit the Chiapas beaches listed here, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Before we forget, there is something you should know. 

Just like every other trip or holiday you must have gone on, preparing and planning is crucial 

Whether you stay in Mexico or come from a faraway place, planning and preparing for your trip to Chiapas is very important unless you want to get overwhelmed, stranded, and not have the good time you deserve.

One more thing. 

Don’t forget to capture memories and share your experience. 

Who knows, your experience might be the little drive someone needs to make a move and visit the beaches in Chiapas. 


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