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The Best 20 Things To Do In Atascadero

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You undoubtedly enjoyed your most recent adventure. Guess what, though? We have plenty of plans and ideas for even better adventures waiting for you! 

Interested in learning where, yes? 

Okay, let’s already pop the bubble! The Wonderful City of Atascadero is the location of our planned adventure for today!

Yes, that’s right, Atascadero! Due to the medley of attractions and activities, the Californian city of Atascadero is a terrific destination.

Visitors and residents alike are drawn by its tolerable suburban atmosphere.

Home to top-notch wines and ciders, there are many popular places in Atascadero to visit.

It offers a variety of well-liked tourist destinations. Discover the area’s many parks, hiking paths, and wildlife. If you are wondering what to do in Atascadero, we’ve got you covered, so don’t worry.

The Best 20 Things To Do In Atascadero 

Here is our pick of the top 20 best and some of the free things to do in Atascadero, along with a few tips for getting the most out of them.

1. Visit the Atascadero Lake Park 

The Best 20 Things To Do In Atascadero
Source: Visit Atascadero

Atascadero Lake Park is the perfect place to let yourself get lost in the beauty of nature. 

Follow the circle route as you stroll along the lake’s edge, or you can jog or even ride a bike. In addition to these, there are other things you can try. 


Bring your kayak or paddleboat and cruise the canals while admiring the beauty. This is undoubtedly one of the finest free things to do in Atascadero.

2. Watch a movie at Galaxy Theatre 

The Best 20 Things To Do In Atascadero: 2. Watch a movie at Galaxy Theatre 
Source: Timi From Pexels

Stop at Galaxy Theatres Atascadero if you’re in Atascadero and want to see a movie.

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It boasts a prominent neon sign that is difficult to overlook at night. They also provide a rewards program, which has a ton of wonderful advantages.

One of the most amazing things to do in Atascadero at night is undoubtedly seeing a movie in this theatre. For more details about the next film, visit their website.

3. Visit the Sunken Garden 

Sunken Gardens is one of the popular places in Atascadero to visit. Its centerpiece is the magnificent fountain in the middle.

You can take a moment to admire the statues in the garden. Make plans also to attend the Movies in the Sunken Gardens event and get to enjoy a movie outside.

4. Visit Charles Paddock Zoo 

 Visit Charles Paddock Zoo 

A trip to the Charles Paddock Zoo is one of the most amazing and free things to do in Atascadero for nature lovers.

The Charles Paddock Zoo, situated on Atascadero’s Morro Road, is a good spot to visit exotic animals and learn about them.


Wild creatures from all over the world can be found at the zoo.

The zoo also hosts yearly events where you can engage in recreational activities.

5. Go Golfing at the Chalk Mountain Golf Course 

The 18-hole Chalk Mountain Golf Course on Bordo Ave lets you enjoy your golf time in front of a breathtaking natural backdrop. 

Whether you want to improve your talents or learn how to play, you may take advantage of its courses for students of all skill levels.

If you feel more confident in your skills, you can also participate in tournaments and play against other skilled golfers.

The Golf Course is a well-liked and popular place in Atascadero to visit.

6. Take a tour of the city hall 

Take a tour of the city hall 

Remember to have a look inside Atascadero City Hall, the most exquisite public structure in San Luis Obispo County. 

The building suffered significant damage in the San Simeon earthquake in 2003, but it took ten years to restore it to its former splendor. 


A modest museum containing artifacts from the city’s early years is located on the building’s ground floor. 

You may find out about the history of the city and the City Hall structure here.

7. Have fun at Hop’s Bounce House 

Visiting Hop’s bounce house is one of the most fun things to do.

Hop’s Bounce House is a lively, colorful activity center with a variety of things to do, making it a haven for kids and adults alike.

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Try out the arcade games or play a game of air hockey with your buddies.

In case you want to travel with your kids, there is a children’s play area with various activities and games at the bounce house.

8. Explore three bridges to Oak preserve 

Source: Dezeen

The Three Bridges Oak Preserve is a significant park featuring a 3-mile network of paths and tree habitat zones.

The park is suitable for mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking.


Only trekking is permitted on the Madrone Trail, which is the preserve’s highest point and offers stunning vistas.

Along with the Madrone Trail, you may also explore the Lookout Trail, Oak Woodland Loop Trail, and Meadow Trail.

9. Visit Colony Cinema 

Colony Cinemas Atascadero provides inexpensive entertainment.

On ten screens, watch the newest high-budget Hollywood productions and independent films. 

Additionally, you get to experience cutting-edge audio and visuals, stadium seating, soft rocking chairs, and a broad selection of snacks and sweets.

exciting, yes?

10. Attend the Annual Tamale Festival 

 Attend the Annual Tamale Festival 
Source: Visit Atascadero

The Annual Tamale Festival brings the city to life with a variety of tamale samples and contests.

Festive music is occasionally performed live during the event to heighten the upbeat atmosphere. 


Additionally, there will be set up recreational facilities, games, and activities for the event. The event is free to attend, which is the best part. Attending this event is one of the amazing and free things to do in Atascadero.

11. Attend a show at Pickwick Playhouse 

The Pickwick Playhouse in Atascadero aspires to preserve performing arts. Pickwick Playhouse gives Atascadero access to top-notch theater.

The actors place high importance on the theater’s capacity to tell stories. Make sure to see a play if you’re ever in the area.

12. Enjoy a meal at Cielo Ristorante and Rooftop Bar 

 Enjoy a meal at Cielo Ristorante and Rooftop Bar 
Source: Thailand Magazine

Cielo Ristorante and Rooftop Bar, Atascadero, has a fine dining option in the center of downtown.

The dining area is a full-service restaurant with a bar, 15 indoor tables, and 10 tables on the terrace in front.

There is a rooftop patio with a nice view for those who would like to enjoy a cocktail and some light food.

Eating here is one of the best things to do in Atascadero at night.

13. Wine tasting at grape encounters emporium 

Visit Grape Encounters Emporium for an excellent wine-tasting experience. This wine bar has a large variety of domestic and international wines.


You may unwind with a glass of wine on the terrace while listening to music. This is perfect if you’re looking for a great setting to chill with some friends. 

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14. Enjoy a game of pickleball at Colony Park Community Center 

Source: ABC10

One of the nicest things to do in Atascadero is play a game of pickleball.

The sport combines tennis, ping-pong, and badminton elements into one thrilling leisure activity.

You can play or practice pickleball on the four permanent courts located in the back of the Colony Park Community Center.

15. Go Skating at Atown Park 

Show off your skill on the skateboard and the scooter in Atown Park. 

You’ll have to negotiate a variety of obstacles, which will put your reflexes to the test. 

Because it is a facility that is being watched, it is a safe place to train and play.

Additionally, the park has a fully equipped pro shop where you can purchase necessary items.


16. Go for a Relaxing Massage at Bliss Massage & Body Therapy 

Go for a Relaxing Massage at Bliss Massage & Body Therapy 

A deeper level of healing is provided by bliss massage and body therapy.

This one-of-a-kind therapeutic massage and spa center is located in the picturesque downtown Colony District of Atascadero, where you might immerse yourself in peace and elegance.

Along with numerous therapeutic procedures, the spa offers a wide range of services in its tranquil setting.

Schedule a spa appointment and go relax there.

17. Explore Colony Park 

Colony Park is one of the most popular places in Atascadero to visit.

Packed with a beehive of activities, the park is one place you should add to your list of the best things to do in Atascadero.

The park has an accessible playground and softball field for fun. 

It also has a great area suitable for a relaxing picnic. 


You are welcome anytime to explore the park.

18. Take a Stroll on Jim Green Trail 

 Take a Stroll on Jim Green Trail 
Source: Quanq

For a peaceful stroll among lush vegetation, head to the 2.6-km Jim Green Track.

Have a look at the beautiful wildflowers that line the path, as well as the birds in the area.

It is fantastic for outdoor excursions and is open every day of the year.

This is one of the most exciting free things to do in Atascadero.

19. Dine at Garcia’s Restaurant 

One exciting thing to do in Atascadero is have a nice meal in one of the finest restaurants.

Garcia’s restaurant serves delectable Mexican, Latin, and Spanish cuisines and is laid-back for a nice meal. 

It’s the ideal location for a perfect getaway because of its stunning surroundings. 


Go stuff your stomach with some nice food at the restaurant while in Atascadero.

20. Take a tour of the city 

The Best 20 Things To Do In Atascadero

Not only is sightseeing the ideal outdoor leisure activity, but it’s also a fun and exciting way to see the city and make the most of it.

There are tour guides available that can show you the sights of the city.

You get to learn about the city’s cultural traditions and historical landmarks.

Pack your luggage and head out to explore all that wonderful city has to offer!


On our list of the best 20 things to do in Atascadero, we’ve included activities like skating, golfing, wine tasting, dining at upscale restaurants, and more.

Atascadero has a ton of exciting activities and places.

Book your trip as soon as possible to experience our pick of the best attractions and activities in Atascadero.

Make memories now and return later for additional travel tips on our never-ending selection of daring travel recommendations. 

Have fun!

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