Do you find yourself intrigued by diverse collections of art, or are you naturally a bit of an art lover? There are spectacular art galleries in the world that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, and Europe is home to some of the best museums in the world. 

In this post, we’ll focus on the top art galleries in Europe.

Without further ado, let’s get started: 

10 Best Art Galleries In Europe To Visit

1. THE LOUVRE, PARIS: It’s a well known fact that Paris is one of the best places to visit in Europe. So it’s only right that this amazing city should house one of the most famous art galleries in Europe.

The Louvre in Paris is the world-renowned home of the famous Mona Lisa, where you get to see the Mona Lisa up close and personal, masterpieces of the Leiden Collection, which showcases the work of the 17th-century Dutch painters and private collections done by Rembrandt. The Louvre is a magnificent architectural building that is classic art and indeed a sight to behold! 

the Louvre Museum in Paris
Source: unsplash.com

2. THE PRADO, SPAIN: The Prado Museum is located in central Madrid, Spain, with one of the best collections of European Art in the world. It is the largest museum in Spain, established in 1819, and considered to be the most proper place to see Spanish masterpieces, such as paintings made by Goya and Velazquez. The Prado Museum is also a stunning building modelled by neoclassical architect Juan de Villanueva and surrounded by lush green lawns.

Prado Museum Madrid
Source: www.britannica.com

3.  THE NATIONAL GALLERY, PRAGUE: Curious about the history of the Czech Republic? The National Gallery in Prague gives you a unique chance to see the works of Prague’s world-renowned artists that gives you a description of the stories of the past. It hosts the most extensive collection of art in the Czech Republic with a display of cubism, Baroque pieces and Czech artwork.

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Praha Narodni muzeum 2
Source: upload.wikimedia.org

4. THE TATE BRITAIN/MODERN, LONDON: The Tate Modern is worth an exclusive visit in London, England, to see the largest collections of outstanding acquisitions and Turner Paintings worldwide. It frequently hosts entertaining and provocative exhibitions of British and modern art. The Tate Gallery welcomes more than a million visitors yearly, with a significant influence on the Blavatnik Building, which serves as an impressive extension of the British and Tatey gallery.

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Source: www.hotels.com

5. THE GROENINGE MUSEUM, BRUGES: Visiting the Groeninge Museum would give you a knowledgeable insight into the artistic culture of the city of Bruges. It is the perfect destination for art lovers who want to experience intriguing collections of work from the Netherlands and a diverse blend of historical paintings and modern pieces. 

groeninge 2021
Source: www.kaap.be

6. CENTRE POMPIDOU, FRANCE: Centre Pompidou in France is Europe’s largest modern art collection filled with world-class exhibitions and extensive collections of Picasso, Chagall, Miró, Matisse and Kandinsky, exchanged every six months. This impressive postmodernist building constructed by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano has an outdoor escalator that provides a unique way of getting a great scenic view of the city.  

the Pompidou center Paris, France
Source: unsplash.com

7. THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART, ROME: In the ancient and historic city of Rome lies the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. Founded in 1883, the National Gallery shows off sustaining a contemporary prestige. Some of the most significant artists of the 20th century, such as Dutch painter Mondrian and other great Italian artists, have amazing collections in the gallery.

Galleria nazionale darte moderna Roma
Source: en.wikipedia.org

8.  KRÖLLER-MÜLLER MUSEUM, THE NETHERLANDS: Apart from its extraordinary indoor collections, the impressive outdoor sculpture park is what makes Kröller-Müller a unique art gallery. Kröller-Müller is one of Europe’s most prominent museums with about 160 works by world-famous sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth, Jean Dubuffet, Augustus Rodin and many more. It is situated in Otterlo’s Hoge Veluwe National Park, with available bicycles in Otterlo for an excellent cycling exercise around the Kröller-Müller garden.

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kroller muller museum entrance 2 jpg header 129704
Source: www.musement.com

9. EAST SIDE GALLERY, BERLIN WALL: After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, about one hundred and eighteen artists from across the globe came together to renovate the remaining part into an open-air gallery with over 100 paintings. After being disregarded in 1990, The East Side Gallery came to be restored and completed. Presently, it allows you to understand the importance of the historic location while viewing the beautiful artworks that grace the site. 

East side gallery, berlin wall
Source: unsplash.com

10. MUSEU NACIONAL D’ART DE CATALUNYA, BARCELONA: One of the most jaw-dropping buildings in Barcelona is the National Museum is Museu Nacional D’art de Catalunya in Barcelona. It gives room to explore Catalan history through its incredible photographs. Sculptures and paintings provide an excellent understanding of their culture. The Gothic and Romanesque collections of Catalan art makes it an exciting experience. 

Museu nacional d’art de catalunya, barcelona
Source: unsplash.com
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