Tamworth is Australia’s Country Music Capital; it’s a yearly festival with lots of awards drawing artists from different parts of the world. Firstly, Tamworth was the first community in Australia to initiate electric-powered streetlights. Basically, It was also a primary centre for horse rearing, which eventually led to the opening of the most extensive equine livestock and events centre of its style in the Southern Hemisphere – attracting thousands of tourists to its horse jumping, championship rodeos, cattle sales and dressage. Check out ten fantastic things to do in Tamworth, Australia.

1. Australian Country Music Hall of Fame

Australian Country Music Hall of Fame
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Designed as a guitar when viewed from the air, the Hall of Fame was opened in 1992. For lovers of the genre, this is a place to pay recognition to the superstars of Australian country music, like Buddy Williams, Smoky Dawson and Slim Dusty, right up to modern stars like Amber Lawrence, Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole. As well as profiles for every artist, you can analyze costumes, instruments, photographs, gold LPs and all types of personal products, from motorcycles to furniture.

2. Tamworth Regional Playground

Tamworth Regional Playground
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One basic feature of Tamworth Regional Playground is the record-breaking “Skywalk”, above nine metres in height and with three giant slides and four towers, one 13 metres long.

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Also, there’s a cafe with free Wi-Fi, an outdoor gym, a splash pad,  junior and senior play zones, a miniature “play town” for little children, a mammoth swing and sand play area and a flying fox, a bike track, and an embankment slide. It is a fantastic things to do in Tamworth with kids.

3. The National Guitar Museum 

Visit the National Guitar Museum in your list of fantastic things to do in Tamworth
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Inside the National Guitar Museum is a display of uncommonly designed Aussie stringed artefacts, including a guitar designed in Aboriginal artwork and an Arnott’s Biscuit Tin three-string guitar. Also, a 1970 boomerang-shaped guitar was intended to clutch visitors’ attention. Explore the Museum on a long walk through the wax museum and be ready to see roughly 45 signed and unsigned guitars of different sizes and shapes, including Tommy Emmanuel’s first Maton guitar, the signed Washburton guitar of KISS’ Paul Stanley and the Smoky Dawson’s Riffle guitar.


4. The Australian Equine And Livestock Centre 

The Australian Equine And Livestock Centre 
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with a vast indoor sandy-based field estimated 80 metres by 40 metres with layered seating arrangement for more than 3500 observers, it is the heart for primary activities. Next to it is a smaller indoor field that doubles as a stabling block for activities in need of extra stables. when it comes to the activities carried out at the colossal Australian Equine and Livestock Centre on the outskirts of Tamworth, There is no horsing around. 

5. Bicentennial Park

Check out Bicentennial Park in your list of fantastic things to do in Tamworth
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The Bicentennial park is converted into a live stage during the Tamworth Country Music Festival,  Bicentennial Park is famous as the home of the formerly mentioned multimillion-dollar regional playground, which opened in 2015. Also, there are a pair of duck ponds, winding trails, grassy areas and many trees supporting innumerable bats that surface from their roosts at nightfall.

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6. Calala Cottage Museum

Calala Cottage Museum
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Tamworth Historical Society maintains this captivating piece of heritage, designed in 1875 by Philip Gidley King, the town’s first mayor. Indeed, Calala Cottage Museum is packed with collections from the late 19th century, including painted portraits, photographs, clothing, furnitures and original artefacts. Operated by volunteers, the cottage museum opens from Wednesday to Sunday.

7. Chaffey Dam

Check out the amazing Chaffey Dam in your list of fantastic things to do in Tamworth
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Finalized in the late-1970s and ascending to more than 55 metres, Tamworth’s water supply is controlled by this magnificent dam upstream on the Peel River. The reservoir is a perfect destination for outdoor adventure, equipped with a campsite, paths, barbecues, toilets and showers. You can also kayak, canoe in the water, and fish for yellowbelly, trout, and catfish.

8. Tamworth Marsupial Park

Tamworth Marsupial Park
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Tamworth Marsupial Park is the best place you and your family can see kangaroos, Indian peacocks, emus and wallabies. Certainly, the park has a beautiful free-flight aviary, walking paths through scenic bushland and an adventure playground with two age-appropriate play zones. However, this attraction is on the Kamilaroi Walking path, connecting it with the Oxley Lookout to the west and the top of Flagstaff Mountain to the east.

9. Oxley Scenic Lookout

Visit the Oxley Scenic Lookout in your list of fantastic things to do in Tamworth
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Oxley Scenic Lookout is furnished with parking, barbecues and public convenience, and you can also set off along the walking paths for the Tamworth Botanical Gardens and marsupial park. A short walk on the Kamilaroi paths from Tamworth Marsupial Park, there’s a set of fantastic west-facing lookouts perched high above the Peel River and town. Just behind the decks are instructions boards to guide you on the history of the town’s heritage.  The excellent time to visit the Oxley Scenic Lookout is during sunset; then, you can see the hill of the Liverpool Range decorated with gold.

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10. Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum

Visit the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museumin your list of fantastic things to do in Tamworth
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This Museum is packed with more than 50 motorcycles from the late 50s, 60s and 70s. Shining and well-organized machines in perfect condition from top manufacturers like triumph, Ducati, Honda and Laverda. Waxed up to sparkle and displayed in neat rows. these great motorcycles also go to the 1959 Velocette Viper 350, 1956 Ducati 125cc Sport, and the 1974 Norton 850cc John Players Special. There’s an instructive information file on the front wheel of these bikes. Also, there are attendants around for your questions.


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