The tourist spots in Timmins, Canada, are filled with several activities that will leave you with memorable experiences. Known as the “City with a Heart of Gold”, Timmins is famous for its gold mining history from the Porcupine Gold Rush and its hospitable people. The peace and tranquility felt with the northern hospitality here can not be missed! Along with the fact that there is no limit to the options in Timmins, you would find everything here, from wildlife tours to excellent resorts, outdoor recreations and family-friendly attractions. If you are ready to begin your journey, here are ten incredible tourist spots in Timmins, Canada:  

1. Cedar Meadows:

cedar meadows resort

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa is one of the most incredible spots in Timmins, Canada. It is a great place to stay with a fantastic restaurant and spa. It also features a 100-acre Wildlife Sanctuary home to moose, bison, and elk. It’s best to come with your family and friends and enjoy an experience on the tractor-drawn wagon to get a close-up view of these fantastic animals.

2. Connaught & the Pioneer Museum: 

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Connaught & the Pioneer Museum is located in Northeastern Ontario, approximately 30 miles east of the City of Timmins, in Connaught, with a small community of 400 people. These people strive to preserve their local heritage. Furthermore, the museum displays artifacts from surrounding areas such as Barbers Bay, Dugwal, Finn Road, Hoyle, Ice Chest Lake, McIntosh Springs and Nighthawk, with local history in the area that dates back over 300 years.

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3. Neo Laser Tag: 

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If you are visiting with kids, Neo Laser Tag is one of the perfect tourist spots in Timmins, Canada, to stay in. It is an exciting place which is excellent for kids of all ages. Neo Laser Tag offers a large number of fun activities which includes laser tag, the Neo Escape Zone for children aged 14 and upwards, a 9-hole Glow in the Dark Mini-Putt, Bumper Cars, and an indoor playground. Every family is sure to have a memorable experience to look back on once they return from the indoor family amusement arena.

4. Midtown Bowl: 

a woman bowling in tourist spots in Timmins, Canada

The MidTown Bowl is a 20 Lane and 5-pin bowling alley in the heart of Timmins at 70 Algonquin Boulevard West. It is a must-visit destination for visitors fully licensed under L.L.B.O that you can’t afford to miss. Midtown Bowl features fun and exciting games such as computerized scoring, nighttime “Glow Bowling”, arcade games and many more. 


5. Papakomeka Lake: 

boat nearby a blue lake in tourist spots in Timmins, Canada

With over 500 lakes and rivers in the Timmins area, it’s no doubt that there are plenty of great paddling opportunities to be had, including a variety of family-friendly, accessible paddling routes. Papakomeka Lake is an excellent 6-kilometre option for easy paddling. The lake is located about 18 kilometres outside the city and features a great launching point for your canoe. Until the 1950s, Papakomeka Lake was home to an active logging route, with the remains of boom logs still seen in some places.

6. Kettle Lakes Provincial Park:

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With about twenty-two lakes surrounding this exceptional stunning landscape, you will undoubtedly enjoy every minute spent in this place. The Park is known to be one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Timmins, Canada. Not only can you enjoy a great adventure with the 14km biking trails and different hiking trails, but there are also two other beaches to enjoy more sand and sun and stargazing at night.

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7. The Resource Centre:

If you are a book and history lover, I will encourage you to visit The Resource Centre in Timmins, Canada. It is a native-oriented library and an established program of the Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre. Here, you will find a unique collection of materials on the Aboriginal people of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation and North America. The Resource Centre also has materials for loans to the Nishnawbe Aski Nation communities and others.

8. Pine Dairy Bar: 


This is one of the most-visited tourist spots in Timmins, Canada, to grab a bowl of ice cream. If you are looking for a place to cool down, Pine Dairy Bar offers the best dairy products with a variety of options from soft serve to ice cream smoothies, cakes and sundaes; they undoubtedly provide a robust lunch and dinner menu. Moreover, it is one of the oldest food establishments in the city that has existed since 1952.

9. High Falls:

green forest with rocks in a lake in tourist spots in Timmins, Canada

 A visit to High Falls during the summer season in Timmins, Canada, is a remarkable experience you can’t afford to miss. High Falls is a picturesque landscape with an energetic rush of water that creates a dramatic and spectacular view. Also, it is a great spot to hike on the Grassy River to see the High Falls. If you continue on the trail, you will see a set of rapids downstream called Low Falls, which offers gorgeous scenery.

10. The Dream Acres Alpaca Farm: 

alpacas on green grass in tourist spots in Timmins, Canada

The Dream Acres Alpaca Farm raises alpacas who are curious but very timid animals and is situated east of Timmins. You can tour the farm and witness these friendly animals with different personalities. Apart from this, you can take a stroll or snow-shoeing on one of the many nature trails to enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t forget to purchase the available alpaca-related products and take amazing pictures.

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