Must-Visit Tourist Sites in Al Khor, Qatar

Are you looking for places to explore in Qatar? We have a list of some of the must-visit tourist sites in Al Khor, Qatar, that you can’t afford to miss while staying here. With the numerous attractions and things to do in Al Khor, it’s not surprising that tourists flood in every year to experience a unique tour of the city. We can assure you that you are unlikely to get bored at Al Khor. If you plan to visit Qatar with your friends and family, add Al Khor to your ultimate travel list! Al Khor is an incredible city on the northern side of Qatar with a rich history and the best adventures. So, if you are ready to visit this fine city, check out one (or all) of these places!

9 Must-Visit Tourist Sites Al Khor Qatar

1. Al Khor Museum: 

a white and red building under a blue sky in must-visit tourist sites in Al Khor, Qatar.

A trip to Al Khor, Qatar, is impossible without a visit to this excellent museum. With excavation discoveries dating back to 120,000 years ago, the Al Khor museum is one of the most important tourist attractions in Al Khor, Qatar. It is a two-story building located a few kilometers north of Doha. Furthermore, you will see artifacts initially used to create dyes from sea shells and geological maps in ancient industries. Also, there are exciting sections here, such as sections on anthropology and traditional fishing and diving.

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2. Al Thakira Natural Reserve: 

people kayaking on blue boats in a river

Here, you can spend some quality time enjoying the beach or kayaking. It is one of the must-visit tourist sites for lovers of outdoor adventure. The Al Thakira Natural Reserve also offers fascinating views of wildlife and a chance to try fishing. Not only is it home to the largest mangrove reserve in the country, but it is also one of the most picturesque sites in Qatar that draws in tourists from around the world every year.

3. Purple Island: 

a small building with a wooden bridge and a river in must-visit tourist sites in Al-Khor, Qatar.

Besides being among the most beautiful places in Al Khor with natural scenic beauty, Purple Island is known for its incredibly tranquil surroundings. If this sounds like a place where you would love to enjoy peace, visit the island for the most fantastic time of your life. Moreover, it features a charming wooden bridge that connects it with the small hills and the beach. A few unique birds and mangrove forests surround the island. 

4. Farkeh Beach:

a shade with a wooden chair in a beach in must-visit tourist sites in Al Khor, Qatar

If you think throwing a barbeque party at a beach in Qatar sounds fantastic after watching a game at the FIFA World Cup, then head to Farkeh Beach with your loved ones! It is the perfect destination and picturesque location to spend a great time with your family and friends. Also, there is a separate space for kids to play and washroom facilities for visitors. The mouth-watering barbeque here is the main reason Farkeh Beach attracts locals and visitors!


5. The Al Khor Corniche:

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The Al Khor Corniche is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and top places to discover in the city.  If you are visiting Qatar with your family, this is the best spot to enjoy a long walk and hang out with other residents. After your stroll, check one out of the numerous restaurants in the area for the most delightful delicacies. Conclusively, The Al Khor Corniche is the perfect destination for incredible views and a rich culinary experience with your loved ones.

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6. Al Shu’aa Reserve:

a park with small huts and a wooden chair in

From the beach to incredible wildlife views and lush landscape, Al Shu’aa Reserve is undoubtedly a unique place for families who visit this place. Apart from strolling around the surroundings, there’s a playing area for the children to enjoy and get a closer view of the animals. The park is one kilometer south of Al Qarma Beach and is home to various shaded green spaces where you can relax and unwind.

7. Al Qarma Beach Garden: 

al qarma beach garden projects qatar tw

One of the best places to visit in Qatar with your kids is the Al Qarma Beach Garden. It’s impossible to regret staying here. It is mainly known for its cleanliness and a great spot to enjoy peace and quiet. Additionally, it is home to several trees and plants with wooden umbrellas that provide shade along the seaside. It’s one of the perfect places in Al Khor, Qatar, to enjoy a stroll along the beach.

8. The Al Khor Towers:

old tower with a staircase in must-visit tourist sites in Al Khor, Qatar

Ready to experience the history that dates back to 1900? Then head to The Al Khor Tower. It is one of the must-visit tourist sites in Al Khor, Qatar, and is known for being used to watch out for pirates and oversee the boats of the pearl divers in the past. In addition, the towers feature mud and local stones about 10 meters high and 4 meters in diameter. It is one of the top things you should do in Al Khor.

9. Al Khor Family Park and Zoo:  

entrance of the all new

Al Khor Family park and zoo is a large site with an area of about 240,000 square meters. After watching a game at the Fifa World Cup, make sure you spend a day here with your loved ones. There are different playing games and thrilling rides for children to enjoy and wildlife to explore. In addition, it is home to several restaurants, mosques, and fountains, making it a picture-perfect setting. Also, it hosts over 315 animals, including about 290 species of crocodiles and birds!


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