Top Tourist Attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar

Whether you are a history fanatic or want to explore nature’s beauty, Al-Wakrah has got something for everyone. Al Wakrah is a historical place for pearl diving and fishing. Apart from this, it has become one of the many big cities in Qatar where you can choose your adventure from its wide options. From its museums to its beaches, parks, and boutiques, Al Wakrah is undoubtedly one of the top ten places to visit in Qatar. If you are visiting Al Wakrah, here are the top tourist attractions that are worth exploring:

10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Al Wakrah, Qatar

1. Abu Manaratain Mosque: 

old brown buildings in tourist attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar

Established in 1940, Abu Manaratain Mosque has a unique architectural style that is different from every other mosque in Qatar. There are many clues and exciting stories surrounding the mosque. In addition, Abu Manaratain Mosque has a rectangular shape with high walls, a small pool, and a huge tree that overlooks the building and makes it unique. Apart from attending prayer sessions and sightseeing, it is one of the most peaceful tourist attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar.

2. Al Wakrah Old Souq Family Beach:

boats in a beach during daytime in tourist attractions in Al-Wakrah, Qatar.

Al Wakrah old souq family beach is a place to visit in Qatar. It is an incredible spot to spend quality time with your loved ones on your trip to Qatar. Also, there are old dhow boats on the sand and several seats along the beach for anyone who is not interested in swimming. The centers here are the best to relax and stare at the beautiful horizon. Although the Souq Al Wakrah Family Beach ensures you bring proper and modest swimming wear, a visit to the beach will make you want to return. 

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3. Al Janoub Stadium: 

people walking by a large white stadium in tourist destinations in Al Wakrah, Qatar.

Opened in May 2019, the Al Janoub Stadium is one of the eight stadiums for the FIFA World Cup events in 2022. As Qatar invites the world to watch the football game in this unique stadium, Al Janoub Stadium is undoubtedly one of the most incredible tourist destinations in Al Wakrah, Qatar. The distinguishing feature of the Al Janoub Stadium is the spectacular design which expresses the wind-filled sails of Qatar’s traditional dhow boats, once used for pearl diving and fishing. 

4. Dog Beach:

Al wakrah dog beach
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Another famous beach to have a good time in Al Wakrah, Qatar, is Dog Beach. It is a popular and perfect destination to spend time with your family. Not only is the water incredibly friendly and shallow, but visitors are also allowed to wear any swimming wear they feel comfortable with! Furthermore, it is best to be careful of the tide as it is known to change quickly. Regardless, Dog beach is a public beach that is open and accessible to everyone. 


5. Port Al-Wakrah: 

boats arranged on the sea at night

If you want to enjoy the most remarkable fishing experience, Port Al Wakrah is the best option! Apart from this, it is a prominent place among the locals and is also gaining fast popularity among travelers. Port Al Wakrah offers fascinating sea views just by sitting by the poolside. Furthermore, the sunset here is undoubtedly breathtaking. Whether or not you love fishing, there will always be something fun for you to do in Port Al Wakrah. 

6. The Al Wakrah Fort:

a fort surrounding an open ground in

Set opposite the Al Wakrah Souq and the stunning Masjid Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Mosque, The Al Wakrah Fort is one of the significant tourist attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar, that date back to the 20th century. Additionally, the Al Wakrah Fort was used earlier as barracks and police offices and erected on the ruins of an already existing fort. Although the fort is not currently open to the public, you can enjoy a stroll around the area to catch a glimpse of its smaller towers and whitewashed look. 

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7. Al Wakrah Old Souq:

people walking in a market in tourist attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar

The Traditional Market At Al Wakrah Souq is the best place to go shopping and dining to experience the culture of the local people in a different dimension. It is one of the one-stop tourist attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar, with a wide variety. In addition, it is also a prominent meeting destination for both locals and travelers. If you are not visiting to shop for goods and many others, you can take a stroll along the oceanfront.

8. Al Wakrah Public Garden:

a colorful garden in  tourist attractions in Al Wakrah, Qatar

Suppose you are looking for a place worth visiting in Al Wakrah, Qatar, head to The Al Wakra Public Garden. You’ll see one of the oldest public parks in Qatar and a stunning hidden gem. From well-groomed grounds with many giant trees to air-conditioned toilet facilities, this beautiful lush green park is a serene place to relax among the numerous seated areas around it.


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