There are lots of amazing souvenirs to buy in Qatar. In this post, we will list the most original Doha souvenirs to the cheapest ones, which people seem to love too! And also give you some Doha shopping advice on how to bargain and get authentic souvenirs. 

1. Al Sadu Weavings

the famous Al sadu weaving
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Al Sadu is a beautiful handwoven material made from goat hair and camel. The weaving method used to weave the material belongs to the Bedouin tribe, who have practiced it for thousands of years to make different pieces like blankets, rugs, and cushions. The textiles are black, beige, red, and white, with distinct geometric styles and motifs symbolizing the Bedouin’s rich desert environment and cultural heritage. Al Sadu is a perfect local Qatari souvenir that portrays the culture of Qatar.

2. Pashminas, Shawls, And Scarves

Pashminas Shawls and Scarve
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Shawls and scarves are woven from beautiful cashmere wool and are very comfortable to wear.  They are very convenient and can complement your look. Pashminas usually come in different patterns and colors, and they are affordable as well. They are one of the cheapest souvenirs to buy in Qatar, and they also make up for a beautiful gifting item since they are of great use and are easy to carry.

3. Arabic Sweet Treats

Arabic sweet treats in list of souvenirs to buy in Qatar
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Sweets are an essential part of Qatari culture, and Qatar has a huge variety of sweet delicacies and local desserts to try. Baklava is a local Qatari sweet in the form of a pastry made up of chopped dry fruits and syrupy layers of filo. Basbousa is a middle eastern cake sweetened with an orange flavor or rose water. There are different types of sweets in Doha where you can taste local sweets and buy some for family and friends.


4. Fabrics and textiles

colorful Fabrics and textiles in list of souvenirs to buy in Qatar
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Qatar provides a massive number of textiles and fabrics. Markets usually sell fabrics in different materials, styles, and colors at cheaper rates; they are one of the most affordable things to buy in Qatar.  


Qatar is very popular for textiles and fabrics, especially its local fabrics. Therefore, this is also an ideal souvenir to buy before leaving Qatar. The fabric quality here is long-lasting. Also, you can buy pillows, local Qatari costumes, and handmade rugs made from woven fabrics. 

5. Hookahs

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Shisha smoking is an important Middle Eastern hobby, and people have been doing it in the Middle East for years. Shishas reflect Qatari culture Since they are found in different homes, hotels, and cafes. As a visitor, you might have come across various shisha lounges across Doha.
The hookah is sold in different sizes and shapes- from smaller ones for decoration to larger ones to smoke shisha. Some of the hookahs are inscribed with gemstones making them a royal décoration piece. Souq Waqif has many shops selling hookahs where you can get one coffee pot to make their exceptional spicy coffee.

6. Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts
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You can find dried fruits like dates, grapes, nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and sunflowers. These agricultural product are locally grown and are very famous in Qatar. However, many tourists don’t know that they differ in different sizes, colors, and sweetness.

Dried fruits and nuts are famous gifts for women. This country is trendy for its dried fruits, such as dates, grapes, and nuts. Also, nuts are grown locally; then, they will be prepared and sold to locals or visitors. Nuts and dried fruits are usually less marinated, so the taste is very natural. In markets, sellers regularly divide them into different types by color, sweetness, and size to make it easy for you to make a choice.

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7. Pearl and Gold Jewellery

Pearl and Gold Jewellery
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There are so many jewelry shops where you can get these elegant little pearls or even gold Jewelry. They look stunning, and some are affordable, which you can buy as a gift for family or friends. Before the discovery of the oil industry in Qatar, Pearl is massively fused in Qatar’s history. You can get bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces at one of the Souqs in Qatar. This is why Qatar is known as the pearl capital of the world. 

8. Dallah Coffee Pots

beautiful Dallah Coffee Pots in list of souvenirs to buy in Qatar
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Dallah is made from silver or brass and has been used historically to make and serve Qahwa, spicy and bitter Arabic coffee. The bitter coffee is presented in Qatari houses when welcoming visitors, and the coffee is drugged out of small metal cups known as Finjan.

The coffee pots are not made for tea and coffee alone; you can also buy them to decorate your home and feature inscriptions of geometric patterns and even embedded jewels.

9. Spices

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Spices in the Souq are affordable and one of the most traditional and original things you can buy. you can find all the spices you need in Qatars souqs, including chilli, cardamon, cinnamon, tumric, curry mixes and other amazing spices.

10. Wooden Boxes

beautiful Wooden Boxes in list of souvenirs to buy in Qatar
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the local Arabic wooden boxes are one of the most beautiful Souvenirs to buy in Qatar that are also original. You can use them to store Jewelry and other accessories. Also, you can buy them in different sizes and shapes, making them very easy to fit in any hand luggage. 

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