If you’re looking for things to do in Granby, you’ll find many top sites in Granby, Canada. It is in Southwest Quebec and is famous for its incredible attractions that will keep you busy throughout your stay in Canada. From its world-class zoo to its forty city parks and the largest French-language music festival, Granby is a regional capital and industrial center that offers exciting activities to enjoy your summer during a long or short trip. On that note, read along to see some of the top sites to visit in Granby, Canada;

1. Musee Canadien De L’arme Et Du Bronze: 

museum in top sites to visit in Granby, Canada

You can’t pay a visit to this museum without being blown away by the stunning display and showcase of rare pieces, including war relics, knives, swords and firearms. Apart from the beautiful museum collections, the museum preserves the heritage of the past and maintains a legacy for future generations. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy learning about the museum and its exciting stories. It is one of the recommended and top sites in Granby, Canada, to discover.

2. Visit the Granby Zoo: 

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The Granby Zoo is one of the most important zoos in Canada and undoubtedly one of the top sites in northeastern North America. It is home to nearly 1,500 animals split into more than 225 species. When you visit the zoo, you’ll get to know that the zoo is more than just an incredible encounter with exotic animals. Zoo de Granby is undoubtedly a must-see for you!

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3. Centre de Sante Eur-Spa: 


It is one of the first-ever health destination centers in Quebec. The Euro-Spa Health Centre is one of the first health destination centers in Quebec, which was established twenty-five years in the Eastern Townships. Located only 45 minutes from Montreal, the health center has several therapeutic baths. Come here and explore the steam sauna, infrared and Finnish saunas, and Kneipp tubs, and enjoy baths scented with exotic essences from Europe. 

4. Le Festival de la chanson de Granby:

crowd cheering at a concert during the night

Now, here is a festival that you shouldn’t miss for anything! This international festival is the most prominent French singing contest in North America. Apart from this, the festival gives you a rare chance to meet different kinds of people, from tourists to professionals, famous artists as well as the community. Be a part of this legendary French festival and see how European and Canadian professionals of the music industry bring a mind-blowing event together for the most memorable experience ever! 


5. The Centre d’interprétation de la nature du lac Boivin: 

a bridge on a lake in one of the top sites in Granby, Canada

Bird lovers will be thrilled to be here, with about 260 species to be identified. Aside from that, this spot is a natural haven where you can explore a network of 13 kilometers of hiking trails. In addition, you will also find a reception pavilion open year-round, which opens throughout the year on-site. It is best to know that the interpretation center offers a maze to explore during the summer. When it’s winter, Lake Boivin mainly turns into a skating rink. It is often illuminated at night with the right music! 

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6. Marché Public De Granby Et Region: 

people walking in a market with brown structures

If you love being in a friendly atmosphere, visit Marché Public De Granby Et Region to live, share and eat some local cuisines freely. The Market is one of the top sites in Granby, Canada, which offers many fresh, tasty and quality products every Saturday. Located in the heart of downtown Granby, the market has unique architecture. From June to October, you’ll undoubtedly make gourmet discoveries every Saturday. Not only will you enjoy all these, but you will also have direct access to the region’s producers, processors and market garden produce!

7. National park and Recreation Centers: 

people walking on a bridge across a forest in top sites to visit in Granby, Canada

Known as Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, this impressive park delivers a large number of fun activities to do. During the summertime, you can enjoy the hiking trails here, such as walking on the longest suspended footbridge in North America, as well as the night-illuminated Forest Lumina pathway. Furthermore, National park and Recreation Centers is undoubtedly one of the top sites in Granby, Canada, with 182 campsites, mountain biking trails and a mini-farm! In winter, enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, snow biking and snow scooting like never before.

8. Domaine Jolivent: 

domaine jolivent

Domaine Jolivent is near Lake Brome. Not only will this inn offer about twelve rooms, but you’ll also enjoy direct access to six kilometres of trails on the site and a private pond and massage therapy services! The rooms here are also quiet and comfortable. In the winter season,  the restaurant L’Alizé offers a gastronomical menu with deer loin, homemade linguine, Roman-style gnocchi and several other mouth-watering dishes. There is a fireplace where you can relish your food in a nice atmosphere. Regardless, during the summer, you can also enjoy Le Mistral, a bistro terrace.

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9. Érabilière Bernard: 

a building with lights in to sites to visit in Granby, Canada

Érabilière Bernard is a family-owned business established more than 100 years. It’s impossible not to leave with the most remarkable food experience in Granby. There are over a hundred choices of tasty cooked dishes, which include concept boxes, appetizers and desserts, which you can reheat at home during the holiday seasons. Don’t forget to taste their famous Nammy potato doughnuts available in the region’s outlets. Apart from this, you can explore the Sentier du Trotteux trail, a fun maple interpretation trail with taffy on snow! 

10. Verger Champêtre: 


Here, you’ll get to enjoy the farm differently. Berger Champêtre is one of the top sites in Granby, Canada, with an incredibly scenic view. If you are visiting with your family, there is A Garden of Eden to explore while you go on tour through a wagon. With about one hundred and twenty animals to cuddle and feed, it’s impossible to get bored at discovering the various aspects of life on the farm. Verger Champêtre is a warm and magical world that is a must-see for you! 


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