Tampere in Finland is wedged between two enormous bodies of water in a fraction of the country, entwined with ponds, lakes and rivers. It is a city of historic warehouses and workers’ quarters, much of which has been turned into tourist attractions, cultural centres and restaurants. Tampere is the perfect place for history enthusiasts to visit to explore its historical heritage and feel nature. 

1. Tampere Cathedral

tampere cathedral
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What separates Tampere Cathedral from others is its frescoes, which decorate much of the church’s inner design and were painted in 1905 and 1906 by Hugo Simberg, a symbolist artist This cathedral dates to the revolution of the 20th century and is designed in the Nordic National Romantic pattern, which was an offshoot of art nouveau.

2. Sarkanniemi

visit this amazing park in your list of spots to visit in Tampere
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There are numerous activities to do for a day at Sarkanniemi, which is more than just an entertainment park. Kids will have the best experience riding on several trains, carousels, angry birds-themed spinners and bouncy castles, all of which are safe and up-to-date. Adults can also try on five roller coasters, like the tornado with five inversions. It is the perfect spots to visit in Tampere with kids.

3. Pyynikki Observation Tower

Pyynikki Observation Tower
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The Pyynikki Observation Tower was reconstructed in 1929 after it was destroyed in the First World War by a bomb blast returning the old wooden tower from the mid-1800s. Around the building is a sizeable place for tourists interested in late-night strolls. Also, it offers unconfined breathtaking views of the city. Also, a popular cafe in Pyynikki astonishes visitors with freshly baked doughnuts. 

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4. Kaleva Church

In your list of spots to visit in Tampere, be sure to visit this magnificent church
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Kaleva Church is a primary Tampere highlight and an outstanding architectural design. This church was built in 1966 by Reima and Raili Pietilä and became a secure building long ago. The arrival of this church is remarkable  and looks more like a vast concrete silo from the side, leading to its well-known nickname, “The Silo of The Souls.” The internal design of this building is very bright, with windows that expand up to the roof from the floor and folded walls.


5. Nasinneula Tower

In your list of spots to visit in Tampere, be sure to visit the Nasinneula Tower
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Nasinneula Tower is the hugest observation tower measuring up to 168 meters. This majestic tower looked like the Seattle Space Needle and was built in 1971. There’s a circling restaurant around this tower providing delicious dining to visitors. Get an opportunity to observe the fantastic views of Tampere’s lakes, Nasi park and city space by taking the lift up to the top.

6. Viikinsaari Island

Viikinsaari island is located between Lake Pyhäjärvi, and visitors can tour this island by ferry leaving Laukontori harbour. Believed to be the spots to visit in Tampere, you can ski or walk across the lake during winter. The local government also arranges numerous events, games, and activities, from live music nights to dance classes. spots to visit in Tampere

7. Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing

Amuri Museum covers a complete block and occupies five domestic buildings offering the 19th and 20th centuries industrial boom. It gives you a clear sight of the factory workers’ lives and how they celebrate events. The living legacy of the industrial growth from 1802 to 1973, Amuri Museum is one of h best spots to visit in Tampere


8. Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame

In your list of spots to visit in Tampere, be sure to visit the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame
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The Hockey Hall of Fame celebrates the stars of the most famous sport in Finland and records the history. Ice Hockey was only launched in the 1920s in Finland and wasn’t a viewer’s sport until the first indoor arena was built in 1965. Nevertheless, the Finnish National Team has won every event, from World Championships to Olympic medals. Observe the order of events of hockey equipment and the rise of hockey training; if you’re a lover of the game, you can visit the NHL Stanley Cup winners like  Esa Tikkanen and Ville Nieminen.

9. Hatanpaa Arboretum

In your list of spots to visit in Tampere, be sure to visit the Hatanpaa Arboretum
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Part of the Arboretum consists of Hatanpaa Manor, a magnificent neoclassical stately home with grounds designed in the English pattern. Old and tall deciduous trees are dense in the summer, and the tracks bend past flower beds of crocuses and through an admired rose garden. You can walk down the shore to view Lake Pyhäjärvi and the lake’s waterfowl.

10. Saunas

In your list of spots to visit in Tampere, be sure to visit the Saunas
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Sauna is the oldest city still in use In Tampere, Finland. It dates back to when the city was at its industrial apex and was constructed for the factory workers in the Pispala region. Also, if you’re diehard, get over to Rauhaniemi and Kaupinoja, which are on the seashore. 


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