You don’t have to surf for a living before taking out a weekend or a summer holiday to go and enjoy the sport as a hobby. It is best to know that you don’t need to fly over to a tropical island to ride on the most incredible waves.

There are many fantastic surfing spots around the world, especially in the United States, with about 95,471 miles of coastline, surf towns and local surf shops where millions of surfers head to enjoy remarkable rides for both beginners and seasoned surfers. 

If you love a strong surfing culture, here are some of the ten top places to surf in the USA and have a good time;

10 Top Places To Surf in the USA

1. La Jolla, California: La Jolla is a beautiful coastal town with SoCal surf culture and is mainly known for its “Windansea” surf break, a famous wave for professional surfers. The north of La Jolla shores is best for friendly and more accessible surf conditions for beginners. The beach features restaurants, cafes, showers and lessons at several surf shops.

Source: www.pacificsurf.com

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey: Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic Gold medalist and ‘the father of surfing’, visited the mainland United States and rode his longboard off the coast of Atlantic City near the iconic Steel Pier. The Atlantic City has wide and gorgeous beaches to catch the waves all year round, as well as surf lessons for beginners and surf shops.

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Source: thesurfersview.com

3. Marconi Station: Marconi Station was named after the inventor Marconi who finished off the first transatlantic cable message in 1903. If you move beyond the guarded swimming area to find the giant waves, you might have some celebrities watch you surf from their private residences. 

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4. Cape Cod, Massachusetts: If you are looking for a surfing destination to relax, Cape Cod in Massachusetts is a popular spot where wealthy and famous people visit. It has some of the biggest and calm waves in the United States for surfers.

surfing massachusetts
Source: www.travelforyourlife.com

5. The Rockaways, New York: The Rockaways is one of the most famous surfing spots visited by both new and experienced surfers worldwide. It can be found in Queens, New York, with a beach area developed into a significant east coast surfing hub with a surfing community open all year round.

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Source: www.nytimes.com

6. North Shore Oahu, Hawaii: Oahu’s North Shore is the birthplace of many world-class surfers and is also named  “Seven Mile Miracle,”. The waves often rise to 30-foot swells from October to April and are home to several surf schools and shops.

north shore
Source: BRIAN BIELMANN/AFP via Getty Images

7. Wilderness, Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico isn’t always considered one of the most prominent surfing destinations in the U.S territory, but it features one of the perfect surfing destinations with giant waves, excellent local cuisine and nightlife. Here, the waves are fast, and you must be prepared to change directions quickly.

surfing at Wilderness1
Source: www.xtremespots.com

8. Cocoa Beach, Florida: Cocoa Beach provides calm and consistent waves that are perfect for newbies. The Florida Beach Town is the hometown of 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater and the best place to relax and enjoy several restaurants and bars with a viewpoint of 800 feet over the Atlantic.

surfing cocoa beach
Source: www.surfertoday.com

9. Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii: Also called the “Garden Isle” and home to the tallest waves in the middle of the bay, Hanalei Bay is the best surfing spot on Kauai island. The big waves here reach up to 20 feet with two miles of beach surrounded by picturesque mountains.

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10. South Padre Island, Texas: South Padre Island is famous for attracting plenty of surfers and travelers on a budget. The south end usually offers the best surf for riding the jetties and several accommodation options for those who want easy access to the waves

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Source: texashighways.com
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