15 Must-Try Things to Do in Wichita KS for couples.

Wichita, KS, is the largest city in south-central Kansas and is known as the hub for business and entertainment.

Popularly known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. The city is home to the Great Plains Nature Center with various hiking trails, which is one of the most romantic things to do in Wichita KS for couples. 

Wichita is known to house some of the most exotic museums in the state and even the country. From the Old Cowtown Museum to the Museum of World Treasures, you get a premium list of museums to pick from —or you can be adventurous and visit all. 


If you are new to south-central Kansas and are looking for things to do in Wichita KS for couples, then look no further; here are 15 things that you absolutely must do if you ever find yourself in Wichita, KS with your partner. 

15 Must-Try Things to Do in Wichita KS for Couples

1. Take a romantic walk in Riverside Park. 

Things to do in Wichita Ks for couples
Source: wichitamom.com

What is more romantic than a peaceful walk in Riverside Park hand-in-hand with the love of your life? The park is spread over 72 acres of land and offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere, various trails to tour, and a stunning view of the Arkansas River. 


If you love a quiet and serene environment and want to get enjoy a romantic venue while having enough room to hear yourselves converse, scroll no further. You can start –or end– your date with this very relaxing activity. In fact, with the sunset view it affords, it is one of the must-do romantic things to do in Wichita KS.

2. Wander through the beautiful Botanica, The Wichita Gardens.

A garden in the Wichita garden, things to do in wichita for couples
Source: visitwichita.com

The next best thing to walking in Riverside Park is touring through Botanica, The Wichita Gardens. If you plan on visiting Riverside Park in the evening to see the sunset, then spending your daytime wandering through the botanica is the best setup.

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Botanica is a 15-acre garden filled with various beautiful plants and flowers. An afternoon walk in this garden feels like a fairytale as it features a gorgeous butterfly house. It has a children’s section so it is one of the best things to do in Wichita KS for couples with kids.

3. Watch the sunset and the fire pits light up at The Keeper of the Plains North Parking. 

sunset view of The keeper of the plains
Source: visitwichita.com

The Keeper of the Plains is a 44-foot-tall steel sculpture in Wichita, Kansas, located at the confluence of the Arkansas River and the Little Arkansas River. 

At night, the Keeper of the Plains is illuminated by a ring of fire, creating a spectacular sight that can be seen for miles.

Cozying up with your partner and feeding your eyes with the shining mesmerizing lights is a perfect way to spend the night and is one of the most romantic things to do in Wichita KS.

4. Catch a show at The Orpheum Theatre.

The orpheum theatre in Wichita KS
Source: visitwichita.com

Watching a show with your partner is a tradition that is as old as bread —and is not going anywhere. You can catch a show at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Wichita, and the wonderful lighting makes it one of the best things for couples to do in Wichita KS.

The theater features a stunning interior with beautiful architectural details with a stunning seating capacity of over 1,300. The Orpheum Theatre hosts a wide range of shows throughout the year, including Broadway shows, concerts, comedy acts, and ballet performances.

The Orpheum Theatre is known for having excellent acoustics. The theater’s state-of-the-art sound system ensures that every note and word can be heard clearly from every seat in the house.

If you are not satisfied and the inner showman in you wants to be entertained more, you can also visit The Crown Uptown Theatre to catch some of their live performances too.


5. Admire the art collections at The Wichita Art Museum.

The Wichita Museum of Art
Source: visitwichita.com

You cannot be in the wonderful city of Wichita and not visit a museum –or five. Exploring through many exhibits casually is still one of the most popular things for couples to do in Wichita KS. 

The Wichita Art Museum is about a decade shy of a century old. It has a collection of over 8,000 works of art, including American art, contemporary art, and ancient artifacts. It features works by famous artists from all over, including Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt, and Winslow Homer. 

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Overall, the Wichita Art Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in art and culture.

And when you are done, you can carry the moment with you forever by visiting the gift shop and purchasing a one-of-a-kind artwork.

6. Step back in time at Old Cowtown Museum.

People at the Old Cowtown Museum
Source: visitwichita.com

You can take a step back in time by taking a walk through the historical exhibits in the Old Cowtown Museum —a 23-acre living history museum established in 1952 with more than 50 historic buildings site.

Visiting the Old Cowtown Museum is one of the more geeky things for couples to do in Wichita KS . The museum’s exhibits feature costumed interpreters who demonstrate various aspects of daily life during the time period, including blacksmithing, printing, and cooking.

The Old Cowtown Museum also hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year, including gunfight reenactments, chuckwagon cooking demonstrations, and live music performances.

7. Learn about aviation history at The Kansas Aviation Museum.

Kansas Aviation Museum
Source: flyingmag.com

If you are into planes and their history, and for some reason, you had to pick only one museum to visit in the city, the Kansas Aviation Museum beckons your name.


The Kansas Aviation Museum is a museum in Wichita that is housed in a historic airplane factory building.

The museum’s exhibits showcases the history of aviation in Kansas and around the world. 

Visitors can explore displays of various aircraft, from vintage biplanes to modern military jets, as well as engines, instruments, and other artifacts related to aviation.

8. Discover unique artifacts at The Museum of World Treasures.

An exhibit of bones at the Museum of World Treasures
Source: worldtreasures.org

Perhaps you’re an old couple who loves looking at fancy artifacts, you’re a young couple interested in collecting antiquities, or you’re just a couple of nerds; the Museum of World Treasures is home to you. 

While you might think you have a difficult palate to satisfy, The Museum of World Treasures is a unique museum located in Wichita, Kansas, and features a wide variety of artifacts from around the world, including dinosaur fossils, ancient Egyptian artifacts, military memorabilia, and more.

The museum’s displays include a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, and is one of the more nerdy things to do in wichita for couples.


9. Enjoy the sounds of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra

an orchestra playing
Source: Manuel Nageli

Music is the fastest way to the heart, and if you haven’t heard that before, that is because it is a closely guarded secret.

You can test it out by going to the Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center in Wichita to enjoy some of the best classical compositions performed perfectly by the Wichita Symphony Orchestra.

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10. Get in touch with nature at The Great Plains Nature Center

The great plains nature center
Source: visitwichita.com

The Great Plains Nature Center is a conservation center located in Wichita, Kansas. Taking a long scenic walk is here is one of the best things for couples to do in Wichita KS.

The center features various attractions, including interactive displays on the ecology, wildlife of the Great Plains region, several nature trails, bird-watching stations, and a butterfly garden. 

Visitors can also attend nature programs and events, such as guided nature walks, wildlife presentations, and nature photography workshops. Nothing beats a warm adventure with hugs and kisses, nature, and trees. 

11. Explore hands-on exhibits at Exploration Place.

Exploration Place Wichita KS
Source: visitwichita.com

Exploration Place is a science museum and discovery center located in Wichita, Kansas. The museum’s mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning and curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and math.

Exploration Place allows visitors to explore a variety of hands-on exhibits and displays that cover a wide range of STEM topics.

If you are a couple who have a shared love for STEM, you will have a swell time here. 

12. Catch a movie in style at Warren Theatre.

People watching a movie in a theatre
Source: Krist Luhaers

If you are looking for the classic dinner and a movie experience, you can catch a movie on the big screens at Warren Theatre– after having your fill of steak at AVI Seabar & Chophouse.

The Warren Theatre is a luxury movie theater chain with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, luxury seating, and a full-service restaurant and bar.

The AVI Seabar and Chophouse is a restaurant known for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, as well as its extensive selection of fine wines and cocktails. 

13. Cozy up with a good book at The Wichita Public Library

Wichita public library
Source: wichitaonthecheap.com

Wichita has something for everybody and something for every couple —including bookworms. 

The Wichita Public Library consists of a main library and eight branch locations, each of which offers a wide variety of resources, including a vast collection of books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, and other media. 

In addition to its collection of materials, the library also hosts a variety of cultural events, such as author talks, art exhibits, and live performances.

14. Go ice skating at The Wichita Ice Center.

Ice Center at Wichita KS, fun things to do in Wichita KS for couples
Source: 360wichita.com

If you love skating and you are in the city, then you have to visit the Wichita Ice Center. The Wichita Ice Center is a popular ice skating rink in Wichita, Kansas, featuring two NHL-sized ice rinks, a pro shop, and a concession stand.

Not only is public skating one of the most exciting things to do in Wichita for couples, but it also features other ice skating activities, including figure skating classes and hockey leagues.

While it is advisable to let loose and have a go on the ice, you can also find a sweet spot to sit and watch the fun. Both are romantic things to do in Wichita for couples.

15. Go kayaking or canoeing along the Arkansas River.

A woman kayaking along the river
Source: Flip Mroz

If you are in Wichita, then you must go for a ride across the Arkansas River. 

The beautiful ride over the stoic river, the soothing sounds of the water, the picturesque environment, and the ray of light from the sun bounced off a satisfied partner’s warm smile. You might as well propose!

From taking a boat ride along the Arkansas River —for the ‘nature-lovers’, to catching a movie on the big screen at Warren Theatre IMAX —for the ‘not-so-nature-lovers’. There are many things for couples to do in Wichita KS.

You can spice up your love life with a visit to The Spice Merchant, enjoy a glass of wine at The Wine Dive50 or have a romantic, affordable staycation at Hotel at Old Town. Whatever you need, Wichita got you covered.