50 Awesome Things to Do in Port Richey for Free

As much as traveling is mighty thrilling, I think exploring the places in your mind beforehand is appealing in its own unique way. Who says researching a place has to be tedious?  Every city has its own story to tell, and sometimes reading the story before living it adds a lot of taste to the experience. 

So like we always do at Touristlookup, we’re going to take you on a detailed but relaxing journey through all the highs and lows of things to do in Port Richey for free. Yes, this is one of those budget experiences, so as much as this article is an adventure, maybe consider actually taking a trip.  


To give you some insight —so you know what the fuss is about— Port Richey is a dazzling city in Pasco County, Florida. And I say dazzling not because I’m hunting for adjectives but because that’s what a nighttime helicopter tour of the city with the bright city lights reflecting over the surrounding water will impinge on your mind; dazzling! 

Of course, it’s not free, so you won’t find it on the list. But if you happen to have a few hundred dollars to see for yourself, I’m certain you’ll agree with me. 

But going on a helicopter tour is only one of many ways to take in the wonderful beauty of Port Richey. 

An immersive tour of the magnificent Hudson Beach will introduce you to all of Florida’s natural beauty that Port Richey holds proudly, close to its chest. That introduction, I’m sure, is one that you would never hope to forget. 


Then, the Cotee River Pirate Cruise, where you can set sail on a thrilling voyage filled with ear-itching pirate stories of buried treasure, will put you hand in hand with the town’s picturesque waterways. 

To make it an easier adventure, because, let’s be honest, 50 is a large number– we’ve split them into categories.

So whether you’re in for Nature and wildlife or looking to stuff your stomach full with the various exquisite delicacies of Florida, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s tour all the free things to do in Port Richey, Florida.

Table of contents

Top 50 Things to Do in Port Richey for Free

Certainly! Here’s a list of 50 free things to do in Port Richey, categorized for your convenience:

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Nature and Outdoors

1. Visit Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park.

Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park
Source: floridahikes.com

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Port Richey, Florida, is Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park. Whether you want to ride a bicycle through the beautiful trail with the wind in your face, or you want to cozy near the river and cast your line to reel in some fish, you’re in to have a swell time!

You can also enjoy hiking and birdwatching and picnicking and everything beautiful. Of course, one of its main highlights is the beautiful salt springs and their crystal-clear water. What a place this is!

2. Explore James E. Grey Preserve.

James E. Grey Preserve with tress and a lake
Source: floridahikes.com

This nature preserve boasts wetlands, forests, and wildlife that make it the perfect haven for nature enthusiasts. From the beautiful trails to the cozy gazebo surrounded with lush trees (and perfect for a romantic evening), you’ve got activities that will plaster satisfaction on your face and in your heart. 

3. Visit Port Richey Waterfront Park.

Port Richey Waterfront Park
Source: cityofportrichey.com

When talking about free things to do in Port Richey, Florida, it doesn’t get freer than a public park. You get a scenic park along the waterfront where you can enjoy leisurely walks, picnics, fishing, or just relaxing and watching the sunset over the water.


4. Enjoy a picnic at Brasher Park.

A tourist's items including a white hat, bread, biscuits and nuts, and a wooden basket in Brasher Park, Port Richey
Credit: Evangelina Silina -Unsplash

Finding a cozy place in Brasher Park to spread your mat, set your baguettes and Carbonet, fan out your dark chocolate and berries, and enjoy a relaxing evening in the bask of the sun is my idea of an adventure. 

5. Hike the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park trails.

Two people hiking towards a mountain in the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park trails
Source: Unsplash

A nature and outdoor adventure is not complete without a hiking experience. One of the top things to do in Port Richey for free because of its natural surroundings is to hike the many trails it offers. 

Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park trails is a sprawling nature preserve with extensive hiking trails. Get ready to get your heart pumping from the hike and from the breathtaking views.

6. Birdwatch at J.B. Starkey Wilderness Park.

A bird on a tree in the J.B. Starkey Wilderness Park
Source: Unsplash

If you don’t think hiking counts as leisure, then no pressure. You can just find a cozy spot, get a pair of binoculars, and join the other birdwatchers to watch the majestic birds that call the park home. You don’t have to be a pro birdwatcher, either. You just have to relax and let the sights take you. 

7. Explore the trails at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park. 

A trail surrounded by trees at the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
Source: flsportcoast.com

Apart from hiking and birdwatching, Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park is one of the best places to just enjoy a relaxing time with nature. From peaceful, random sightings of deer, gopher tortoises, and armadillos to horseback rides on its equestrian trails, the park has a lot to offer for your exploration. 

8. Visit Anclote River Park and Beach.

A beach with people and trees
Source: beachcatcher.com

As the name says, this is a park and a beach. So you can enjoy your water activities like swimming, sunbathing, and fishing, and you can also explore the park or find a nice spot to go picnicking.  

9. Go fishing at Sims Park.

A man fishing in the river.
Source: news-herald.com

If you’re into fishing, or even if you’re not, fishing at Sims Park is one of the most popular free things to do in Port Richey, Florida. Open year-round, the park has a fishing pier that extends into the river, offering a designated area for anglers to cast their lines.

10. Take a stroll along the nature trails at SunWest Park.

Two people walking down a trail with flowers and leaves on the ground.
Source: Unsplash

You’ve probably heard me say this about many places, and Florida is no different, so one of the best free things you can do in Port Richey is take a stroll. I can choose to fill this list top to bottom with strolls, but I’ll rather just give you what I consider to be the best stroll in the city. 


Beaches and Water Activities.

11. Relax at Hudson Beach Park.

A building beside a river
Source: Tripadvisor

Because of its beautiful, loose white sands, clear waters, and lovely trees, Hudson Beach Park is considered by a lot of people as one of the top tourist attractions in Port Richey. 

You can expect all the fun you’ll have at a regular beach, plus the added picnic tables, playground, and a boat ramp. You’ll also find some unique-looking pelicans and seagulls.

12. Enjoy a day at Robert K. Rees Memorial Park Beach (Green Key Beach).

A trail with trees sand by the beach
Source: beachcatcher.com

Any beach with a proper gazebo gets high points from me, so enjoying a day at Green Key Beach is one of the most relaxing things to do in Port Richey for free. 

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You get a serene with some of the most beautiful-looking shells in the whole state, with the best views for your picnicking needs. 

13. Swim and sunbathe at Green Key Beach.

Swimming at the beach is not for everyone, but if you’re up for it, then swimming at Green Key Beach is not only your best bet; it is one of the best free things to do in Port Richey, Florida. 

It is clean, well maintained, big enough to be entertaining while small enough to give you a feeling of being on a private beach. There’s no better place to jump in the water. 


14. Take a dip in the waters of Anclote River Park.

Speaking of jumping in the water, you can also take a dive into the river at Anclote River Park. The water here feels amazing and leaves an amazing glitter on your skin, making you feel refreshed and relaxed. Of course, that may just be the effect of the water itself, but still, Anclote River Park is free and fun. 

15. Kayak or paddleboard along the Cotee River.

A lake with people kayaking
Source: skyaboveus.com

Cotee River is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Port Richey. Taking a kayak ride or paddleboarding along the river is not only scenic, but it also offers amazing and immersive views of the water.

The best times to go are during calm weather. You can also rent equipment from local outfitters or bring your own. 

16. Watch the sunset at Hudson Beach Park.

A beautiful sunset over the waters
Source: pinterest.com

A good –and free– way to end a day of fun and adventures in Port Richey, especially after you’ve had an exciting and maybe expensive day, is to relax and watch the sunset at Hudson Beach Park. 

In the evening, it gets a lot quieter, and it looks absolutely magical. If you’re with a partner, then you should definitely add this to your list. 

17. Explore the Gulf of Mexico at Port Richey Waterfront Park.

Things to do in port Richey for free
Source: cityofportrichey.com

Since Port Richey Waterfront Park is on the banks of the Pithlachascotee River and flows into the Gulf of Mexico, it provides convenient access to the Gulf, making it an ideal starting point for exploring its sparkling waters.

From kayaking and canoeing to boating and jet skiing to fishing and marine sightings and to watching a lovely sunset view, you’ve got a lot of things to do.

18. Spot dolphins and manatees at Anclote Gulf Park.

Two dolphins diving out of the water
Source: odysseycruises.net

The Anclote Gulf Park is already a great place to visit for many other reasons, but it is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in Port Richey because of the wonderful sightings of dolphins and manatees that you can enjoy in the cozy park. 

19. Go beachcombing at Hudson Beach Park.

Hudson Beach Park has a lot of goodies, including some of the most beautiful seashells in the region. Aside from seashells, you may also find some unique pebbles, sea creatures, sea glass, animal footprints, seaweed, and so on. 

20. Enjoy a day of snorkeling at SunWest Park.

You can explore the beautiful underwater life at SunWest Park by snorkeling in its pristine waters. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent from nearby shops (of course it won’t be free)

Cultural and Historic Attractions

21. Visit the West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library.

West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library
Source: wanderwisdom.com

One of the best things to do in Port Richey for free is to visit the West Paso Historical Museum. It’s open throughout the year, and you can explore exhibits showcasing local history and culture.

It preserves and showcases the rich history of West Pasco County and highlights significant events that have shaped the region. 

22. Explore the mural art at the Gateway Shopping Center.

The mural art at the Gateway Shopping Center
Source: mustoanddaughter.com

One of the popular free things to do in Port Richey is to explore The mural art at the Gateway Shopping Center. 

Beyond its stunning visuals, It contributes to a lively and engaging atmosphere as it serves as a testament to the community’s appreciation for art and culture. 

23. Attend a free event or concert at Sims Park.

People seated on a park watching an event
Source: courtenay.ca

Throughout the year, Sims Park hosts a variety of entertaining and engaging performances, festivals, and community gatherings. 

From live music concerts to cultural festivals and seasonal celebrations, you are sure to experience the time of your life.

24. Take a self-guided tour of the Port Richey City Hall.

Port Richey City Hall
Source: tampabay.com

Port Richey City Hall is also one of the famous Tourist attractions in the city. 

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Immerse yourself in the architectural and cultural heritage of the area, and wander through the halls to explore the captivating architectural details and historical displays. 

 Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an architecture lover, or simply curious about the city’s roots, a self-guided tour of Port Richey City Hall will rock your boat.

25. Learn about local history at the Pasco County Historical Society Museum.

Pictures on a wall at the Pasco County Historical Society Museum
Source: patch.com

Apart from just strolling around the museum, which is fun on its own, you can also learn about local history at the Pasco County Historical Society Museum. 

From photographs and documents to antique objects and interactive exhibits, the museum offers a captivating journey through Pasco County’s history.

26. Admire the New Port Richey Cultural Center’s art exhibits.

New Port Richey Cultural Center's art exhibits
Source: suncoastnews.com

One of the best free things to do in Port Richey, Florida, is to immerse yourself in the world of art by visiting the New Port Richey Cultural Center, where you can admire an array of captivating art exhibits.

27. Attend a community event at the Richey Suncoast Theatre.

Richey Suncoast Theatre
Source: richeysuncoasttheatre.com

Community events are always fun, and if you are looking for the place with the most fun to be had, then you better head right on to Richey Suncoast Theatres. 

Throughout the year, the theater hosts a variety of entertaining events, including plays, musicals, concerts, comedy shows, and more.

28. Explore the historic downtown area of New Port Richey.

Night areal view of Port Richey
Source: downtownpr.org

One of the most adventurous things to do in Port Richey for free is to discover the charm and character of New Port Richey by exploring its historic downtown area. 

29. Enjoy live music at Bourbon Street Nightclub.

Bourbon Street Nightclub
Source: abc13.com

What is more interesting than letting the captivating rhythms and melodies of live music wash over you while at the Bourbon Street nightclub?

Recreational Activities

30. Go Rollerblading and Horse Riding at Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park.

A little boy skating
Source: unsplash

You can enjoy some sporting activities in the park aside from swimming and star gazing. You’ve got rollerblading, horse riding, table tennis, and even basketball. 

31. Exercise on the fitness trails at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park.

Fitness trails at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
Source: Unsplash

The trail here provides the best place to do your outdoor exercises. From running to lunges to squats to even yoga. 

32. Play disc golf at Sims Park.

A lady throwing a disc
Source: Unsplash

One of the best free things to do near Port Richey, FL, is to play disc golf at Sims Park. It offers a vast field that is perfect for a nice game. 

33. Go biking along the Suncoast Trail.

A man riding a bicycle along a smooth trail with a woman jogging behind him.
Sorce: chronicleonline.com

Suncoast Trail provides a perfect trail to go biking. Not only does it offer a smooth trail that provides a seamless biking ride, it also offers beautiful views that relax your mind. 

34. Have a family picnic at Eagle Point Park.

Eagle Point Park
Source: ahomesschoolstory.com

Nothing beats picnicking at Eagle Point Park as one of the best free things to do near Port Richey. Find a shaded spot beneath the trees or set up your picnic blanket on the park’s spacious green lawn.

35. Join a free yoga or fitness class at a local park.

A woman doing yoga outdoors on a mat
Source: Unsplash

There are many parks, and there are many yoga classes. If you’re looking for free things to do in Port Richey that also give you a chance to mingle with people, then you should try this. 

36. Play a round of frisbee golf at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park.

A man holding a golf disc
Source: Unsplash

While you may not want to break the bank to join a golf club, you can enjoy a round of frisbee golf at Jay B Starkey Wilderness Park. 

37. Attend a free outdoor fitness boot camp.

It’s Florida, so you can expect a lot of outdoor and fitness boot camps. Check around for anyone that is free. 

38. Go skateboarding or rollerblading at the Richey Suncoast Theatre.

A skateboard
Source: Unsplash

As a great man once said, “Stuff can be two things”. While the Richey Suncoast Theatre is not a skating center, it provides smooth trails for enjoying your skateboards and rollerblades. 

Events and Festivals

39. Attend the Cotee River Bike Fest. 

Numerous motorcycles parked on a street
Source: borntoride.com

If you love to ride and you are in the city at the right time, then enjoying a show of live music and bike shows contest is a fun and free way to spend your time. 

40. Join the annual Chasco Fiesta Parade and Street Party.

Chasco Fiesta Parade and Street Party
Source: suncoastnews.com

One of the top things to do in Port Richey for free is to join in the celebration of the Chasco Fiesta Parade and Street Party.

The colorful parade features floats, marching bands, and community groups, while the Street Party offers live music, food vendors, arts and crafts, and a carnival atmosphere.

41. Enjoy live music and entertainment at the Sims Park Amphitheater.

Sims Park Amphitheater.
Source: cityofnewportrichey.org

Immerse yourself in an evening of live music and entertainment at the Sims Park Amphitheater in New Port Richey. 

From local bands to renowned artists, the amphitheater hosts a variety of musical genres, ensuring there’s something for every taste. 

42. Participate in the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce events.

One of the more serious things to do in Port Richey for free is to attend the Wes Pasco Chamber of Commerce events. 

This active chamber organizes a variety of gatherings throughout the year to foster networking opportunities, promote local businesses, and support the community.

43. Celebrate the Cotee River Seafood Festival.

If you’re in the city at the right time (April), you should join the Cotee River Seafood Festival for a time of fun and celebration. 

It is held every third weekend in April and promises loads of fun and excitement.

44. Attend the Christmas Boat Parade.

things to do in port richey
Source: cityofnewportrichey.com

This beloved annual event fills the waterways with beautifully decorated boats, creating a spectacular display of lights and festive cheer. Find a cozy spot along the shoreline and watch as the boats sail by, adorned with dazzling holiday decorations.

45. Explore the local farmers’ markets.

A large collection of fruits, and vegetables.
Source: unsplash

Engage with vendors, savor samples, embrace the lively atmosphere, and explore the stalls filled with farm-fresh delights.

46. Enjoy holiday-themed events in Sims Park.

Various holiday-themed events occur in Sims Park throughout the year, and they provide a wonderful experience that costs you nothing. 

47. Attend art festivals and craft shows in the area.

Port Richey is filled with various festivals (like we’ve seen), and many more just pop up unexpectedly. Keep your eyes out and get ready to join the fun when you see one. 

48. Participate in community yard sales and flea markets.

yard sales and flea markets
Source: treasuremarts.com

A good way to explore the community and interact with the locals is through yard sales and flea markets. Exploring Treasure Marts, for instance, is one of the best free things to do near Port Richey, Florida. 

Romantic Activities. 

49. Star-Gazing at Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park.

Stargazing in Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
Source: unsplash

The peacefulness of Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park at night provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and intimate star-gazing experience. It is one of the most romantic things to do in Port Richey for free. 

50. Take a Scenic Drive around the area.

What better way to round up your tour of Port Richey than to hop in the car and embark on a scenic drive along its picturesque coastal roads?

 Enjoy the scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. It’s a simple yet romantic way to spend quality time together while immersing yourselves in the beauty of the area.


Port Richey, Florida, offers a wide range of free activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. From exploring the city’s natural beauty in parks such as Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park to the beaches and water activities, including Hudson Beach Park and Anclote River Park, there is something for everyone.