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Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for Free

Hello, travelers! Are you back for another exciting travel tip? If yes, prepare for another wonderful adventure in the beautiful borough of Queens, New York City. This article will examine 20 Free Things to Do in Queens today. Isn’t that exciting?

The borough is a veritable treasure trove of free tourist attractions for anyone looking to see New York City on a budget. There are lots of interesting things to do in Queens for free.

Yes, Queens! With 178 square miles, Queens is the largest borough in terms of area in New York City. It is home to a lot of culture, entertainment, and history. You will discover something you like- historical sites or beautiful waterfront vistas. 

Without spending a penny, you can engage in some of the greatest sights in the city. So hold on as we embark on a journey across the fascinating city of Queens. Let’s get started!

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens For Free

1. Bask yourself in the scenic vistas of Queens Botanical Gardens

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for Free

The Flushing neighborhood of Queens is home to the 39-acre public Queens Botanical Garden. In addition to free admission available on Wednesdays and Sundays during certain hours the rest of the year, the gardens are free to the public between November through March. 

At the gardens, there are arboretums, public art galleries, and perennial flower and herb gardens that are on display. You get to take beautiful pictures while in the garden.

2. Visit the Museum of the Moving Images

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for Free
Source: Time Out

One of the most thrilling free things to do in Queens is to visit the Museum of moving pictures. The Museum of the Moving Image is a unique tourist attraction because it is the only museum devoted to the development of technology, history, and art in the field of moving pictures. 

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By creating a puppet character and interacting with it on a screen, visitors get to experience puppeteering. Every Thursday from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., entry to the museum is free.

3. Go Sledding at the Juniper Valley Park

Juniper Valley Park offers free sledding, hot chocolate, and competitions to create snowmen on a snowy day. The tennis, handball, and basketball courts are all available for your use while you visit the park every other day. The park is freely accessible and a good place to watch birds. 

This is one of the best outdoor activities in Queens, without a doubt.

4. Visit the Rockaway Beach

Go for the rockaway beach

One of Queens’ most enjoyable beaches is Rockaway Beach. Some of the most popular beach activities are swimming, skating, volleyball, and fishing. The greatest tacos, chill outdoor pubs, and awesome shops selling retro and modern surfer clothing can all be found there. 


You are welcome to go to the beach anytime because it is not only cost-free but one of the most interesting things to do in Queens for free.

5. Explore the Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for Free
Source: Time out

In Flushing Meadows Corona Park, there is always plenty to do here, from historical hikes to scenic trails to sports and activities. Soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, cricket, and other sports are available, as are workouts in the fitness center or the indoor pool.  

Lakes and pathways in the park can also be explored on foot, by bike, or kayak. You can visit one of the park’s many civic and cultural institutions.

6. Visit the NYC Hall of Science

The NYC Hall of Science, or NYSCI, is the city’s only interactive science museum. Lovers of the World’s Fair visit the museum frequently. A technology gallery, a science playground, a library with a STEM focus, and an amateur radio station are just a few more than 400 science and technology-themed exhibits visitors can explore. Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings are free entry days to the museum, and there are occasionally extra free hours during the year.

7. Stroll through the Forest Park

Source: Dan frost

One of New York City’s most breathtaking natural features is the 538-acre city park Forest Park in Queens. There is a 110-acre golf course among the tourist attractions in the park, as well as open-access facilities for baseball, softball, tennis, handball, and bocce. 

Summer months see free public performances at the George Seuffert, Sr. Bandshell. Walking through this park and taking in the beautiful views is one of the most relaxing things to do in Queens for free.

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8. Explore the Gateway National Recreation Area 

Located across several locations, Gateway National Recreation Area is peculiar. In the Queens section, attractions include the Floyd Bennett Field airfield and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, which offers a secure habitat for migratory birds, diamondback turtles, and horseshoe crabs. 

Visitors have the chance to participate in some of the best outdoor activities in Queens, like cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and archery. It is freely accessible to visitors and residents.


9. Visit Queens Museum

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for Free
SourcE: Queens land

The Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows Corona Park presents several family-friendly workshops. Advance registration is optional for the art workshops that take place every Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 pm at various art studios or museums. In the museum’s art lab, everyone can express their creativity by writing, sketching, and experimenting with different art mediums. The finest aspect is that admission is advised, so you can choose to pay a fee or go free of charge.

10. Appreciate public art at the Socrates Sculpture Park

Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for Free

On its five waterfront acres, the Socrates Sculpture Park presents temporary exhibitions by up-and-coming and well-known artists. A studio on-site where many works are created allows viewers to see the process up close. The park is always free to enter and is open daily. 

This is among the greatest free things to do in Queens for art enthusiasts. Consider scheduling your visit to coincide with the special exhibitions. To learn about the next exhibition, visit their website.

11. Visit the Queens County Farm Museum

The 47 acres have been farmed continuously for the longest time in the city. During the fall harvest, go pumpkin picking and try to navigate the Amazing Maize labyrinth, as well as feed and pet the farm animals and explore the barnyard. 

Except on specific days for events that require tickets, admission is free. If you want to buy fresh produce, stop by the store on your way out.

12. Go Kayaking at the LIC Community Boathouse


Free walkup kayaking is available at the LIC Community Boathouse in collaboration with Socrates Sculpture Park. It lasts 20 minutes, although it might be extended if no other passengers are waiting for the boat. People of all ages and experience levels, including those who want to try kayaking for the first time, are welcome to participate. For information about the upcoming paddling event, visit their website.  

13. Visit the Queens Library

Queens Library
Source: Queens

If you enjoy reading or are interested in history, this is one of the greatest free things to do in Queens today. The Queens Library has 62 sites and is Queens’ official public library system. 

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An international resource center with collections in numerous foreign languages is available in the system’s Central Library. Each library branch has free computer stations.


14. Visit the Noguchi Museum

The biggest collection of sculptures by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi is on display in the Noguchi Museum. Today, the museum has more than 2,400 square feet of exhibit space and a nearby outdoor sculpture garden that displays other works. 

Several pieces from the museum’s core collection are on show there as well as online. The museum is free and open to the public on the first Friday of every month.

15. Enjoy a picnic in Astoria Park

Astoria Park
Source: All in One

Along Queens’ East River waterfront, Astoria Park is a 60-acre public park. Visitors can play bocce, tennis, and basketball on the many courts around the park. 

A Fourth of July concert by the Queens Symphony Orchestra is one of the park’s yearly public special events. The Park is also great for picnics which is one of the relaxing things to do in Queens for free. 

16. Take your kids to the Children’s Library Discovery Center

If you have children or will likely be traveling with them on vacation, consider bringing them to a Queens Children’s Library. Children between the ages of three and twelve can learn in the hands-on interactive exhibits and learning labs at Jamaica’s Children’s Library Discovery Center. 

Children will adore the enormous interactive map of Queens and the library’s several other activities, such as arts and crafts. 

17. Appreciate nature at the Alley Pond Environmental Center

Appreciate nature at the Alley Pond Environmental Center

Little Neck’s Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC) perfectly fuses indoor and outdoor entertainment. 

More than 80 animals are available for up-close encounters, including mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. Except for important holidays, the building is open seven days a week, while walking paths are accessible year-round from dawn to night. Parking and admission are both free.


18. Visit the Disney and Lego Store located at the Queens Center Mall

 Visit the Disney and Lego Store located at the Queens Center Mall
Source: Disney world

Go have fun with your kids at the Disney and Lego store in Queens Center Mall. You can examine various LEGO constructions and try a wide variety of minifigures inside the modest but well-stocked shop. 

The store hosts monthly free events like Mini Builds. Every month on the first Saturday, Queens Center Mall also offers free events for children.

19. Attend the AJOYO music performance at the Gantry Plaza State Park

Attend the AJOYO music performance at the Gantry Plaza State Park

Visit the 12-acre oasis of Gantry Plaza, State Park, to enjoy the FREE live music and breathtaking waterfront vistas. Series of free outdoor concerts are showcased by a wide spectrum of local performers. 

Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Yacine Boulares, and Jesse Fischer are the driving forces behind the joyous ceremony known as AJOYO. Their distinctive sound is a fusion of jazz, soul, and African traditions that celebrates justice, love, and life.

20. Visit the Fort Totten Park

At Fort Totten, you’ll see buildings that resemble castles perched on the water’s edge. Bring your binoculars to witness raptors, songbirds, and migrating waterfowl. 

You can also stroll out onto the jetty for Queens’ best views. Bring your swimming suit to the park’s pool to enjoy a free swim in addition to learning about the fort’s historic tunnels on a ranger-led tour.


We have covered the Top 20 Exciting Things To Do In Queens for free. With the attractions listed above, you will surely have fun in Queens, whether you are interested in history or just want to have some good old-fashioned fun. Head out to Queens now and explore all the best free attractions out there. Happy Exploration!

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