10 Lovely Things To Do In Columbia, SC For Couples

We'll look at some of the most enjoyable and lovely things to do in Columbia, South Carolina, for couples in this article. Trust me; you will surely discover a ton of romantic activities for couples after we exhaust our cute date ideas in Columbia, SC.

Spending time with your companion is the best way to strengthen your relationship, and we would center on 10 lovely things to do in Columbia, SC, for couples.

Are you wondering what couples can accomplish while spending time in Columbia, SC?


Well, you can have fun together and get to know each other better this way. Your relationship will benefit from this as it will nurture intimacy and exclusivity.

And what better way to spend some alone time with your significant other than on a well-earned vacation and holiday in the charming city of Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina?

Yes! Yes, you read that right—Columbia, South Carolina!

The city, which lauds itself as “Famously Hot,” is the ideal destination for a getaway with your significant other. 


Unquestionably, Columbia, South Carolina, is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States.

It is a city with a bustling metropolis and a calm, serene environment. Just two of the city’s many interesting allures for travelers of all ages are the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden and the South Carolina State Museum. 

A passionate date with your life partner is ideal for visiting the city. This charming city is loaded with utopian sites for a dinner date or even just a couple’s stroll.

We’ll look at some of the most enjoyable and lovely things to do in Columbia, South Carolina, for couples in this article. Trust me; you will surely discover a ton of romantic activities for couples after we exhaust our cute date ideas in Columbia, SC. 

Enough with the long talks already. Let’s dive in!

1. Visit the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden 

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Source: Riverbanks Zoo

Do you enjoy animal sightings together? 

Then, visiting the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden can be one of your most fun and cute date ideas in Columbia, SC! It is a 170-acre zoo, aquarium, and botanical paradise in Columbia, South Carolina, located across the Saluda River.

There is a wildlife park and a section for floral gardens, which is where Waterfall Junction, a well-known splash pad and play area, is situated. More than 2,000 different species of animals can be found in the zoo.

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You may observe a variety of creatures here, including giraffes, African elephants, and koalas. The zoo’s exhibits are also of very stunning natural nature.


It’s awesome!

However, it is advised that you buy your tickets or yearly membership online before traveling. This is to avoid the line at the ticket counter, which will, in turn, help you save time.

Additionally, it is best to arrive early because the popular exhibits will fill up quickly, and the parking lots will be crowded.

2. Take a romantic walk through Riverfront Park 

A couple kissing and laughing in a Park
Credit: Jessica Hunt Photography

Consider including a romantic walk on your list of fun things for couples in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Riverfront Park is only one of several places in Columbia that are ideal for this. 

The park spans 167 acres and is situated between the Congaree River and the Historic Columbia Canal.

There are several activities at the park you could engage in while taking a walk, such as seeing the old water plant, which is currently open and has had its inside restored.

You can also run if you need help with walking. Bicyclists, runners, and walkers can all use the paved path because it is spacious enough.


As you stroll along the river, you’ll be able to see many fascinating water views. Viewing the sunset near the Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park is also utterly romantic.

Although the park is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., it is best to go during the day to get a better view. The Canal and Riverfront Park is a terrific place in the city’s core to spend quality time with your companion.

3. Explore the South Carolina State House 

A male and female couple holding each other's waist in the South Carolina State House
Credit: Columbia Wedding Photos

Another of the most interesting and romantic things to do in Columbia, South Carolina, for couples is to see the State House.

The South Carolina General Assembly, the governor’s office, and the lieutenant governor’s office are all housed at the South Carolina State House, which also serves as the seat of the state’s government.

It’s lovely to view the building’s stunning Classical Revival design.

Together, you can take a tour of the building to see it from the inside, as well as images of statues that can be seen on the Statehouse grounds.


Through a tour like this, you can learn more about the operation of the building.

A little informative video that is a great opportunity to learn something new is shown before each hourly tour of the magnificently remodeled State House.

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4. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Mr. Friendly’s New Southern Cafe 

An outdoor table filled with red wines, glass cups, spoons and foods.
Credit: Mrfriendlys

Planning a romantic date night in Columbia, SC, in one of the most exquisite restaurants with your sweetheart is one of the most fun things for couples to do in Columbia, SC.

There is no need to search further if you are craving traditional Southern dishes like cornmeal-fried catfish or blackened shrimp and grits.

The casual, walk-in-friendly, patio-inclined Mr. Friendly’s New Southern Cafe sounds exactly like it would be in the famous Five Points neighborhood. 

Even yet, the lunch and dinner menus cater to more affluent palates while still cooking up traditional Southern classics. 

So leave the kids behind and spend some quality time alone with the one you love.

5. Go on a Wine Tasting Tour 

A group of excited people on a wine tasting tour.
Source: Foley Food & Wine Society

One of the most romantic things for couples in Columbia, SC, is organizing a wine-tasting trip with your significant other in some of the top wine regions.

There are many wineries and vineyards in Columbia, South Carolina, like Gervais & Vine, Hampton Street Vineyard, Lula Drake Wine Parlour, etc., where you can both visit, particularly the Lula Drake wine parlor.

Small and cozy, Lula Drake is the ideal date-night destination in Columbia, South Carolina. A wide selection of wines, beers, and delicious snacks are available. 

Make a trip to these wine spots a date and pamper your taste buds.

6. Passionate ride in a hot air balloon ride 

A couple holding hands in front of two hot air balloons
Source: Hot air balloon contas mania

Whenever you want to do something very special, take your loved one on a romantic hot-air balloon ride

Fly over Columbia and the surrounding countryside for an hour in a hot air balloon in the early morning or late evening. 

Make a reservation for a romantic flight with Palmetto Sun Balloons, and while you soar over the South Carolina foothills, take in the magnificent surroundings.

If heights aren’t your thing, join Palmetto Outdoor Center for a moonlight paddle to take in the city lights, moon, and stars from the unusual vantage point of the water.

7. Take a trip to Lake Murray 

Two empty sits in front of Lake Murray
Source: Airbnb

West of Columbia, in the center of South Carolina, is where Lake Murray is located. A great illustration of an aquatic playground that can be used all year round is Lake Murray.

Now, the lake serves both as a popular tourist destination and a source of hydropower for the region. Boating and fishing are two common activities.

In addition to boating, there are also other water activities, including kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. Other enjoyable activities include hiking, cycling, and birdwatching.

Swimming, water skiing, kneeboarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and even scuba diving are activities you can engage in during the warmer months.

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Although there are many different ways to access the water in the area, Dreher Shoals Dam entry is one of the easiest.

8. Go for a picnic at Finlay Park 

A waterfall in Finlay Park 
Credit: SC Picture Project

An excellent city park located in the heart of Columbia is Finlay Park.

Walking trails, two top-notch playgrounds, porch swings, and two stages are located in the park. 

There is also a man-made pond and a beautiful waterfall—couples like to visit this park since it has picnic tables, two playgrounds, and a cafe.

Enjoying a picnic with your significant other outside is a lot of fun! Planning will ensure that the experience goes off without a hitch.

You’re prepared to start your adventure when you have packed your picnic basket.

9. Explore the Congaree National Park 

Congaree National Park 
Credit: Traveladvo

Located in central South Carolina and 18 miles southeast of Columbia, the state’s capital is Congaree National Park in the United States. 

Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and bird watching are all available in Congaree National Park, which also has rustic campgrounds. 

People frequently gather in the park on summer evenings to view firefly displays. 

There are options for rustic and wilderness camping.

What could be a more lovely thing to do in Columbia, South Carolina, for couples than a camping and hiking trip in one of the city’s most well-known parks?

The best months to visit the park may be from March through May because it is usually a warm time of year.

10. Catch a Show at the Koger Center for the Arts 

Koger Center for the Arts 
Credit: Columbia SC

The Koger Center for the Arts is a great place to take your significant other to see a show.

The venue contains 2,256 seats that may be purchased and was completed in 1988. 

It serves as the home of the South Carolina Philharmonic and the Columbia City Ballet, as well as hosting other events, including the State of the State Address.

The Columbia Classical Ballet, Columbia City Ballet ballet concerts, South Carolina Science Fair, doctoral hooding ceremonies for the institution, etc., all take place at the facility.

On the night of the event, beginning an hour before curtain time, tickets for the performances may be purchased in person at the box office during regular box office hours or in the Koger lobby.


We’ve provided a list of 10 lovely things to do in Columbia, South Carolina, for couples.

The list featured various activities you may do with your significant other in some of the nicest locations in Columbia, South Carolina, including hot air balloon rides, picnics, taking a walk, wine tasting, dinner dates, etc.

Maintaining a strong and fulfilling relationship with your partner requires creating delightful memories together. 

With our list above, there is no justification for you and your companion not to spend some downtime relaxing in Columbia, South Carolina.

Make a choice now to spend your upcoming vacation with your partner in the lovely city of Columbia, South Carolina, and create wonderful memories.


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