10 Fun Things to Do in Sacramento For Couples

There are a ton of fun things to do in Sacramento for couples. Thrilling activities like wine tasting, river cruises, attending live performances, and getting a couple of massage spa treatments are common couple things to do in Sacramento.

Sacramento, the capital of California, is a wonderful destination for couples looking to have fun in a city that screams, “Love is in the air.” The 10 fun things to do in Sacramento for couples, let’s get right into it.

It might not be a Paris cliché, but it is a popular destination for lovebirds looking for a memorable romantic getaway. Its enticing architecture, active art scene, and tree-lined streets and rivers promise couples a uniquely romantic experience. 


There are a ton of fun things to do in Sacramento for couples. Thrilling activities like wine tasting, river cruises, attending live performances, and getting a couple of massage spa treatments are common couple things to do in Sacramento. 

In this article, we will explore ten fun things to do in Sacramento for couples. 

1. Going on a River Cruise

 Going on a River Cruise
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River cruises are the number one couple’s activity in Sacramento. There are custom-designed boats for couples to sail through the rivers in Sacramento that offer a breathtaking view of the city. 


Lined by trees and all sorts of vegetation on both sides, California’s Sacramento River offers the perfect cruise for couples who want to sit or lie together and take in the beautiful scenery of colorful trees and the sky in Sacramento. 

River cruises in Sacramento usually start by sunrise and end by sunset. 

It is perfect for couples who want to watch colorful skies as the sun rises or sets while surrounded by nature’s finest elements – fresh water, fresh air, and beautiful trees.

2. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

UpAndAway LEAD
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Fans of romantic movies know that when the main couple boards a hot air balloon, fun romantic things are bound to happen. 

Hot air balloon rides are famous aerial tours in Sacramento and offer great city views. When you are on a plane, you can’t crouch enough to get a better view below you, but you can crouch to a certain level in a hot air balloon. 

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It is an exciting and thrilling adventure for couples, especially first-time riders. 

Couples who sailed through the skies in Sacramento reported having a good time at it. Some of the hot air balloon companies offer snacks and drinks on board. 

Sky Drifters and Napa Valley Aloft Balloon Rides are Sacramento’s top two famous hot air balloon companies. They are open from 10.00 am and close by 5.00 pm.

3. Have a Romantic Picnic at Capitol Park

Have you experienced a proper romantic getaway without going on a picnic? I do not think so. Not many parks have the right setting for fun, romantic picnics. 

Luckily, Sacramento’s Capitol Park is different. Spanning about twelve city blocks, the park offers a picturesque backdrop for couples who want to relax and eat or drink while at it. 


There is a variety of plant life from different parts of the world, so it looks like being in a garden or forest out of a fairytale. Of course, its aesthetic is not the main point, but Capitol Park trees are large enough to shade and protect visitors from the sun or gloomy weather. 

Couples can play about and feast in the park. There are memorials and monuments within the park, so if you and your partner are up for some enlightenment about Sacramento, you can take a little walk and observe its history.

4. Get a Taste of Fine Cuisine

10 Fun Things to Do in Sacramento For Couples
Source: NZ Pocket Guide

Sacramento is popular for its many local cuisines. Foods in Sacramento are usually termed farm-to-fork cuisine because of their locally sourced ingredients that promote fresher, healthier foods in the city. 

Popular restaurants like Magpie Cafe and Localis are famous destinations for couples who want to experience Sacramento’s farm-to-fork dishes. 

They offer menus featuring cuisines, even pastries, that have been prepared with locally sourced ingredients. 

One fun thing to do in Sacramento for couples at night is to eat out in one of these restaurants because they are usually open till 10 pm. 

Experiencing such foods will be a great treat for couples looking to introduce new flavors to their taste buds. 

Another great way for couples to eat mouthwatering farm-to-fork dishes is by buying food from any of the many food trucks that drive on the streets of Sacramento. Don’t worry, and they are easy to notice!

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5. Attend a Live Performance

Sacramento offers vibrant live performance scenes. Festivals, art, theater, and music performances are popular and frequent in Sacramento. 

Couples can catch up on Broadway shows, professional local theatre performances, music circuses, and cozier venues that highlight brilliant talent and emerging amateurs. 

Couples can attend live performances at the Music Circus. This Broadway theater is widely recognized nationwide for its high-quality productions, performances, and intimate theater seating configuration. 

Couples are sure to have a pleasant time with such seating configurations and exciting performances.

6. Go for a Relaxing Spa Session

10 Fun Things to Do in Sacramento For Couples: Go for a spa meeting together
Source: California.com

After touring the city, couples can unwind or have a relaxing time at any of Sacramento’s budding spas. 

The city displays different kinds of spas that offer various services and treatments ranging from facials and back rubs to full body treatments, massages, and hot steam baths. 


Some of these spas offer couples packages that couples can sign up for. Famous spas couples frequented in Sacramento include Arden Hills: A Wellness Resort, Geri’s Garden Spa, Magic Massage Spa and Retreat, and Asha Urban Baths. 

Couples can spend the rest of their day or start their day being pampered and freshened up in any of these spas.

7. Take a Leisure Stroll Along the American River Parkway

10 Fun Things to Do in Sacremento For Couples
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Couples can stroll along the American river parkway, which offers amazing scenery to visitors. The American River Parkway runs along 23 miles of the American River in Sacramento. 

It is a popular destination for visitors who are looking to engage in fun outdoor activities like taking strolls, jogging, picnics, and cycling. The American River Parkway has a bicycle trail for couples who might be interested in going for bicycle rides together. 

Couples who take strolls along the parkways can enjoy the beauty of the river and its surroundings.

8. Explore the Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum can be found in downtown Sacramento. It is the oldest museum in Sacramento, located west of the Mississippi River. 

The museum offers a variety of activities for couples to participate in. 

Arts from all over the world are featured in the museum. 

If exploring the arts and ceramics isn’t fun enough for you and your partner, you can sign up for studio art classes together or participate in other fun Artmix events for cocktails and dancing.

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9. Unleash Your Inner Artist at a Paint and Sip

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Source: Arizona Daily Star

Paint and Sip are one of the best romantic things to do in Sacramento with your partner. Paint and Sip is a rare but fun chance for couples to get to see the creative side of themselves, and Sacramento has a few places that offer a variety of paint and sip events and classes for couples. 

These classes and events are fun for couples to share memorable moments. Some of these classes offer step-by-step instructions from talented painters, while couples can freely paint whatever they want at other events. 

Couples can have fun painting, sipping, and socializing with other guests. Some paint-and-sip events in places like Classpop! are not free but also reasonable. 

They are also famous for having talented painters as instructors. If you and your partner want to try it out, check it out.

10. Have Fun Wine Tasting

Wine tasting might be a private home activity couples tend to do in their own space, but it can be fun when it is done outdoors, especially in Sacramento. 

There are several places where couples can go for wine tasting in the beautiful city. 

Some popular stops include The Underground Tasting Room, Lucid Winery and Event Venue, Scribner Bend Vineyards, and Bailarin Cellars Winery and Tasting Room, where couples can stop by and have fun tasting all kinds of wine. 

Bailarin Cellars Winery and Tasting Room feature a small lot with a single vineyard and award-winning wines from renowned vineyards. 

If you want a truly blissful wine-tasting experience with your partner, it is the perfect place to check out. Some of these other wineries also offer direct purchases so if you end up liking what you taste; you can order it to go!


Sacramento is a beautiful city that offers all kinds of fun activities for couples to enjoy. It can be anything from a river cruise and picnic to attending a live performance and taking strolls along a river parkway. If you love this article, I’m sure traveling solo while in a relationship might interest you. 

There is something for every couple. If you have not been around Sacramento and you’re looking for your next destination stop for you and your partner, look no further. 

There are lots of things for you and your partner to do in this lush, wonderful city. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to create fun, exciting memories together.


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