Must-Visit Attractions in Algiers, Algeria

You can never go wrong on a trip to one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria. Although Algiers is not at the top of your travel bucket list, it’s best to know that the vast French-built boulevards and the French-style buildings circled about the city center are not to be missed! Algiers is the capital of Algeria and the largest city with several popular and top attractions to see. You don’t have to bother finding one or two things to do in Algeria; there are plenty of sites to see and explore.

From spectacular mosques to grand citadels, historical neighborhoods and panoramic views of the cosmopolitan city, which is set along the Mediterranean coastline, Algiers is growing to be an excellent destination for tourism. Although it may not be as famous as other prominent cities in northern Africa, the local-friendly people and tranquility will leave you with the best experience. Here are some of the most impressive and must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria;


1. Basilique Notre Dame d’Afrique: 

brown buildings in front of a blue lake in one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria

This spectacular building is one of the most incredible must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria. The Cathedral of Notre Dame d’Afrique is a magnificent Roman Catholic Church completed in 1872 after fourteen years of construction. It is additionally made in Neo-Byzantine architecture. The Cathedral is ornately decorated inside the Spanish-Moorish décor and overlooks the stunning sea below.


2. Sheraton Club des Pins Resort: 

must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria

Enjoy a pleasant lifetime’s worth of experience at Sheraton Club des Pins Resort, Algiers. It is a seaside resort with the best restaurants where you can dine on Italian cuisine and Asian dishes or grab some seafood at the seasonal terrace restaurant with fantastic cocktails at the bars. Apart from this, there is a lounge in the resort where some interesting live music is played on a piano. Sheraton Club des Pins Resort is undoubtedly an exciting place to be.

3. Constantine: 

a concrete bridge on mountains in one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria

The city of Constantine in Algiers is undoubtedly a must-visit in Algeria. It is among the first places to visit in Algeria with its ancient-old buildings. Constantine is set on the border of Tunisia and features incredible cliffs, stunning gorges and many bridges erected at the height of several hundred meters. Not only has it been passed into the power of different civilizations, but is also a unique city to explore with fascinating history.


4. The Ketchaoua Mosque: 

ketchaoua mosque

The Ketchaoua Mosque was constructed during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1612. However, the mosque was first made into a cathedral of St Phillipe by the French in 1845, before it was turned back into a Mosque when Algeria got its independence in 1962. The entrance of The Ketchaoua Mosque is one of the must-visit tourist attractions and the well-preserved historical landmarks in Algiers, Algeria.

5. Maqam Echahid: 

a tall white building under a blue sky

Also called Martyrs’ Memorial, Maqam Echahid is a monument in the city that was opened in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria’s independence. It is a notable landmark and one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria, with a concrete monument celebrating the Algerian War. It is formed with three massive concrete palm leaves, along with a soldier statue at the edge of each palm frond that illustrates Algeria’s struggle for independence.

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6. Aquafortland: 

a brown building in front of a pool under a blue sky

Aquafortland is the best place to explore if you travel to Algiers, Algeria, with your family. It is not only a waterpark for kids but a place that offers unlimited fun for every age group. From swimming looks to an outdoor Jacuzzi, water slides, game rooms and an artificial sandy beach, Acquafortland features a particular spot for everyone. There is also a relaxing spa indoor with a heated pool, a steam room and a fitness center that provides group classes. You certainly can’t go wrong on a visit to Aquafortland.

7. Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma:

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If you love being surrounded by the stunning views of a garden, Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma is one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria, to explore. The Botanical Garden of Hamma was created in 1832 from restored marshlands and used to develop new plant species to enhance them. In addition, a garden is now a fantastic place to relax in a serene haven and to observe nature. 

8. Sidi Fredj: 

people walking on a sandy beach beside a blue sea in one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria.

Are you looking for the best sandy beaches in Algeria? Sidi Fredj is a coastal town located on the west of the city. It is a great and popular spot in Algiers for a fantastic getaway from the heat and bustle of the vibrant city. Not only are there gorgeous seaside resorts in this attractive town, but also incredible beaches, accommodations, restaurants, shops and harbor for tourists to enjoy.

9. Djamaa el Djazaïr: 


Djamaa el Djazaïr is undoubtedly the largest mosque in Africa and the third-largest mosque in the world. It is a top attraction in Algiers, Algeria, with the tallest minaret in the world, which stands up to 265 meters in height. Apart from this, the Great Mosque was constructed in seven years and completed in 2018. The mosque broke new world records and remained an incredible sight among travelers.   

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10. The Bardo Museum:

white and gold building with a green tree in one of the must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria

Here is one of the most significant and must-visit attractions in Algiers, Algeria, with an awe-inspiring architectural landmark. It is frequently visited by everyone interested in the country’s history. The Bardo Museum is particularly home to some of the most excellent artefacts. You will get to see rock carvings, jewelry, leather work and ancient fossils. In addition, it is situated in a dramatic and renovated Turkish mansion.


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