Markham is a city where the old meets the new. A mixture of cultures and modern technology. It is a city of magnificent skyscrapers, trendy neighbourhoods, and 19th-century homes. Markham is a vibrant city with different cultural views, heritage and entertainment parks. However, it is less regarded by tourists, even though many activities exist.

1. Tour the Markham museum

Markham museum
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Markham Museum is an open-air museum that properly the story of the city’s growth and history. It is made up of almost 30 buildings, most of which are ancient buildings that portray the past life of the town. The museum showcases different artefacts from excavations in Markham between 1968 and 2009. Throughout the year, there are limited displays of art. The museum also has fantastic gardens perfect for family or friends’ summer day picnics.

2. Varley Art Gallery of Markham

amazing art gallery to see in your list of attractions in Markham
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The Varley Art Gallery opened its doors in 1977. It showcases work by Frederick Horseman and other international and local artists. It is a beautiful experience to visit the Varley Art Gallery of Markham with your family, especially your kids. The gallery has workshops with several remarkable artworks to see. In addition, the gallery displays over 100 pieces by an artist from the famous ‘Group of Seven’.

3. Milne Dam Conservation Park

Milne Dam Conservation Park
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Visit Milne Dam Conservation Park with your family, friends, or anyone dear to you. You can run, walk or bike on the park’s trails. The beauty of nature is admired at Milne Dam Conservation Park. You can fish on the lake or sit on a bench watching others fish. Entry of kids below 15 years old into Milne Dam Conservation Park Kids is free, which saves you more money.

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4. Reesor’s Farm Market

Reesor's farm market
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Strawberries are sweet and rich in vitamin C and manganese. You can pick many of them up on a visit to Reesor’s Farm Market with your family. The market also features a corn maze and myriads of sunflowers and pumpkin patches. For more fun and lasting memories, you can take full photos and selfies around it. If you’d love to buy some homemade jams and pies, check out the bakery at Reesor’s Farm Market. If you love fresh strawberries, Reesor’s farm should top your list of attractions in Markham.


5. Markham Fair

exciting fair in top attractions in Markham
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The Markham Fair takes place the week of Thanksgiving. It involves exciting games, live bands, horse shows, and midway rides. It’s always perfect for visiting Markham during thanksgiving so that you can experience the Markham Fair. It is Canada’s most significant community volunteer organization and the oldest county fair in Canada. 

In addition to Markham’s unique fair events, there are also sheep shearing demonstrations, cooking demonstrations of different delicacies, and gymnastic displays.

6. Go to the theatre

markham theatre
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There are many excellent theatres in Markham where you can experience plays, dance theatre, stand-up comedy and live musicals. The significant theatres in Markham are the Unionville Theatre, FLATO Markham Theatre and Markham Little Theatre. You can check the programme of these theatres to see their schedule during your stay. You can also explore the Kindred Spirits Orchestra or see a show with the kids at the Markham Youth Theatre.

7. Toogood Park

Toogood Park
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Toogood Park is well known for its pond. A park is an ideal place for an afternoon walk. There is a path that surrounds the pond, which is a famous hiking spot. The park also features stony hills, unique bridges, and attractive vegetation. There are also other parks within Markham, like Berczy Park, Crosby Memorial Park and German Mills Settlers Park.

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8. Pomona Mills Park

visit pomona mills park in attractions in Markham
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Top rated on Google, Pomona Mills Park creates possibilities for many amusing and entertaining things to do in Markham. You can visit for a walk with your dog, family, friends, or even with your spouse. Pomona Mills Park features a playground, wildlife, a running stream, bridges, and more. Besides, its trail is also lovely for cycling. It is an ideal attraction in Markham to visit with kids.

9. Forest Therapy Trail

Forest Therapy Trail
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The therapy trail is a place with multiple pleasurable things to do in Markham with your family and friends? You can select from several opportunities for wide-ranging activities here. Like hiking, walking, and biking around the forest with your relative.


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