The 20 Best Michoacán Beaches You Should Visit

Flat lengths of sand and crystal-clear waters make Michoacán beaches among the nicest in all of Mexico. They are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, or just taking in the beauty of nature. In this piece, we'll look at some of the best beach destinations in Michoacan for a pleasant trip and Relaxation. Let's dive in!

One experience that is full of excitement is a trip to the beach. And for your next excursion, we have just the ideal beach location. Michoacan is the perfect beach destination for you. It is situated in Mexico’s west-central region. 

Michoacan is one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. It is renowned for its stunning coastline, colonial buildings, and rich history. Although Michoacan’s Pacific coast is one of Mexico’s least traveled regions, it is gorgeous! There are numerous untapped, golden beaches there. 


Flat lengths of sand and crystal-clear waters make Michoacán beaches among the nicest in all of Mexico. 

They are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, or just taking in the beauty of nature. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the best beach destinations in Michoacan for a pleasant trip and Relaxation. Let’s dive in!

Explore the 20 Best Michoacán Beaches for a Breathtaking Mexican Getaway filled with Sun, Sand, and Culture.

1. Playa Maruata

Clear blue beach waters of Playa Maruata surrounded by rocks of varying sizes
Source: Marauta Offers

Unquestionably, Playa Maruata is among the best beaches in Michoacán. The collection of tiny beaches that make up Maruata could be Michoacan’s most alluring. For green turtles, it’s an ideal nesting location.


Swimming, snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing are all excellent recreational activities there. You can camp on the beach thanks to the nearby campgrounds and cabins.

Additionally, local Nahua guides will accompany you on night hikes. It’s a serene and friendly place to be.

2. Playa Azul

Blue skies, crystal clear waters of Playa Azul beach with about 12 huts where Tourists can rest while overlooking the large body of waters.
The 20 Best Michoacán Beaches You Should Visit

Playa Azul offers many exciting activities and sights, making it well worth a trip. The beach is renowned for its serenity, stunning scenery, and fun activities. It is swimmable, scuba-worthy, and snorkeling-friendly.

You can also gather many shells while you stroll along the shore of the beach.

Also, there are nearby eateries where you may have a drink and food. Undoubtedly, this beach is among the nicest Michoacan beaches.

3. Ixtapilla Beach

Michoacan’s Ixtapilla is home to the fascinating Ixtapilla beach. From July to December, this beautiful beach is filled with various turtles, making it a very intriguing sight to behold. The beach is a beautiful, tranquil refuge ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Ixtapilla Beach is a great place to surf. It is often uncrowded sometimes, allowing you to enjoy some time on the seaside in peace. The beach is highly recommended because of the friendly folks who run it.

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4. La Ticla Beach

A tourist sitting on a blue-green mat, in-between two palm tress, overlooking the La Ticla Beach
Source: The Tourist

La Ticla is one of the best beaches in Michoacan. It is a fantastic site because of the lush vegetation and lovely views. La Ticla Beach is distinguished for its spectacular sunsets. 

Additionally, the Ostula River, which is close to this beach, offers hang-gliding and paragliding from the viewpoint. You may watch the sea turtles nesting there. Content sites, cabins, and facilities are available if you choose to camp out.

5. Nexpa Beach

Nexpa is a lovely beach location framed by coconut trees. Sport fishing, water skiing, and swimming are great beach activities. It is also a popular area for surfers of all skill levels. Going is worthwhile since you may take in the area’s scenery.


This beach is a terrific choice for relaxing, but pack your food because few restaurants are nearby.

The beach offers a few accommodations as well. This is truly one of the finest Michoacan Beaches to visit. 

6. El Ticuiz Beach

Beautiful El Ticuiz Beach with fine sands, rocks at the shores and crystal clear waters over a clear blue sky.

El Ticuiz is a beach tucked away in lush Vegetation. It is distinctive for its natural surroundings. El Tacotal Ecological Reserve, which provides hiking routes and possibilities for birdwatching, is one of the numerous attractions close to Playa el Ticuiz.

Its waters are perfect for water activities. The beach is well-known for its breathtaking sunsets and crystal-clear waves, so you can also enjoy lovely views. Diverse marine life, such as sea turtles and beautiful fish, can also be found on the beach for your admiration.

7. Tortuga Beach

Palma Sola is a tranquil beach encircled by greenery. The beach is ideal for activities like swimming, boating, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. Additionally, there are cabins along the beach where you may stay for a few days. 

Try the hot lobster meal there before you depart. Tournaments for volleyball and swimming are also popular at this beach. Visit this beach, and enjoy yourself.

8. Pichilinguillo Beach

Pichilinguillo Beach with a crystal clear island-like water surrounded by mountains and rocks with Tourists at the shores.
Source: Natural Findings

Pichilinguillo is one of the best beach destinations in  Michoacán. It is a great area to swim and is shaped like a cove. Snorkeling, sport fishing, and scuba diving are among the activities you can partake in.

Visits to Pichilinguillo are unforgettable due to the hot springs and caves. For those who want to visit surrounding sights like El Capire and La Cueva, the fishing cooperative rents motorboats. If you want to feast on recently caught fish, this is the place to go.


9. Playa La Llorona

For those who love camping, this is the best place to go. The waves are perfect for a cooling swim. There is so much peace and tranquillity to be found in the surroundings.

It’s a nice place to unwind because the beach is generally relatively quiet. Furthermore, it is easily accessible. You cannot feel anything but delighted after seeing this must-see location.

So prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

10. Caleta de Campos

A tourist taking a picture at the Caleta De Campos Beach In Michoachan.
Source: Campos Adventure

The most well-known cove in Michoacán, Caleta de Campos, creates the ideal area for swimming and setting up a tent. Swimmers, windsurfers, scuba divers, snorkelers, and sport fishers will enjoy the beach. Consider stopping by El Atrancón waterfall for extra fun.  

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Among the virgin beaches of Michoacan, Caleta De Campos offers camping, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, and other water sports. Hot springs and caves are near the beach. The beach is located about 4 miles from Nexpa.

11. La Placita Beach

One of the undiscovered Michoacan beaches is La Placita Beach. It is a pristine beach teeming with coral and vibrant fish. The environment is ideal for snorkeling. 


If you intend to visit, you should pack everything you’ll need because no eateries or lodgings are nearby. There are many animals and plants on the beach. It is the perfect location for chilling close to the beauties of nature.

12. Playa El Bejuco Beach

Playa El Bejuco Beach
Source: El Bejuco

This sparkling beach is home to flawless, silky, stunning sand. For beach lovers who value the magnificence of nature, the beach is a wonderful retreat. The sand is therapeutic because of how pure and pristine it is.

It’s a great place to visit because of the excellent local cuisine. The water is extremely welcoming and warm. For a more comfortable stay, there are also quaint cottages available.

13. Faro De Bucerias

Faro de Buceras gives quiet, silence, and peace to enjoy by yourself or with a partner. It is a beauty of untamed and natural charm. It has majestic mountains surrounding it, clear skies, and a pleasant atmosphere.

Buceras Lighthouse is located in a quaint bay that is perfect for lounging in a hammock all day. There are also modest eateries that prepare fish and seafood delicacies there. The ideal months to go are July through December because you may see turtles there.

14. Chichiltilan la Colorada

Chichiltilan la Colorada Beach with tourists watching the water and strolling around.
Source: Flickr

La Palma Sola in Michoacan is home to Chichiltilan la Colorada. It is a short, straight stretch of beach with clean, fine-golden sand and blue sea. This beach is open to people of all ages.

Due to its proximity to the road, this beach is quite convenient to reach. You can engage in activities such as surfing, swimming, and tanning. The beach is open to everyone and is also considered among the most beautiful beaches of Michoacan.

15. San Juan De Alima Beach

This beach is a unique beauty that can be found in Tamarindillo, Michoacan. It offers a tranquil atmosphere ideal for a picnic

The beach is beautiful and calm. Besides swimming and tanning, you can engage in other fun—filled activities.

For people who love the outdoors, it’s a terrific spot to visit. The calm ocean is ideal for taking a leisurely swim. It’s difficult to think of a more ideal beach trip.

16. Playa Erendira

Beautiful Playa Erendira beach with lots of green vegetations on little mountains.
Source: TripAdvisor

In Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacan, Playa Eréndira is a welcoming beach. It has plenty of room for family games and sunbathing. There are restaurants to eat and drink. A good place to see the sunset is on the beach.

The finest months to visit Playa Eréndira are January, February, May, and June. The beach is warm all year long. It also has friendly locals.

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17. Playa Jardin

Michoacan’s Playa Jardn is a stunning and immaculate sandy beach. It’s calm, natural, and soothing. There, the water is gin-clear.

The views are breathtaking, and it’s always warm there. Playa Jardn has plenty of room for lounging in the sun. Visit this beach because it is lovely.!

18. Playa La Manzanillera Beach

Playa La Manzanillera Beach showing blue and white skies, lots of tall palm tress, hots with activities and children playing at the shores.

Soft and fine golden sand covers the entire Manzanilla Beach. The beach is extremely clean. Surfing, beach volleyball, and tanning are all enjoyable beach activities. 

This beach is perfect if you like to go camping. It provides beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and the sea. El Faro De Bucerias, one of 3 attractions near Manzanillera Beach, is a tourist favorite.

19. Manzanillita y Rangel

Anyone can enjoy this nice beach. You get to enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the sky. 

Mexcalhuacán’s beach is 5 kilometers away from it. Seven freshwater springs with thriving vegetation are located close to this seashore. 

Both relaxation and bird viewing are great on the beach. There are many seafood-focused eateries there. A quick run, jog, or walk can be taken on the beach’s trail.

20. Barra De Pichi

Barra De Pichi Beach showing tall palm trees and a slightly dark water due to the reflection of the tress and clear skies.
Source: The Search for Adventure

In the state of Michoacán, this is an incredibly beautiful beach. Simply follow the seaside boulevard to reach Barra de Pichi. Three miles separate it from Playa Azul. 

This beach is located in a biodiverse estuary. The native flora and fauna may be seen if you take a boat tour of the area surrounding the beach. The shore of Michoacán’s food may be enjoyed here to the fullest.


The 20 Best Michoacán Beaches to Visit are listed above. A place with both natural beauty and a lengthy cultural past is Michoacán. It is a special area with stunning plains, mountains, and coastlines. 

Here’s a summary of the best beaches in Michoacán: 

  • Playa Maruata
  • Playa Azul
  • Ixtapilla Beach
  • La Ticla Beach
  • Nexpa Beach
  • El Ticuiz Beach
  • Tortuga Beach
  • Pichilinguillo Beach
  • Playa La Llorona
  • Caleta de Campos
  • La Placita Beach
  • Playa El Bejuco Beach
  • Faro De Bucerias
  • Chichiltilan la Colorada
  • San Juan De Alima Beach
  • Playa Erendira
  • Playa Jardin
  • Playa La Manzanillera Beach
  • Manzanillita y Rangel
  • Barra De Pichi

Does Michoacan, Mexico, have good beaches?

The most stunning beaches in Mexico may be found over 155 miles of Michoacan’s coastline.
Curious if the enchanting Michoacan offers splendid beaches?
Well, the answer is a big hefty yes! Michoacan offers some of the most splendid beaches in Mexico.

Is Michoacan close to Mexico City?

290 kilometers separates Mexico City and Michoacán. The distance on the road is 300.5 kilometers.
Planning an adventure, but how close is Michoacan to Mexico City?
According to statistics, the flight from Mexico City to Michoacán takes 0.3 hours, with an average speed of 560 miles per hour.

What is Michoacan famous for?

Every winter, Michoacan is well known for hosting thousands of monarch butterflies from North America.
Eager to uncover what Michoacan is renowned for? Make your trip to Michoacan, recognized for its Spanish Colonial towns, if you want to learn more about what Michoacan is renowned for.

How far is Michoacán from the beach?

The distance by automobile from “Playa Maruata,” the closest beach to Michoacán’s capital, is about seven hours.

How far is Michoacán from its inviting beaches?

In Michoacán, getting from the road to the beach often takes less than 500 meters. Access to 47 of the beaches is comparatively simple.

What city is Michoacan in?

West-central Mexico is home to Michoacán, known in full as Michoacán de Ocampo, Estado.

How many hours is it from Michoacan to Mexico?

The hours it takes to get from Morelia, the Capital of  Michoacan, to Mexico is 3 hours and 45 minutes by road, while the total flying time is about 50 minutes.

What language is spoken in Michoacán?

Over 100,000 individuals in Mexico’s state of Michoacán speak Purépecha, making it one of the most widely used indigenous languages outside of the diverse southern states.