Established by King Anand Dev Malla in the 12th century, Bhaktapur was announced as his kingdom’s capital, and it remained the sovereign seat until the first half of the 15th century. Recorded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Bhaktapur still houses several notable landmarks and describes how the whole Kathmandu Valley would have looked during the middle age era. In this article, we share with you the coolest places to visit in Bhaktapur.

10 Best Places To Visit in Bhaktapur

1. Dattatreya Square

See the amazing Dattatreya Square in your list of Places to Visit in Bhaktapur
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It is a famous Places to Visit in Bhaktapur for woodcarving. However, Dattatreya Square has the eye-catching pagoda-designed Dattatreya Temple as its main attraction. Developed by King Yaksha Malla in 1427, the three-storied sanctuary is believed to have been constructed with the trunk of a single tree. A couple of vast and friendly goats now protect it.

2. The Palace of 55 Windows

Palace of 55 Windows 1
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The Palace of 55 windows is the previous royal residence with an overhang of the famous 55 windows. The fancy-cut windows are an artful culmination of woodcarving, operated by King Bhupatindra Malla in the seventeenth century.

3. Siddha Pokhari

Siddha Pokhari
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A universal pond is situated a few meters ahead of Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Also, it is locally known as Indra Daha. This historical pond is one of the coolest places to visit in Bhaktapur for couples. It can get filled with famous people among the youth and Nepalis. This is also the site of the festival of Ashwin Krishna Dwitiya every year.

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4. Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
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This ancient site is famous for its large gathering of paubha scroll canvases, the rich collection of Tantric cloth paintings, and unique works of art in stone. In addition, take advantage of the pagoda and shikhara-design temples collection, an incomparable example of craftsmanship dating back to 1756. This square also served as the chosen site for the significant historic scenes of Bertolucci’s “Little Buddha.”


5. Nyatapola Temple

Nyatapola Temple
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Nyatapola Temple is an 18th-century temple situated in Bhaktapur, Nepal. It is the tallest temple in the country. The temple was constructed in 1702 and is committed to Goddess Siddhi Lakshmi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The idol of the Goddess, positioned in the sanctum sanctorum, is considered particularly fearsome. Although only the temple priests enter the sanctum sanctorum, visitors can tour the rest of the temple. The monument has survived two significant regional earthquakes and has suffered minor damages. It is also famous for its structural strength.

6. Taleju bell

Taleju bell
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Another chunk of art in the square is a giant bell, which was erected in 1737 by Bhaktapur’s last Malla King, King Jaya Ranjit Malla, till date it is rung two times a day as a sign of respect to Goddess Taleju and to signal prayers at Taleju Temple every morning and evening. 

7. The Peacock Window

See the fantastic Peacock Window in your list of Places to Visit in Bhaktapur
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One of the best-carved windows in Kathmandu Valley makes The Peacock Window one of Nepal’s trademark sights. It was sculpted in the 1400s by Araniko, who remains Nepal’s most significant and famous architect. Despite the earthquake of 2015, this popular feature looks to be in a good state and is often known as the Mona Lisa of Nepal.

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8. Pottery Square

See the amazing Pottery Square in your list of Places to Visit in Bhaktapur
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Bhaktapur is known for its clay pots that get exported all over Nepal. These pots are molded and fired in the shop-lined galleries close to Pottery Square, and this public square is where rows of clay pots are left to dry in the sun. It is the best place to visit in Bhaktapur to experience the city’s potters go about their daily work making differently molded and adorable stoneware.

9. Thimi 

Explore Thimi in your list of Places to Visit in Bhaktapur
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This is the fourth most significant town in Kathmandu Valley and is located between Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu. The Kings of Bhaktapur sometimes called this city ‘Chhemi’ which means ‘capable people, ‘ praising Thimi’s continuous and loyal support towards Bhaktapur. The town is a massive producer of masks and pottery. With a population of more than 84,000 people, the city is filled with Newari traditions and culture. The city was known as Madhyapur, which means ‘middle place,’ which is now more often used than Thimi. 

10. The Lion Gate

The Lion Gate 1
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The lion gate has two giant, elevated statues on both sides. The Lion Gate is situated inside the Bhaktapur Durbar Square across numerous other olden artifacts and buildings, which are accessible through many well-maintained footpaths. Famous belief holds the King to have slashed off the hands of the crafters who constructed the Lion Gate to ensure that no Lion Gate would never be duplicated.


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