Top 10 Best Affordable Beach Vacations for Couples

Finding the ideal beach holiday spot from the many options might be challenging. Thankfully, a good vacation doesn't have to cost a fortune. As a result, this article has prepared a list of the top 10 best affordable beach vacations for couples at some of the world's best beaches.

Beach getaways are a traditional family holiday, but they’re also wonderful for romantic getaways or trips with a significant other. 

Nothing compares to the attraction of a beach vacation with your special someone, where your relationship gets the chance to deepen and evolve into something much more meaningful. 


For this reason, so many couples choose beach honeymoons and weekend vacations. 

Even on a very tight vacation budget, you may visit some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. 

Beach vacations don’t always have to involve staying in exclusive, five-star resorts on the farthest-flung islands. 

Many lovely options are available for individuals on a tight budget, including Caribbean beach resorts, South Pacific island getaways, affordable couples vacation packages, and more!


Finding the ideal beach holiday spot from the many options might be challenging. Thankfully, a good vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

As a result, this article has prepared a list of the top 10 best affordable beach vacations for couples at some of the world’s best beaches. 

There is a perfect beach location for you, whether you wish to surf or just laze around with your toes in the sand. 

The Romance of Beach Getaways for Couples

The ideal holiday spots for couples are those that allow you to explore your curiosity do new things, and create lasting memories. 

There is nothing that can match the beach’s romantic attractiveness. It allows your partner and you to enjoy yourself, connect, and share memories. 

It is a way to enliven your romance and isolate yourself from the stresses of everyday life while also spicing up your relationship.

Budgeting for a Romantic Beach Vacation

Organizing an affordable but fun beach vacation for couples can be difficult. However, planning is the key to having the most romantic beach vacation possible. 

Talk about your desires with your spouse and reach an agreement quickly. 

The next step is to determine your budget and select the ideal location from the many suggestions we’ll give in this post. 

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Setting aside money for lodging, transportation, meals, and activities to enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank or exceeding your savings limit is vital.

Make a trip budget worksheet as you go that categorizes your expenses. Another excellent strategy to plan opulent and affordable beach vacations for couples is to travel off-season. 

Aside from the obvious financial advantages of traveling off-peak, one of the biggest advantages is avoiding the crowds of visitors at popular attractions.

Criteria for Selection

These beach destinations on our list of inexpensive beach vacations for couples offer a mix of breathtaking beach scenery, lively culture, historical landmarks, and a pleasant environment and year-round sunshine appropriate for a vacation. 

Some of these beaches are well-known for their top diving and snorkeling locations and picturesque settings.  

Additionally, they offer some of the best date-friendly activities, including dining and spa visits. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Best Affordable Beach Vacations for Couples

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Source: Myrtle Beach

One of the greatest and most affordable beach vacations for couples is Myrtle Beach, which is on the northern coast of South Carolina

Couples can engage in outdoor activities like golfing, fishing, strolling along a boardwalk, parasailing, and other water sports year-round, thanks to the mild to warm climate. 


Visit Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing, which provide free live entertainment, to save some money. 

Some hotels, like the Beach Cove, give clients who book early online with a three-night limit significant discounts.

2. Patong, Thailand

Patong, Thailand. Thailand is the home of Patong.
Source: Thailand

Thailand is the home of Patong. Travelers looking for a bit of partying on their beach holiday will love this beach on the vibrant island of Phuket in Thailand, which is a terrific option for those on a tight budget. 

Its sweeping stretch of sand is dotted with lively cafes, eateries, and bars. 

By day, unwind on the white-sand beachfront and cool down in the azure water. At night, discover the vibrant nightlife of the city. 

Get a room at the cost-effective Burasari or the Amari Phuket for beautiful views and amenities.


3. New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Florida’s New Smyrna Beach is a local favorite because it has a less-crowded beachfront where you may chill with your special someone. 

Many affordable beach vacations for couples keep you engaged, from golfing and shopping to fishing, hiking, and biking. 

This area is known for its broad, white-sand Atlantic beaches and beautiful sidewalk cafes. Go along the boardwalks along the beach to see if you can spot any local wildlife. 

You’ll adore Anchor Inn NSB Bed & Breakfast’s affordable and lovely accommodations.


4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Source: Klehaj All

The blue waters and gorgeous beaches of the tropical Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana are often more affordable than other Caribbean destinations. 

Even pairs traveling on a tight budget can have pleasure there because of the refined ambiance. 

Consider reserving a hotel with a garden view at a sizable resort complex, like the Grand Palladium Bávaro Suites Resort & Spa, for further discounts. 

You’ll have access to various first-rate amenities like pools, activities, and many restaurants.

5. Coron Palawan, Philippines

One of the most outstanding islands in the Philippines is Coron Palawan.

One of the most outstanding islands in the Philippines is Coron Palawan. Like other Philippine islands, Coron is a fairly affordable vacation spot with some of Southeast Asia’s best coral reefs and lovely white sand beaches. 

This is excellent for couples searching for a fun beach vacation to engage in activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and many other water activities. 

Coron Visitors Hotel is one of Coron’s greatest reasonably priced hotel alternatives.

6. Sandals Negril, Jamaica

Sandals Negril, Jamaica. Its quiet, clear water is ideal for swimming
Source: Sandals Negril

A stunning stretch of powder-soft white sand and the vibrant hues of the Caribbean can be found at Sandals Negril, which is situated on Jamaica’s well-known Seven Mile Beach. 

Its quiet, clear water is ideal for swimming and other water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. 

It offers a laid-back environment ideal for a romantic getaway and is one of the most affordable beach vacations for couples

You and your beloved can choose from seven restaurants during your stay at the Resort, which features unlimited excellent dining.

Crafting Intimate Moments

Taking your significant other out for a lovely and romantic beachfront dinner can start the spark or reignite the flame while on a beach vacation. 

A picnic beneath a starry night sky is one of the most romantic yet affordable couples’ vacation packages you can find. 

While you’re at it, you can count the stars in the sky or enjoy the sunset together while taking in the splendor of nature. 

Is this an excellent way to spice things up?

7. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Source: Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, which is a picturesque seaside town with a bustling creative culture and delectable coastal cuisine, is situated at the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Tons of golden beaches are available for swimming, beachcombing, and sunbathing. Also, don’t miss the spectacular free Fourth of July fireworks display.

Virginia Beach has many classy places to stay, but the Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast is an affordable, adults-only retreat just a short walk from the beach.

8. Penang, Malaysia 

Penang, Malaysia beach offers lot to tourists
Source: Malaysia’s treasure

There are beautiful beaches in this region on Malaysia’s northwest coast. They are well-liked for swimming, aquatic activities, and watching the sunset.  

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Visit Escape Penang with your loved one to ride the largest waterslide in the world and have fun while taking a break from the beach. 

Stay at the oceanfront Shangri-La Golden Sands, Penang, to access Batu Feringgi and stylish, inexpensive lodging.

Exploring Together

There are various things that a couple could do together, but the finest ones encourage closer bonds. Some of these activities involve visits to top sights in the cities. 

You can also take tours or try additional activities designed especially for two, like a visit to the spa.

Try something different by wandering down the beach or along coastal paths, allowing the fresh sea breeze to infuse sensuality into your holiday.

9. St. Paul’s Bay, Malta

Malta's beaches are exactly what you would expect from a Mediterranean island.
Source: All love in waters

Malta’s beaches are exactly what you would expect from a Mediterranean island. You arrive at the seaside to find white sand and clear blue water. 

You can boat from St. Paul’s Bay to Comino’s renowned Blue Lagoon with your significant other.

If you come here at the end of July, you can participate in an age-old Maltese festa featuring fireworks. From the bayfront Gillieru Harbour Hotel to the Dolmen Hotel. This is one of the most terrific yet affordable beach vacations for couples.

10. Essaouira, Morocco

Top 10 Best Affordable Beach Vacations for Couples
Top 10 Best Affordable Beach Vacations for Couples

Spend a few hours on the coast in the beachy tourist town of Essaouira, Morocco. 

This long, golden beach is ideal for water and land sports, and the chilly, deep blue ocean is a popular site for surfing.  

You can both attend the Gnaoua World Music Festival there, which honors the Gnaoua people’s culture and is held yearly at the end of June. 

The region is renowned for its old mansions that have been transformed into boutique hotels like Riad Emotion and Riad Baoussala.

Preserving Memories

It is undoubtedly vital to document those lovely moments while on vacation. Watch for some of the most beautiful scenes and capture some quality shots. 

You can either go with your selfie stick or ask someone to take your photo there. You should also exchange and purchase souvenirs that continually remind you of the wonderful times you both enjoyed.


Planning a cheap and memorable beach vacation for two is doable. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Affordable Beach Vacations for Couples to show you that price does not have to mean sacrificing quality. 

Whatever you want to do, these locations have all you need for an affordable getaway with your special someone. 

Enjoy yourself, but remember to keep your spending within reason.


Where is the cheapest beach to go on vacation?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the finest option when considering the cheapest yet opulent beach to visit while on vacation.

What beach is the most romantic?

While all of the beach vacation spots mentioned in this article are romantic, Sandals Negril in Jamaica is the most romantic of them all.

What are some inexpensive beach vacations in the world for couples in 2023?

1. Cancun, Mexico.
2. Panama City Beach, Florida.
3. Phu Quoc, Vietnam.
4. Mombasa, Kenya.
5. Palawan Island, Philippines.
6. Da Nang, Vietnam.
7. Corfu, Greece.
8. Koh Samui, Thailand.


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